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PLL Recap 7x14 "Power Play": A.D. Impregnated Alison With Emily’s Stolen Eggs

Things get a lot more twisted in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x14 “Power Play”. Alison is stunned when A.D. reveals Emily as the egg donor. Some mysteries are solved when we find out who Charlotte’s father is and who killed Jessica DiLaurentis. And Aria gets an offer from A.D. that might lead her down a dark path.

Aria waits in Ezra’s apartment for him to return. When he finally does, Aria tells him Nicole is sleeping upstairs. Ezra says that Nicole just took off. He had no idea she was at the apartment. He’s going to take her back to the clinic in the morning.

Ezra tells Aria that she doesn’t have to go, but Aria doesn’t want to stay while Nicole is sleeping in the bedroom. Clearly Ezra still hasn’t told Nicole about Aria, but he has to do it soon. Aria’s clothes are in the bedroom closet and there are pictures of Aria all over Ezra’s place. Nicole will have a lot of questions in the morning.

Aria crashes at Alison's house for the night. (Alison was wearing this ‘You're The Avocado To My Toast Boyfriend Tee’ by Emi-Jay in heather grey). The girls are shocked when they see the ‘Liar’s Lament’ board game in Alison’s living room. The game turns on and the Aria and Alison pieces start moving. The game is deciding who plays next.

The next morning, Spencer wakes up in bed with Detective Marco Furey. He gets a call and has to rush to the Rosewood police station early.

Hanna is worried that A.D. will punish her for not finishing her turn at the ‘Liar’s Lament’. Emily tells her not to freak out over something she can’t control. Maybe Hanna’s punishment is over. A.D. already hurt Hanna’s business and put Caleb in the hospital.

Spencer finally gets a chance to confront her dad, who is finally back home. Spencer sees her dad’s passport and finds out that he flew into Philadelphia a week ago (the same time Veronica did).

Peter has been busy looking for Mary. He worried that Mary will hurt his family. He even hired an investigator to find her. Spencer accuses her dad of planning to chase away Mary so Spencer never gets the chance to see her again.

At Rosewood High, Alison tells Emily that she plans to terminate the pregnancy. Archer Dunhill manipulated Alison into loving and marrying him. At Welby, he took away her ability to make her own decisions. The pregnancy feels like he is still in control. Alison wants her life back.

Detective Marco Furey stops by to talk to Alison. The finger sent to the Rosewood police station was confirmed to be Archer Dunhill’s finger. The detached finger started decomposing around the time Archer disappeared. So the police are now looking at it as a homicide.

The police are looking into anyone that held a grudge against Archer. The police are also looking into Mary Drake, since she was also connected to Archer.

Ezra and Aria talk about Nicole at the Brew. Nicole’s therapist didn’t want Ezra to tell Nicole about his engagement to Aria. Her therapist wants Nicole to adjust to changes gradually. Nicole found Aria’s wedding dress in the closet, though. So Nicole definitely knows about the engagement now.

Ezra says Nicole just wants him to be happy. Ezra apologizes to Aria for being such a crappy fiancé. Nicole’s return doesn’t change how he feels about Aria. He promises that Nicole will be gone in a few hours and they will go back to being Ezria. Aria and Ezra kiss.

The Liars meet at Alison’s house to discuss Archer Dunhill’s detached finger. The stakes are raised now. If A.D. sends the police more clues about Archer Dunhill’s death every time the Liars fail at the game, then it’s just a matter of time before the police arrest them. After all, A.D. has a video of Hanna and Spencer digging up Archer Dunhill’s body. No one can screw up anymore.

The ‘Liar’s Lament’ game chooses Alison as the next player. “Solve the puzzle and get away with murder. Or fail and go directly to jail” the game phone says. Alison has to go to a mystery location to get her puzzle piece.

Aria goes back to Ezra’s apartment and finds him picking up pages of his manuscript. Nicole’s parents threw it at him when they came to pick up Nicole. Aria reads a note Nicole wrote on a manuscript page. One particular scene in the book is a memory that kept Nicole alive during her captivity. Nicole got through those years of captivity by thinking of Ezra and their love. Ezra takes the page out of Aria’s hand while she is reading it. Looks like Aria and Ezra’s relationship is still rocky.
Paige gets a job offer as assistant swim coach from the University of Iowa. She has to make a decision by tomorrow. Emily is disappointed that Paige might leave Rosewood. She thought this was their second chance to be together.

Paige also thought they’d get another chance, but she thinks coming back was a mistake. Paige thought she was over high school, but it’s hard when everything is the same as it was back then. Emily and Ali are keeping secrets, just like back in high school when they would whisper in the hallway. It makes Paige feel small, insecure and paranoid, just like when they were in high school. Paige doesn’t want to feel that way anymore, so she wants to leave.

While Alison is at school, she video chats with Aria. They talk about the Nicole situation. Nicole’s therapist said the book caused a set back for Nicole. Alison and Aria’s chat is cut short when Alison runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Aria gets another video chat request, but this one is much less friendly. A mystery person in a black hoodie distorts his/her voice. The person shows Aria the file Jessica DiLaurentis had on her. (Remember when the Liars found Jessica’s files on all of them, but there was no Aria file? A.D. had already stolen Aria and Noel’s files. A.D. burned Noel’s file, but kept Aria’s). The distorted voice says “Jessica DiLurentais kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file, he would definitely choose Nicole. And she would be visiting him in jail.”

Aria freaks out. She grabs the Aria piece from the board game and throws it across the room, shattering a wine glass.

Hanna spots a business card Spencer swiped from her dad’s briefcase. It’s for Maddi Harper, the investigator Peter hired to find Mary. Hanna’s ready to get answers from Mary, so she calls to find out what the investigator knows.

They get a possible location where Mary Drake may be hiding, so they go door to door to interrogate neighbors. Hanna, who is at her breaking point, even makes an old man cry. They get a shock at one house in particular, though. Pastor Ted, Hanna’s mom’s ex-fiancé, lives there.

Pastor Ted denies seeing Mary Drake. As the girls leave, Hanna warns Ted that Mary is dangerous. Once the girls are gone, we see that Mary Drake was hiding in Ted’s house. Ted asks Mary what she’s really doing there.
Paige is in the Rosewood High faculty lounge when she sees an abortion pamphlet sticking out of Alison’s bag. Paige opens it and sees that Alison has an appointment at the clinic. Alison comes in and catches Paige with the pamphlet. Paige is quick to apologize for looking at it. Alison yells at Paige, grabs her stuff and storms out.

Aria goes with Alison to help find the mystery location for the game. They end up in front of The Darling Duck (a baby clothes store). Alison head in while Aria takes a phone call.

Turns out the call is from A.D.. Aria tells A.D. that she doesn’t want to lose. She wants out. A.D. tells Aria “meet me now” and gives her a location.
Back in the baby store, the store clerk tells Alison to use the scanner to create her baby registry. A.D. sends Alison a message, telling her to pick ten items in the store. Once Alison finishes, the clerk gives her the package that was put on hold for the egg donor. It’s a personalized ‘Emily’ necklace.

Alison almost collapses as she remembers that Emily’s eggs were stolen. So A.D. impregnated Alison with Emily’s stolen egg. As Alison stumbles out of the store, she spots her puzzle piece.

Emily, who is blissfully unaware of what A.D. did, is having pizza with Paige. Paige is reconsidering her decision to leave Rosewood. She asked the University of Iowa for more time to make her decision. Paige remembered that she isn’t the only one with demons. Not facing her demons would be like she's back in high school.

Paige and Emily remember back in college when they would race to make decisions. Whoever won the race would get to decide where they ate for dinner, what they majored in, or if they lived in the dorms or off campus apartments.

Paige and Emily race to decide if Paige stays in Rosewood. During the race, Paige suddenly stops. She doesn’t need to race because she’s already made her decision. She’s going to stay in Rosewood. Paige and Emily kiss.
Meanwhile, Aria arrives at the address A.D. texted her. A limo is waiting for Aria. Aria gets in and comes face to face with a person in a black hoodie. The person lifts the hoodie and reveals herself. It's Sydney Driscoll.
Aria asks Sydney if she made up the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game and shot Spencer. Sydney takes credit for all of it.

Sydney says Aria’s desperation makes her useful. Aria wants out of the game. Sydney says there is no out. Aria can change sides, though. Aria can join A.D. and be a part of the winning team. Aria immediately refuses. She’s not going to help A.D. torture her friends.

Sydney claims to be A.D., but Aria notices Sydney has an earpiece. Clearly she’s taking orders from someone else. It looks like Sydney is just another one of A.D.’s pawns.

Sydney says Aria took a step toward earning A.D.’s trust by leaving Alison and going to the limo. However, there is a long way to go before Aria fully earn A.D.’s trust.

Sydney takes out the earpiece and Aria asks why she is helping A.D.. “It’s no fun being on the losing team,” Sydney tells Aria.

Ted makes a surprise visit to see Hanna at Lucas’s loft. Ted admits that Mary spent the last two nights on his sofa.  Ted and Mary go way back. They even dated in college.

After Hanna and Spencer left, Mary told Ted that they had a child together. In a shocking twist, we find out Ted is Charlotte’s biological father. He had no idea that he was a father. He shows Hanna an old photo of Charles at a summer camp Ted ran for troubled boys. The photo was taken fifteen years ago.
Hanna asks about the other boy in the photo. Charles only had one friend. That friend was Lucas! Can’t wait for Hanna to ask Lucas about this!

Alison tells Emily what A.D. did with Emily’s stolen eggs. Emily doesn’t believe it at first, but Alison remembers the procedure. Alison was impregnated with Emily’s egg while she was strapped down in Welby. Alison calls the women’s wellness center to cancel her appointment. “We need more time to figure things out,” she tells them.
Spencer’s dad is waiting for her when she gets home. Spencer threatens to leave and never come back unless her dad tells her the truth about Mary Drake. Spencer’s dad says Mary Drake snuck into their house the night Spencer got back from rehab. She came to get revenge.

Mary had just found out Jessica lied about Charles dying. Charlotte was alive and Mary wanted to make Jessica pay. When Peter refused to help Mary, she turned on him. Mary killed Jessica with Peter’s pills and buried Jessica in Peter’s backyard. Mary tried to frame Peter for Jessica’s death.

Peter wants to keep Mary away because she is dangerous and unhinged. He can live with Spencer hating him, but he won’t ever stop protecting her.
The Liars, minus Aria, meet at Alison’s house again. Spencer and Hanna now know about the pregnancy. Alison puts her puzzle piece on the board. Aria comes in late, but doesn’t tell them about her meeting with Sydney Driscoll.

Emily lashes out at Aria, accusing her of abandoning Alison in her time of need. Spencer reminds Emily that Aria doesn’t know what happened, but Emily continues to yell at Aria. Aria is shocked when she finds out A.D. fertilized Emily’s stolen eggs and impregnated Alison.

Spencer knows Emily and Alison must feel violated and confused, but Aria’s turn at the game is coming up next. They need to stick together and make sure the game doesn’t rip them apart.

The ‘Liar’s Lament’ game starts up again. The game phone scrolls through old photos of the Liars. It finally stops on Hanna’s photo. Hanna freaks out, insisting the game made a mistake. The other girls all say it should be Aria’s turn to play.

Hanna loses it, yelling that the game just wrecked her life. She storms out and her friends follow her. Aria is about to go with them when she gets a text from A.D. that says “Made a decision yet? – A.D.”

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x14 “Power Play”? Do you believe Mary Drake killed her twin sister? I can’t wait to hear what Lucas says about his relationship with Charlotte. And Aria has some tough decisions ahead of her. Wonder how she’ll respond to A.D.’s offer. And what is in the file Jessica had on Aria? Leave your thoughts/comments on the episode below!

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