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Recap of PLL 7x08 “Exes and OMGs”: Paige Returns to Rosewood

Paige McCullers and the mysterious Mrs. Grunwald return in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x08 “Exes and OMGs”. Paige isn’t the only ex making a sudden reappearance. Ezra’s former girlfriend Nicole, who was thought to be dead, may actually be alive. Meanwhile, Sparia is back in action. Aria and Spencer do some sleuthing to figure out more about Mary Drake’s second child. And Hanna is the only Liar convinced that Noel Kahn is Uber “A”.

Hanna, who seems to have post traumatic stress after A.D.’s torture, is convinced Noel Kahn is Uber “A”. The episode starts the Liars and Caleb walking the streets of Rosewood. Hanna tries to convince the others that Noel Kahn is “A”, but the Liars want proof. Besides, Jenna Marshall and Mary Drake are still suspects.

We finally find out what dirt Alison had on Noel. Back when the Liars were freshman, they all attended a frat party. At the party, Alison saw Noel push a sorority girl down the stairs. They can’t use that information against Noel, though. Noel’s family paid the girl off years ago.

Frustrated that her friends don’t believe her Noel theory, Hanna storms off. Caleb chases her, but Hanna doesn’t want to hear his doubts. Hanna is sure Noel is “A”, particularly because of the “I see you” message Uber “A” left on the car after blowing up Jessica’s storm cellar. That’s the same message Noel left on Ezra’s car at Camp Mona.

Suddenly, a car comes barreling towards Hanna. Caleb pushes her out of the way and gets hit by the speeding car. Noel, who was driving the car, grins at Hanna. Hanna screams when she sees Caleb’s motionless body. Don’t shed any tears though. Turns out this is just a fake-out. Hanna wakes up screaming from her nightmare.

Hanna immediately runs to Caleb’s place to check if he is okay. He’s fine, but he isn’t getting any closer at decoding the documents in Jenna’s lock box. Caleb has new phones, 100% bug-free, for all the Liars.

Aria is freaking out over the possibility that Nicole is alive. Aria regrets deleting Nicole’s phone call. Emily thinks Aria deleted the call for the right reasons. Aria was trying to spare Ezra pain. Aria doesn’t think that matters. She lied to Ezra. Ezra comes back just in time to hear Aria say that.

Aria comes clean to Ezra about the call from Nicole that she deleted. She explains that the call didn’t make sense and she didn’t want Ezra to get his hopes up. Ezra tells them that the FBI thinks there may be hostages at a rebel compound in Colombia. Nicole may be one of the hostages.

Aria apologies for deleting the call, but Ezra isn’t ready to forgive and forget. Emily and Aria decide to give Ezra some space. Before leaving, Aria and Ezra awkwardly hug.

Emily runs into Principal Hackett at the Brew. It’s “Thank God It’s Danish Day”, so he’s picking up a bunch of pastries for the teachers. Principal Hackett tells Emily that there is a job opening at Rosewood High. He’s looking for a swim coach and he thinks Emily should apply for the job.

Alison decides to go back to work teaching English at Rosewood High. The Welby social worker and Dr. Sullivan gave her a clean bill of health. Besides, Alison doesn’t have much of a choice. She’s broke because Archer/Dr. Rollins stole her money.

Alison’s first day back at work is disastrous. She’s got some cruel students. Her whole class decides to prank her by wearing black hoodies. Alison ends up vomiting in the bathroom.

Spencer and Aria try to track down the Dr. Cochran that Noel Kahn called. Spencer found a Dr. Cochran mentioned in Mary Drake’s patient records. Spencer does some research and finds a Dr. Cochran practicing medicine in Brookhaven. Sparia head over and find a young Dr. Cochrane. Turns out she’s the daughter of the Dr. Cochrane who worked at Radley. Her dad lost his license years ago, but he used to be an OB/GYN. She hasn’t spoken to her father in years and she refuses to give them any more information.

Things are rocky for Ezria, so Aria asks to crash at Lucas’s loft with Emily and Hanna. Emily feels guilty, since she encouraged Aria to delete Nicole’s call. Emily tries to reason with Ezra, but she isn’t able to fix things with Ezria. Ezra believes it was Emily’s idea to delete the call, but that doesn’t excuse what Aria did.

Emily explains that Aria was scared of losing him. The possibility of Nicole beng alive changes things, but Emily doesn’t want it to change things with Ezria. Ezra gets what Emily is saying, but he needs time to think things over.

Hanna gets a surprise visitor. She’s shocked to see Carla Grunwald (from Ravenswood) at her door. Mrs. Grunwald had an unsettling dream. She rushed over to warn Hanna that there is a darkness surrounding her and Caleb.

Mrs. Grunwald and Hanna talk at The Radley bar. Hanna tells Mrs. Grunwald that someone is trying to hurt her and the rest of the Liars. All Mrs. Grunwald can tell Hanna is that the source of the threat against her is very close. Coincidentally, Noel Kahn is standing nearby.

Hanna deliberately drops her glass to get Noel’s attention. Noel cryptically asks if Hanna took any country drives lately. Mrs. Grunwald touches Hanna’s hand and Hanna gets flashbacks of Uber “A” torturing her. Mrs. Grunwald suddenly gets a nose bleed.

Dr. Cochran calls Spencer, furious that someone ransacked her office. She assumes it was Spencer’s doing. Dr. Cochran gives Spencer her dad’s address, so Spencer won’t send someone to ransack her office again. She tells Spencer to bring a bottle of whiskey if they want him to talk.

Spencer assumes Noel Kahn was the one who ransacked the office, but now they are one step ahead of him. Spencer and Aria go to the older Dr. Cochrane’s apartment. He doesn’t want visitors, but he opens the door when they pull out the whiskey.

Spencer and Aria ask about Mary Drake. Dr. Cochrane’s job at Radley was to get rid of babies, so he dealt with two of Mary Drake’s babies. The first baby was a boy that he handed over to Mary’s twin sister Jessica DiLaurentis.

Several years later, Mary gave birth again. He doesn’t remember if the baby was a boy or a girl. He only remembers that the baby was underweight and tenacious. That baby was taken by county family services. He has no idea what happened to the baby after that.

Dr. Cochrane tells Spencer and Aria to give a message to his daughter.  She can run from him and their history all she wants. She can even pretend to be someone completely different. But in the end, she’s going to want that family more than anything. You can’t deny human nature. You always return to family in the end.

Emily decides to take up Principal Hackett’s offer and goes back to Rosewood High to apply for the swim coach position. She’s shocked when she sees who else is up for the job. Principal Hackett finishes interviewing another candidate for the position, who turns out to be Emily’s ex-girlfriend Paige. Emily and Paige both seem shocked to see each other again.

Emily and Paige have dinner together at Apple Rose Grille. Emily seems glad to see Paige again. The last time they saw each other was nearly three years ago. They were living together at Stanford, but they broke up after Emily’s dad died. Emily takes the blame for their breakup. Emily was a mess when her dad died.

Paige doesn’t want Emily to feel responsible for the breakup. They don’t know what other challenges they would have faced if they stayed together. Paige went through a rough patch of her own. Paige wanted to make it to the Olympics for her swimming, but she got in a car accident. Her knee was torn up badly. Her knee is mostly back to normal, but she’ll never achieve her dream of competing at the Olympics.

Alison breaks into Principal Hackett’s office to look at old student files. Alison goes through the ‘Class of 2012’ files and takes Noel Kahn’s folder, but Uber “A” is one step ahead of her. Inside Noel’s folder is a message from Uber “A” that says “I warned you bitches. Do you really want to end up dead?” (There was also a file on Lisa Cochrane. Any relation to Dr. Cochrane? Or just a playful reference to PLL producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan?)

Ezra is glued to the news as the military heads to the secret rebel camp in Colombia to rescue the hostage foreign aid workers. Not knowing Nicole’s fate is killing him. Aria takes a drastic step to regain Ezra’s trust. She cashes in their tickets to Italy (goodbye elopement) and buys him a ticket to Colombia. Aria offers to drop him off at the airport for his morning flight.

Alison shows the threatening note from A.D. to her friends. Hanna is beyond frustrated that her friends aren’t listening to her “Noel is A.D.” theory. While her friends discuss the note, Hanna flashes back to A.D. torturing her. Hanna leaves and decides to catch Noel on her own.

Hanna makes a mysterious call and says “The deal’s on. I get you the money, you give me the keys”. Hanna tells the person “the less you know about this, the better”. Who do you think Hanna called?

Hanna heads to Caleb’s place and tells him that she’ll be gone for a couple days. She lies and says she’s heading to New York to work on her fashion business with Lucas. Caleb offers to go with her, but she declines. Hanna hugs Caleb before leaving. They don’t kiss, but clearly they still have feelings for each other.

Emily and Sabrina chat at The Brew and Paige watches them from outside. Does Paige still have feelings for Emily? Paige doesn’t look too happy.

Aria drops Ezra off at the airport. Ezra kisses Aria before leaving, but is the engagement still on? How will Ezra deal with Nicole’s possible return? Back at Ezra’s place, Aria sadly zips her wedding dress back in the garment bag.

Spencer flips through a family photo album and looks at baby photos.

Hanna has a plan and she’s going through with it alone. (Doesn't she remember that her last plan to catch Uber "A" backfired?) Hanna gets set up in a dark room. She pulls out duct tape and starts covering the windows with newspaper.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x08 “Exes and OMGs”? Are you glad Paige is back in Rosewood? Any theories on why Spencer was flipping through the family photo album? Hanna is convinced Noel murdered Sara Harvey. Noel is looking a lot more sinister now that we know he pushed a girl down a flight of stairs, but is he really capable of murder? Comment below with your theories!

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