Thursday, July 6, 2017

PLL Original Series Finale Ending: Alex Drake Gets Away

The Pretty Little Liars series finale episode 7x20 “‘Til Death Do Us Part” ended with Mona winning the ‘A’ game. The Liars rescued Spencer, got their romantic happy endings and Mona kept Mary and Alex Drake locked up as dolls in her “dollhouse” in France. That wasn’t how the series was originally going to end, though. The initial plan was to have Alex Drake escape.

“Originally -- I don’t know if I'm supposed to say this -- but I think originally the ending was supposed to be a little bit different where Alex had kind of gotten away with it a little bit more, and the only person that was onto her was Toby,” actress Troian Bellisario told ET Online.

Troian Bellisario thinks the writers made the right choice ending the series the way they did. The original ending wouldn’t have allowed Spencer to have a happy ending. In a way, even Alex got a happy ending. She got to spend time with her mom.

Troian said of the original ending, “but I think that ultimately would’ve left things too much up in the air and we would've been worried for Spencer. So it was really fun because this way, Spencer got a happy ending, and all the girls got a happy ending, and Alex got to be with her family - which is great, but also in a little bit of a tricky situation”.

And Troian Bellisario loves that the series ended with Mona’s dollhouse. “It was so fitting and it was so fun to film. And that was actually our last day of filming and there was nothing that felt like a more fitting way to end Pretty Little Liars then to be trapped in a dollhouse, in a tea dress, and grumpily eating a crumpet. It was just really fun,” Troian said.

What did you think about the Pretty Little Liars series finale ending? Did you love that Mona kept Mary and Alex Drake as her dolls? Or do you prefer the original ending where Alex Drake escaped?

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