Friday, December 16, 2016

How Ashley Benson Celebrates Christmas

Ashley Benson, Hanna on PLL, loves the holiday season. She particularly loves Christmas morning. Ashley shared her favorite Christmas traditions, which involve food, Christmas movies and hot toddies. She’s not a good cook, but she does bake cookies and cakes.

Ashley Benson spends Christmas mornings at her grandmother’s house. “I go to my grandma’s house, and she makes the most incredible meal. I’ve been doing it since the day I was born. She makes this incredible egg dish with tortillas and onions and vegetables and tomatoes and bakes it. It’s so, so good. She makes these sticky buns. It’s my favorite thing to eat. And we really only eat them on Christmas Day. Everyone always looks forward to that meal, and I eat about seven or eight in one sitting”, Ashley shared with People. (Previously, Ashley Benson also shared that her grandmother organizes scavenger hunts for Christmas.)

Ashley also enjoys holiday beverages. “It’s always fun to come up with creative holiday drinks. I can never make them. But hot toddies in the winter are so good. Hot chocolate, too.”

Another Christmas tradition Ashley likes is watching Christmas movies. “I’ll watch Christmas movies like Home Alone and The Grinch. I watch it every single year, like over and over again. I love having people get together, playing games, just enjoying the holidays,” she said.

Check out this video of the PLL cast sharing their favorite holiday memories.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Are you planning to watch Freeform’s ‘25 Days of Christmas’? A cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas movie marathon sounds pretty good.

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