Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paily (Emily & Paige) Novella Series Written by PLL Writer & Producer Joseph Dougherty

Pretty Little Liars executive producer and writer Joseph Dougherty is a Paily fan and he loved writing scenes for Emily and Paige on the show. Paily didn't have a lot of screen time, though. Particularly after Paige abruptly left town in episode 5x15 of PLL. "As a writer, I'd love to have more opportunity to write for those two characters,” he said. So Joseph decided to write some Pretty Little Liars Paily short stories that are available on Amazon. These stories became best sellers and even won awards. Check out what this Paily six book series is all about.

The first short story, titled "Pretty Little Liars: The Yellow Sweater", takes place in 1964. In this short story, "Paige McCullers tries to understand her crush on beautiful teammate, Emily Fields, and her fantasy about a forbidden romance".

That was followed by the AfterEllen visibility award winner novella "Pretty Little Liars: The Persistence of Phosphors". “The star swimmers of Rosewood High both feel the stirring of a forbidden attraction, but it's Alison who sets the stage for one incredibly memorable night that will change everything forever. Cuddle up and savor this funny, bittersweet, passionate and unexpected journey toward love with two courageous girls”.

The third book in the series is “Pretty Little Liars: The Week It Rained”. “The Week It Rained” takes Emily and Paige back to Rosewood after their night of discovery in New York. Life changing intimacies have been shared and deep passions awakened, but the release the two girls find in each other’s arms is dangerously out of sync with the times. They must keep their love a secret. But Alison DiLaurentis, as clever as she is lovely, never met a secret she couldn’t uncover…and exploit.”

“Pretty Little Liars: Some Other Things That Happened” comes next. “While Emily and Paige move toward new intimacy, Alison tries to deal with the unexpected passion sparked by a single kiss. And the shy Mona Vanderwaal takes a step out of the shadows, to play an unexpected role in all their lives.”

The next novella is “Pretty Little Liars: Ghosts on the Lawn”. There is a time jump that occurs between this novella and the last. This novella is set in 1970 and “finds Emily and Paige reunited after college and starting a loving, but hidden, life together”.

“Pretty Little Liars: Too Cold For Snow” is “a winter’s tale set in the mid-1970s. Em and Paige appear to have a comfortable life together. But it's a life lived half in shadow at a time when their love must remain behind closed doors. In the course of one weekend, each woman examines the costs and joys of their secret life and considers what the future may hold. Then the arrival of an unexpected guest puts that future in jeopardy.”

Joseph Dougherty is a fan of Paily because of the way the characters helped each other grow. Back in 2015, he talked to MTV about Emily’s evolution from wallflower to warrior. "She is now someone who will ask questions. And that's so not the Emily that was Emily when Alison was around. That's a different girl," he explained.

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