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PLL Recap 7x15 ‘In the Eye Abides the Heart’: Aria Betrays Her Friends to Save Ezra

Aria goes down a dark path in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x15 “In the Eye Abides the Heart”. Uber ‘A’ blackmails Aria into betraying her friends. Unless she does exactly as she’s told, Ezra will spend time behind bars. Hanna turns to Mona for help winning the game. Detective Marco Furey grows suspicious of Spencer. And Alison and Emily decide what to do about their baby. (“In the Eye Abides the Heart” was actually directed by PLL actress Troian Bellisario!)

Aria, hiding behind a dumpster, gets another video call from Uber ‘A’. This time, though, it isn’t one of A.D.’s messengers. A.D. uses a digitized version of Aria’s face and a disguised voice to communicate with Aria. So Aria is talking to a creepy Avataria-style version of herself.

Aria makes it clear that she isn’t going to help A.D. hurt her friends. Aria isn’t in a position to make demands, though. If Aria doesn’t do exactly as she’s told, A.D. will make sure Ezra is sent to prison.

At the Brew, the Liars discuss the surprising revelation that Lucas and Charles were childhood friends. The Liars, with the exception of Hanna, think Lucas has been lying to them. They want to search Lucas’s loft for evidence, despite Hanna’s insistence that her friends are wrong about Lucas. While Aria is at the Brew, she misses a FaceTime call from Uber ‘A’.

Spencer brings Detective Marco Furey gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-free cupcakes and fishes for information about the Archer Dunhill murder investigation.

The police know Mary Drake and Archer Dunhill argued the day Emily visited Welby. One theory is that Mary killed Archer after the argument. “When you asked me to look for Mary Drake, did you think that she was involved with what happened with Archer Dunhill?” Marco asks Spencer. Spencer is quick to say no, pointed out that she didn’t know Archer Dunhill was dead at that time.

Even though Nicole knows Ezra is engaged, there is still trouble for Ezria. Ezra gets a call from Nicole’s dad. Nicole’s parents want Ezra to come back. Aria, still trying to be the understanding fiancée, tells Ezra that she’s fine.

Aria gets another video call from A.D. as soon as Ezra leaves the apartment. A.D. is upset that Aria missed the last call. A.D.’s number one rule is “never send me to voicemail”.

A.D. demands to know what Hanna and Spencer did when they left town the other day. Aria initially refuses to tell, but A.D. threatens Ezra. If the prince is sent back to the tower, then there won’t be a fairy tale wedding for the princess, A.D. taunts.

Aria reluctantly tells A.D. that Hanna and Spencer found the house Mary Drake was staying at. They also talked to Charlotte’s father. Aria doesn’t tell A.D. about Lucas, though.

At Rosewood High, Paige and Emily talk about Alison’s pregnancy. Paige is sympathetic towards Alison. She knows it must be a nightmare to be having Archer’s baby. Despite how Alison treated Paige in the past, Paige feels sorry for Alison. Emily thanks Paige for being so understanding. They hold hands, but Paige leaves when the bell rings.

Emily and Alison are still struggling to deal with the revelation that Emily’s egg was used as a donor egg for Alison’s pregnancy. So they get a blood test make sure A.D. is telling the truth. Alison calls with the results of the blood test. It’s confirmed. The baby is Emily’s. They still don’t know who the father is, though. The blood test showed that the father is not Archer Dunhill.

Emily and Hanna search Lucas’s loft for any evidence that Lucas was friends with Charlotte. Hanna insists that Lucas would never hurt them.

Hanna has been thinking about having a baby with Caleb. She asks what Emily wants to do about the baby. Emily says it is Alison’s decision, but Hanna reminds Emily that she also has a say.

Hanna and Emily look through a box of comic books. They find a comic written by Charles and Lucas. The comic, titled Arcturas, is about a boy who is bullied by his friends and family. He meets a shape-shifter alien woman helps him get revenge. The comic has illustrations that remind the girls of the dollhouse. And “psychological torture” is written in the comic.

The girls rush to show Aria the comic. Aria wonders if A.D. is Lucas? And does that mean Lucas is the father of Alison’s baby? Hanna refuses to believe Lucas is behind all this torture.

When Aria is alone, she gets another call from Uber ‘A’. Aria tells him/her about the comic book. ‘A’ instructs Aria to steal the comic book. “Is that you Lucas?” Aria demands to know. “Would I tell you if I was?” ‘A’ shoots back.

Emily goes to Spencer’s house for advice and wine. Emily doesn’t feel like she has the right to ask Alison to have the baby, especially not until they know who the father is. Spencer points out that they may never find out who the father is.

Emily has been thinking about the letter Mary Drake wrote to Spencer before she was born. Emily could feel the pain and regret in the letter. She doesn’t ever want to write a letter like that to her own baby.

So Emily goes to Alison and admits that she wants her to have the baby. She asks Alison to at least think about it.

Emily finally tells Paige that the baby is both hers and Alison’s. Paige is understanding and sympathetic. However, Paige decides to leave Rosewood. Emily wants Paige to stay and try to make it work. Paige knows it wouldn’t, though. Emily, Paige and Alison would all be miserable.

Paige says that she has learned so much from loving Emily. So she knows she needs to walk away from the situation. This is the third time I’ve said goodbye to you. I’m never going to say it again, Paige tells Emily. Paige doesn’t blame Emily for deciding to keep the baby, though. “Of course you do. That’s what makes you Emily,” Paige tells her.

Emily and Paige have one last Paily kiss. They both cry as Paige walks away.

Spencer comes home to find a wine bottle at the door. Instead of a cork, there is a note rolled up in it. It is a note from Mary Drake asking Spencer to meet her. Spencer agrees and later Mary Drake slips a room key in the bottle. She wants to meet Spencer at the Lost Woods Resort.

Mona, furious, storms up to Hanna at the Brew. She found a real estate listing for the factory space that Hanna was going to use for her business. It looks like Lucas is selling the business out from under Hanna. Hanna decides to show Mona the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game.

Mona is captivated and impressed by the board game. Mona lovingly examines the game. She doesn’t hear a fan, but she can feel warmth where the batteries are. The game has finite power. The Liars have to finish the game before the batteries wind down.

Hanna is annoyed that Mona is admiring the game instead of shutting it down. Mona wishes she could have built the brilliant game. Whoever built it did something much more than create a dollhouse. He/she turned the whole town of Rosewood into a dollhouse. Mona is even impressed when a blade pops out of the game.

Mona says that it is impossible to open up the game. When the game ends, the board game will die. Hanna wonders if Lucas created the game, since he knows all about games and computers. Mona doesn’t seem convinced. This board game is not electronic, it’s mechanical.

Hanna begs Mona to help her win the game. Mona is the only person not afraid of the game. Mona says she’s not scared because there isn’t a little Mona at the starting line of the game.

Mona wants to stay far away from the game. Playing with people’s lives is an addiction. A.D. is not a healthy person. A.D. is an addict and Mona knows what that feels like. She can’t slip up and fall back to the dark side.

Hanna, desperate for Mona’s help, uses manipulation to change Mona’s mind. “Imagine how you’ll feel when you beat it,” Hanna tells her. Mona looks intrigued, but she doesn’t give Hanna an answer.

Aria steals the comic book and puts it in locker 214 at Rosewood High, as A.D. has instructed. A second later, Aria has a change of heart. She opens the locker but the comic book is gone. In its place is a black hoodie. Is Aria now part of the ‘A’ team?!

Aria goes home and sees that Ezra has packed a suitcase. Once again, he’s planning to leave town to see Nicole. Nicole’s parents want Ezra to talk to Nicole’s new doctor. Aria doesn’t understand why Ezra can’t talk to the doctor over the phone. Ezra insists that it is easier if he flies to Maine to talk to the doctor. Aria wonders if Ezra will keep leaving even after they are married.

Aria asks Ezra to stay and he unfairly blames her for putting him in the middle. Aria wasn't the one who put Ezra in the middle, though. Frustrated, Aria says that Ezra doesn’t know what she has done for him. (After all, she just betrayed her friends to stop A.D. from sending Ezra to jail). Aria knows that Ezra is trying to fix Nicole’s situation, but this isn’t something he can fix.

Aria begs Ezra to stay and fix things instead of running off again. Ezra refuses to listen and leaves.

Spencer waits for Mary Drake at the Lost Woods Resort for an hour, but she doesn’t show up. Instead, Marco comes in. He followed Spencer from her house to the motel. Every theory about Archer Dunhill’s murder keeps circling back to Spencer and her friends. Especially to Spencer. The Liars are connected to Archer Dunhill because of Alison. Spencer is also connected because of Mary Drake.

In a shocking twist, Marco reveals that Archer Dunhill’s credit card was used at the Radley bar the night he disappeared. Horrified, Spencer remembers that she used Archer’s credit card instead of her own to pay for her drink that night. She even signed her own name on the credit card receipt.

As soon as the police get the receipt, Spencer will have a lot of questions to answer. Particularly since she told Marco that she had buried a body that night. That won’t seem like a joke once the police connect Spencer to Archer’s credit card.

Alison wakes up to find Paige leaning over her bed. Apparently, Alison didn’t lock her door. (How is that possible?! The Liars have been stalked by 'A' for years, but they leave doors open?!) Before leaving Rosewood, Paige wants to talk to Alison. Paige is sorry Alison is going through a hard time. Before leaving though, she has to know if Alison loves Emily.

Paige says that Emily loves Alison. Paige wonders if Alison knew that all along. Maybe that scared Alison and that fear made Alison act like such a terrible person.

Alison admits that she was terrible. And she doesn’t have much practice with honesty. Paige asks Alison, for a minute, to try and be honest.

Alison says that Emily sees who she really is. It makes Alison want to be worth the effort. She wants to be the person Emily sees. (PLL showrunner Marlene King has said season 7 is a love letter to fans and that they know how passionate the Emison fans are).

Before leaving, Paige tells Alison that she’s going to have a beautiful baby.

Ezra is at airport when he spots Spencer. He is about to go up to her when he sees her with Wren. He turns and is about to leave, but Spencer spots him. Spencer introduces Wren to Ezra, explaining that Wren was almost her brother-in-law a couple of times.

Wren ended up with a layover from hell, so he called Spencer. Spencer invites Ezra to have a drink, but Ezra doesn’t want to intrude.

Spencer tells Ezra that Wren helped Charlotte sneak into Radley. Spencer wanted to talk to Wren to see if he remembered anything that could help them. Spencer asks Ezra not to tell anyone that he saw her with Wren. Spencer doesn’t want Detective Marco Furey to find out.

Emily stops by Alison’s house. Alison finally made a decision. She’s going to have the baby. Emily promises to help her. They’ll do it together. Emily and Alison hug.

Ezra decides not to fly to Maine after all. He goes home and has long overdue talk with Aria. Aria apologizes for their fight earlier, but she stands by what she said. Aria is so afraid of everything falling apart.

Ezra admits that Aria was right. He needed to hear it. So things are looking better for Ezria, except that Aria misses a call from A.D. during their heart-to-heart.

Back at home, Spencer gets out of the shower and finds another note in the wine bottle. “You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye” Mary Drake’s note says. So that’s why she didn’t come to the room at the Lost Woods Resort. She must have noticed Marco and thought it was a trap.

Things are going to get a lot worse for Aria. A.D. creates another creepy digital version of Aria that says “I warned you. When I call, you answer. I need you faithful and devoted … or else.” The creepy Avataria Aria holds up the Aria file and laughes.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x15 “In the Eye Abides the Heart”? Love that Hanna finally told Mona about the game. The Liars really need Mona on their side. And how was Spencer all over town tonight? She was at the Lost Woods Resort, at the airport with Wren and back at home taking a shower. Weird. Do you think Lucas is Uber ‘A’? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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