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Recap of PLL 7x07 “Original G‘A’ngsters”: Mary Drake had Second Child

Alison’s big brother Jason is back in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x07 “Original G‘A’ngsters” and it looks like Aria have a fling with him during the five year time jump. Jason enlists Aria’s help to keep Mary Drake away from Alison. Noel Kahn has only been back in Rosewood a short while, but he’s already acting suspicious. And we get another DiLaurentis family secret bombshell. Mary Drake had another kid. So is this second child actually Uber “A” out for revenge?

The Liars meet up for brunch at The Radley. Spencer has presents for all her friends. She passes out personalized necklaces with each Liar’s name. Spencer realized that they are all a crazy, dysfunctional family. She wants to put her friends before anything else. They are the ones who always have her back.

The Liars toast to Aria’s engagement and to friendship. Hanna wants to be a bridesmaid at Aria’s wedding. Aria promises that all the Liars will be standing up there with her on her wedding day.

Their celebration brunch is ruined when they get a note from Uber “A” on the check. It says “Roses are red, violets are blue, you killed Elliot, and I could have killed you. – A.D.”

Police officers come into The Radley and the Liars worry that Uber “A” already told the cops that they killed Elliot. The cops aren’t there for the Liars, though. They are there because of Sara Harvey’s murder. The coroner wheels Sara’s body out of the hotel.

The Liars see Jenna Marshall crying in the lobby. The Liars think Jenna is giving the performance of the century. They doubt Jenna is that upset over Sara’s death, particularly since they just met each other. It looks as though Jenna is staring directly at Aria. Are we sure Jenna is really blind?

Emily tells her friends about Sara Harvey’s warning. Sara said Jenna isn’t the person Emily should fear. The Liars decide to steal Jenna’s laptop. They want to see Jenna’s file on Charlotte DiLaurentis. Maybe it will give them the link to A.D.

At the Brew, Spencer grills Toby about Jenna’s sudden return to Rosewood. Turns out Toby didn’t invite Jenna to his engagement dinner. Jenna wants Toby to forgive her for something that happened during the five year time jump.

In a flashback, we see that Jenna and Toby tried to reconnect on a family vacation. Toby and Jenna sat on the porch and watched fireworks. Jenna was afraid because she can no longer see things in her mind. Images are slipping away, like what Toby looks like. Toby put Jenna’s hands on his face so she could feel what he looks like. Misreading the moment, Jenna leaned in for a kiss. Toby immediately pulled away, upset.

Back in the present, Toby tells Spencer that he hasn’t seen Jenna since that night. Toby immediately runs off when he hears that there is a hot prowl in progress at his house.

Alison and Mary paint over the words the attacker painted on the bedroom wall in "Wanted: Dead or Alive". Mary has nightmares about Elliot, but she feels better with Alison around. They have each other.

Alison’s older brother Jason finally comes home from Africa. Alison is happy to see him and immediately runs into his arms. Jason looks a bit different now that he has long hair and a beard. Alison says Jason just needs flannel and Warber Parker glasses. Then he’ll be hipster.

Jason immediately takes charge. He has a court order that lists him as Alison’s primary caretaker. He tells Mary to get the hell off his property. Alison immediately jumps in to defend Mary, but Jason doesn’t back down. Mary is the reason Alison was locked away in Welby. It was all part of Mary’s plan to steal their money.

Jason is also upset that Alison got married without telling him. Alison blames Jason for not being around. Alison doesn’t have her dad and she doesn’t know how long Jason will stick around. Alison begs Jason to give Mary a chance.  After all, Mary is their aunt.

Meanwhile, Spencer is stuck at the hospital. Yvonne got beat up by a burglar at Toby’s house. Spencer promised to stay for Toby, so she can’t help Hanna sneak into Jenna’s hotel room.

Aria and Ezra start planning their wedding, but Ezra is immediately overwhelmed by all the decoration choices. Ezra wants to skip the headache and parental drama. He wants to elope in Tuscany. He has a family friend who owns a villa that overlooks a vineyard. Aria isn’t excited about eloping, despite the romantic location. Ezra asks her to think about it.

Hanna steals her mom’s hotel keycard and breaks into Jenna’s hotel room. Hanna finds a lockbox under the bed. Hanna is soon joined by Caleb. Apparently, Hanna’s mom hired him to beef up hotel security. He saw Hanna sneak into the room. Caleb has a plan to get into the lockbox, but he needs Hanna’s help.

Emily runs into Noel Kahn at The Radley hotel. Noel looks hot, but he’s definitely not a nice guy. “I always knew you’d never get out of Rosewood” Noel tells Emily.

Aria gets a text from Jason, so they meet up at The Brew. Remember back in season 2 when they almost dated? Well, it looks like they finally hooked up during the five year time jump. Aria quickly tells Jason that she is engaged to Ezra. She hasn’t told Ezra or Alison about their past romantic history, so they agree to keep it a secret.

Jason asks Aria to help him with Alison. Jason is afraid Alison is under Mary’s spell. It wasn’t just Alison’s bank accounts that were drained. The nonprofit he works for, the Carissimi Group, was also drained of funds. He hired a forensic accountant to prove Mary’s involvement, but that will take a while. He’s afraid Alison is too trusting of Mary.

Hanna arranges a complimentary massage for Jenna, courtesy of The Radley. Caleb pretends to be a masseuse. While Jenna is relaxing, he steals the lockbox key from her purse. He hands the key off to Hanna and Spencer, who are waiting outside the door.

Hanna and Spencer open the lockbox. There’s no computer, but they find a bunch of files. They start snapping photos, but they have to hide under the bed when Noel comes in. Noel puts Mary Drake’s file in Jenna’s lockbox. (Was he the one who broke into Toby’s house and beat up Yvonne?) Noel calls Dr. Cochrane and leaves a message for her. “Tell her I’m running out of time and patience” he says. Noel violently kicks a table.

Emily’s mom comes by The Radley to celebrate her birthday with Emily. Emily’s mom, Pam Fields, doesn’t have much fun at her birthday dinner. She’s irritated by a loud bachelorette party. Emily’s mom admits that she feels guilty if she has fun without Emily’s dad. Emily encourages her mom to love life, just like her dad did.

The bride-to-be sends cosmos over to Emily and her mom as an apology for the noise. Emily’s mom decides to go over and party with the bridal group. Looks like she took Emily’s advice.

Yvonne is ready to be discharged from the hospital. She has a cracked rib and some bruises, but she’ll be okay. Yvonne leaves to sign the release papers, leaving Toby and Spencer alone. Toby is determined to find out who broke into his trailer to steal Mary’s file, but Spencer doesn’t want him to get involved. Spencer begs Toby to take Yvonne and get far away from Rosewood. Spencer is stuck in Rosewood, but Toby doesn’t have to stay. Toby can build Yvonne a house anywhere.

Jason, Mary and Alison have an awkward family dinner. Jason invites Aria to the dinner, hoping she’ll talk some sense into Alison. Alison isn’t happy to see Aria, asking “what the hell are you doing here?”. Jason tries to convince Alison that Mary is playing her. Aria agrees. She thinks Alison wants to accept Mary more than she should.

Mary Drake cooks her specialty, Beef Wellington. Jason says that was his mom’s specialty. She made it for his birthday every year. Jason is also upset that Mary is wearing his mother’s necklace. Alison says that she gave the necklace to Mary. Furious, Jason says Mary is manipulating her. Mary Drake isn’t their mom.

Aria tells Jason to relax. Alison immediately notices when Aria puts her hand over Jason’s hand. Looks like Aria and Jason’s secret relationship isn’t going to remain a secret for very long.

Mary Drake tells Jason that she saw him a few years ago when Jason wanted to stay at Aunt Carol’s house. Jessica wouldn’t let Jason in the house, since Mary was inside. After Jason left, Jessica and Mary fought. Mary couldn’t understand how Charles died. She wanted answers, but Jessica was defensive. Jessica told Mary “You are not the victim here. You gave birth, but he was my son. Don’t ever forget that and don’t come back here”. Jessica locked herself in the storm cellar until Mary left. Which is strange, because Alison and Jason don’t remember Aunt Carol's house having a storm cellar.

Aria stops at The Radley to update Emily. Aria wants to investigate the storm cellar right away, but Emily wants to keep celebrating her mom’s birthday. Aria can’t do it tomorrow because Ezra wants to elope in Tuscany. Aria is reluctant to elope. She wants her best friends to be with her when she gets married. Emily pushes Aria to go get married in Italy. It will be a moment Aria will remember for the rest of her life.

Caleb and Hanna try to decrypt Jenna’s files. One of the files is a DNA test for Mary. Hanna finally tells Caleb that she broke up with Jordan. Hanna says breaking up with someone is like losing a limb. Hanna’s not talking about Jordan, though. She’s talking about Caleb. Hanna asks if they are still friends. Always, Caleb answers. Looks like there is hope for Haleb.

The same can’t be said for Spoby, though. As if Spencer wasn’t heartbroken enough over Caleb, Toby stops by and stomps on her heart some more. Toby tells Spencer that he didn’t start building the house for Yvonne. He was building the house for Spencer, but his feelings have changed. On the way to the hospital, he couldn’t imagine his life without Yvonne.

Toby is taking Spencer's advice and getting out of Rosewood. Yvonne has family in Maine. Toby and Yvonne are going to start their family there. Toby says it’s not perfect, but it is really close to perfect. After Toby leaves, Spencer sobs her heart out.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison go to the storm cellar. Turns out Ali’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, had her own lair down there. She knew Alison got out of the grave and she was searching for her. Jessica had a file on all the Liars, except they don’t see the file on Aria. It looks like someone stole the Aria file.

They also find Mary Drake's medical files. Jessica was in charge of Mary’s care. Jessica even authorized electroshock therapy. In another bombshell reveal, the girls find out Mary had a second child. The file doesn’t say if the child was a boy or girl, but the child would be their age by now. (Any chance Alison is Mary Drake’s biological daughter?) So Charlotte had a biological brother or sister who might be out for revenge. “Now you have another cousin who wants to kill us” Hanna tells Alison.

Aria and Ezra are packing for their flight to Italy. Somehow, Aria already got a wedding dress. Before they can leave, FBI agents show up. They say Ezra’s ex-girlfriend Nicole may still be alive. Somehow, I doubt Aria and Ezra will be flying off to Italy anytime soon. So will Aria tell Ezra about the phone call from Nicole? Hope this doesn’t drive a wedge between Aria and Ezra.

Back at the storm cellar, Spencer’s car alarm suddenly starts blaring. The girls run to the car, but the keys are gone. (Don’t the Liars know by now not to leave the keys in the car when Uber “A” is lurking around?) They get in the car and shut the doors to get the alarm to stop. The doors suddenly lock and the girls are trapped inside. A countdown starts. Hanna immediately thinks they are going to blow up in twenty seconds. Luckily for the Liars, the car doesn’t explode when the countdown ends. They get another message from Uber “A” that says “If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, you die.”

The storm cellar explodes, so now the Liars don’t have any of the evidence they needed. While the Liars are still locked in the car, someone writes “I see you” on the back windshield of the car. (And the handwriting looks exactly the same as the time Noel Kahn wrote “I see you” on the back windshield when Aria and Ezra were kissing in season one).

Uber “A” walks past a box of Charlotte’s book in his/her lair. Uber “A” has Aria’s file and Noel’s file from Jessica’s lair. Uber “A” tosses Noel’s file in the trash, pours liquor on it and sets it on fire.

A lot happened in PLL “Original G‘A’ngsters”. What do you think Noel is up to? I’m worried about Uber “A” and what he/she was doing with Aria’s file. Is Aria going to be targeted next? Who do you think Mary Drake’s second child is? And why hasn’t Mary Drake said anything about him or her? Is there any chance Alison is Mary Drake’s biological daughter? Leave your theories and comments below!

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