Monday, May 8, 2017

PLL Star Keegan Allen Talks Spoby & How Fans Will Flip Out Over Series Finale

Actor Keegan Allen talks about his love for Spoby, PLL coming to an end and an Easter egg in episode 7x10.

Keegan Allen talks Spoby PLL
Credit: Troian Bellisario's Instagram

Keegan Allen’s character on Pretty Little Liars, Toby, isn’t currently dating Spencer. Keegan is still a fan of Spoby, though. It has been amazing for him to watch Spoby’s journey from their first kiss in season 1 all the way to the last kiss right before his accident and the shooting.

It was fun for Keegan Allen to film that car accident at the end of episode 7x10. It was such a brutal scene. There were glass shards in his knuckles and Kara Royster’s (Yvonne) head.

Keegan also points out an Easter egg in the Pretty Little Liars season 7A finale “The DArkest Knight”. There was a Scrabble board with the word ‘fatum’ which is Latin for ‘fate’.

Keegan Allen says that PLL fans will flip out when they see the season 7 finale episode. It’s a good ending and it will make television history for the show.

Pretty Little Liars coming to an end is bittersweet for Keegan Allen. Everyone on the show is close friends. PLL was a wonderful chapter in his life. He shares some many memories with his colleagues and friends.

The PLL cast always supports each other, especially when they venture out of PLL to work on other projects. Keegan Allen mentions Ian Harding’s new memoir book Odd Birds. He also talks about his own book tour for and Shay Mitchell’s book tour for her fiction book Bliss as examples of times the cast has supported each other’s projects. (Keegan’s definitely right about the that. The entire PLL cast took to social media to support Ian Harding’s book Odd Birds).

Are you hoping Spoby will reunite by the end of season 7?

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