Thursday, September 8, 2016

Troian Bellisario Afraid to Cut Her Hair Short After Bad Childhood Memory

Troian Bellisario really wants to cut her hair, but fear has held her back from cutting it shorter. She never cuts her hair shorter than her shoulders because of a bad childhood experience. Her best friend refused to talk to Troian for a month after Troian cut her hair short. Troian also has a funny story about shaving half her eyebrow off when she was little.


“I think once when I was little I cut it off. It was down to my knees and I cut it up to here [pointing to her chin] and I had a really bad reaction. My best friend didn’t talk to me, we were like in kindergarten. She didn’t talk to me for like a month because she loved my hair. So I immediately become panicked whenever anybody cuts my hair. I just have this awful sense memory of people rejecting me. So I want to cut my hair more than anything and I am also completely terrified of it.” Troian told People.

Troian also had a disastrous childhood experience with eyebrow plucking. “I think my mom was teaching me how to pluck my eyebrows and I was like, ‘Oh, this is stupid I should just shave them!’ So I took a razor and I just tried to get literally where you pluck your eyebrows but with a razor. And I shaved half of it… It was awful. I was very little and I went crying to my mom and she was like well this will be a funny story to tell one day. And it is” Troian said.

Troian Bellisario also talked about her go-to breakfast. Troian is very ritualistic about what she eats. If she’s drinking kale smoothies for breakfast, then she’ll drink them day after day.

Troian’s love of aerial silks isn’t a secret. Troian often posts amazing photos from her aerial silks workouts, where she is dangling fifteen feet up from the floor. She had to take six months off from it while she was filming a movie. The aerial silks workouts were changing her frame too much.

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