Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Troian Bellisario Talks Spencer's Fate & Origin Story for PLL Season 7B

The PLL season 7A summer finale left it unclear if Spencer will survive her gunshot wound. Troian Bellisario, Spencer on Pretty Little Liars, recently talked about what to expect on PLL season 7B. We will learn Spencer’s origin story, which is fascinating to Troian. Troian always considered Spencer the black sheep of the Hastings family.

PLL actress Troian Bellisario (Spencer)
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Troian Bellisario couldn’t spill too much about her character’s fate, but she teased the possibility that Spencer dies. “I can't really comment on whether I'm there in flashbacks or there in the flesh, but this is the end of the show, so yes, it’s absolutely possible I could be dead.”

Troian is excited to explore Spencer’s origin story in the last ten episodes of PLL. “It will be fascinating to find out the origin story of Spencer, especially for me as somebody who's always seen Spencer as the black sheep of her family and somebody who’s always struggling so hard to fit in. She has all these impulses that she doesn't understand. These mental issues she struggles with, issues of addiction, issues with impulsivity, issues with this sort of fractured self and when you get to hear more about Mary Drake and where Spencer comes from, it makes so much sense”, Troian explained.

Troian also explained why she thinks season 7 is the perfect time to end Pretty Little Liars. “I think it’s the right time because people have been watching us for seven years. I think it was great to do the five year time jump and to get so much time to wrap up these stories and kind of move on with these girls' lives”. Troian Bellisario went on to say “all good things must come to an end.”

Do you think Spencer will die in PLL season 7B?

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