Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ian Harding Talks Ezria & A.D. Reveal Reaction on PLL

Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, gave an interview where he was asked about Ezria. He also talked about his reaction to finally finding out who A.D. is.

Ian Harding talks about Ezria and A.D. Reveal Reaction on PLL

Ian Harding shared that his favorite Ezria moment was when Ezra was bad. (In PLL episode 4x20 "Free Fall", we found out Ezra was spying on the Liars to write a book about Alison’s disappearance). In the beginning of their relationship when Ezra was still Aria’s high school teacher, the show made sure Ezra wasn’t creepy or aggressive. Otherwise, the Ezria relationship would go from sweet and taboo to perversion.

Ian Harding’s least favorite moments were towards the end. Ezra would show up when the Liars were all together figuring out what to do about ‘A’. Ezra would throw out useless one-liners. It even became a joke with the cast. Ashley Benson (Hanna) would turn to Ian and say “Ezra, why are you here?”

In this interview, Ian didn’t seem too sure that Ezra should end up with Aria. (Though in the past, he’s said that he wants Pretty Little Liars to end with Ezria having a child together). Ian genuinely believes Ezra was ready to be with Nicole. In Ezra’s mind, he thought Nicole was the woman he was supposed to be with. Then, Ezra thought Nicole was dead. Now Ezra is back with a woman he was in love with, who happens to be of age now. Ezra is torn now and he genuinely doesn’t know who to be with.

Ian also shared his reaction to finding out who A.D. is. Ian is actually numb to Pretty Little Liars reveals because there have been so many red herrings over the years. When he read the final script, he thought “Oh yeah, that makes sense”. Ian was really excited that A.D. is not some random person. Ian confirms that we have seen A.D. before.

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