Sunday, September 11, 2016

PLL Audition Experiences for Shay Mitchell & Ian Harding

Ian Harding and Shay Mitchell talk about their PLL auditions, among other things, in Shay’s “Under the Blanket with Shay” video. Ian Harding was Shay Mitchell’s first guest in this new segment. Ian Harding and Shay Mitchell shared a bottle of wine (a fly ended up in Shay’s wine glass) and talked about PLL.

Credit: Ian Harding's Instagram

Shay Mitchell talked about her ‘Ian-Ty’ scars on her hands. She digs her nails into her hands to keep from laughing during takes. Ian Harding and Tyler Blackburn always make her crack up and the crew gets irritated when Shay keeps messing up takes with her laughter.

Ian Harding went to Carnegie Mellon’s drama school. Ian was always joking and not taking things seriously. His dance teacher told him that he wouldn’t amount to anything if he continued to not take his craft seriously. It’s ironic, since not taking things seriously is how he ended up so successful.

Shay Mitchell shared a story about her first acting class in Vancouver. The drama teacher asked Shay why she wanted to act. He told her that she could be sitting shotgun in someone’s Ferrari instead.

The PLL auditioning experience was nerve-wracking for Shay Mitchell. Ian Harding wasn’t nervous, though. Ian joked that he helped Troian Bellisario get the role of Spencer on PLL. He remembers getting into an evolution debate with Troian before she went into her audition. Ian wonders if that debate helped Troian portray Spencer’s academic prowess.

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