Thursday, September 1, 2016

PLL Actor Brant Daugherty Talks Noel’s Backstory & Ties with Charlotte

Noel Kahn’s death was possibly the most gruesome death in the history of Pretty Little Liars. After the PLL season 7 summer finale, actor Brant Daugherty talked about his character’s backstory. He also hinted at a deep connection Noel has with Charlotte and suggested that PLL fans re-watch the season 5 premiere “EscApe from New York” for clues.

Noel Kahn was gruesomely decapitated by falling on his own axe in “The DArkest Knight”. It was a bloody death, but actor Brant Daugherty was happy to find out his character would die after being brought back for a short arc. “I was overjoyed, which I don’t think is the normal reaction? But I had grown up with Noel, played this character for seven years, and to see him get a conclusion I think suits him very well was a good moment for me,” Brant told Zap2it.

Brant Daugherty talked about Noel’s history of violence against women (Noel pushed a sorority girl down the stairs in season 1) and shed some light on Noel’s experiences growing up in Rosewood. He brought up the short-lived relationship between Aria and Noel back in season one. “Noel grew up in a very privileged family. He had a lot of money and parents who were very, very absent. So he didn’t have very strong role models growing up. He was left to his own devices with far too much money. And living in a town like Rosewood, it has an effect on you — the way the women treated him, the way Aria treated him, breaking up with him for Ezra in the first season, he has a very bitter taste in his mouth.”

That doesn’t mean Noel was still living a life of privilege after graduating from Rosewood High, though. Brant Daugherty pointed out some interesting changes about Noel now that he’s five years older. “There’s hints we drop as to what Noel’s been doing in the seventh season. One of them is the car he’s driving — it’s not a mistake that Noel used to drive a BMW and now he drives a beat-up old SUV”. Did any PLL fans catch that when the episode aired?

“The first time he meets Emily again, he flashes her a hundred dollar bill. He’s putting on a show. He wants these people to believe he’s still that same Noel from five years ago, but he’s been through some hard times. It’s been quite a shift for him, he’s become a very desperate man,” Brant explained.
So what is Noel’s connection to Charlotte? We know Noel helped torture the Liars in Charlotte’s dollhouse bunker. We won’t get answers until April 2017 when PLL comes back for the second half of season 7, but Brant suggests that PLL fans re-watch episode 5x01 “EscApe from New York” and pay close attention to the diner scene.

“I know that his ties with Charlotte run deep. Charlotte used to be friends with his brother, Eric, she used to come to all the parties we threw. There’s a great scene … with Charlotte, Alison and Noel in a diner in New York and that’s a really key episode, to show the trust these characters have together and the lengths they’ll go to help each other even if it is selfish in the long run,” Brant hinted.

Although Noel is a shady character, it doesn’t seem like he was working for A.D., especially since Jenna was surprised when A.D. pulled her into the van at the end of “The DArkest Knight”.

Although Noel Kahn is absolutely dead on PLL, there’s always the chance that we will see him again in a flashback. Brant Daugherty is willing to come back and film more episodes of PLL. “I’m always happy to be on that set, so anytime they’ll have me, I’m glad to be there,” he said.

I hope we get some flashbacks of Noel that explain his relationship with Charlotte. It’s always great to see actor Brant Daugherty on PLL. What do you think happened to Noel during the five year time jump? Any theories on what Noel was really up to? Comment below with your thoughts!

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