Saturday, August 6, 2016

Shay Mitchell & Ian Harding Q&A

PLL co-stars Shay Mitchell (Emily) and Ian Harding (Ezra) teamed up to do a Q&A video. Check out the video of their answers to questions from PLL fans.
Credit: Ian Harding's Instagram

What’s the worst/best thing working on the set of working on the set of Pretty Little Liars?

Ian Harding said Shay Mitchell is both the best and worst thing. He meant that as a compliment. Shay kills Ian’s concentration because she’s so much fun to work with.

The best thing about the PLL set is craft service for Shay Mitchell. She takes bars from set, so she doesn’t have to grocery shop. Ian also admitted to doing that. The worst part of working on PLL for Shay Mitchell is that sometimes she has an early call time.

What are some of the hilarious moments they’ve shot on PLL?

Shay Mitchell has a lot of hilarious moments when she’s filming scenes with Ian Harding.

Ian Harding said group scenes where they have to rattle off a bunch of words at the end of night are funny. They have no idea what they are saying and they all laughing. That happens often on the PLL set.

What job would they want if they weren’t actors?

Ian Harding would want to be a psychologist or an ornithologist. Shay Mitchell would want to be a food blogger or a National Geographic photographer.

Why does Ian Harding say he’s an old man all the time?

Ian gets excited when he encounters things like station wagons. He likes craft beer, plays on a softball team and he reads old books.

What movie or tv show would Ian Harding and Shay Mitchell want to be cast in?

Shay Mitchell would have loved to be in the Julia Robert movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Ian Harding would love to be on the show Game of Thrones. Ian was shocked when he found out Shay hasn’t watched the show.

Which song would best describe Ian Harding and Shay Mitchell’s relationship with each other?

Ian picked “Colorblind” from Counting Crows. Shay Mitchell thought of the Addams Family song.

What is Ian Harding’s favorite food to cook?

Ian Harding love breakfast foods. He makes a really good pumpkin chocolate chip pancake. (In a previous video, Ian Harding taught Shay Mitchell how to make his gratin.)

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