Wednesday, June 14, 2017

PLL 7x19 Sneak Peek: Aria Stopped by a Cop With a Dead Body in the Trunk

Aria talks to a Rosewood cop right after discovering Archer Dunhill’s dead body in the trunk of her car in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x19 “Farewell My Lovely”.

Aria was horrified to discover Archer Dunhill’s dead body in the trunk of her car in PLL episode 7x18. We saw a cop car pulling up as Aria slammed the trunk shut.

Talking super fast, Aria tells the cop that she’s fine. She just dropped her keys in the trunk, so she called a friend who is bringing a second set of the keys.

Unfortunately, the police officer is more than willing to help Aria out. He shakes the trunk, hoping to shake loose whatever is caught in the release.

Aria tells him that he doesn’t have to help, but he says it’s part of the job. Like getting cats out of trees. “I thought that was firemen,” Aria says.

The police officer gets the trunk to pop open. He pulls out his flashlight to help Aria find her keys.

How is Aria going to get out of this mess?!

Can’t wait to find out how Aria prevents the cop from finding the dead body in the trunk! Pretty Little Liars “Farewell My Lovely” will air on Tuesday, June 20.

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