Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PLL 7x20 Series Finale “Til Death Do Us Part” Promo

A.D.’s identity will be revealed in the Pretty Little Liars series finale, according to this promo for episode 7x20 “Til Death Do Us Part”. The promo mixes some new and old PLL scenes, but the promo heavily features Spencer.

There’s only one rule. You don’t look back, Spencer tells her friends.

Aria breaks down in front of her friends. Crying, Aria says she can’t marry Ezra.

Toby’s back for the finale. We will get a Spoby kiss. Also, Spencer’s older sister Melissa is back.

Mona, wearing a black hoodie, slaps Spencer.

Mean girl Addison Derringer is back. She waves her hand in front of Jenna. Jenna slaps Addison’s hand away.

Mary Drake attacks Spencer. Or if you believe the theory that Spencer has a twin, then maybe that is Spencer’s twin being attacked?

And Wren shoots a gun, but we don’t see who he’s aiming at.

The Pretty Little Liars series finale will be two hours long. Afterwards, there will be an hour long A-list wrap party.

The Pretty Little Liars 3-hour finale event will air on Tuesday, June 27th at 8/7c on Freeform.

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