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Recap of PLL 7x06 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”: Aria Accepts Ezra’s Proposal & Sara Harvey is Murdered

Get ready for a PLL Ezria wedding! Aria said yes to Ezra’s proposal in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x06 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”. Meanwhile, Hanna’s convinced that Dr. Elliot Rollins is back from the dead. Alison is angry at her friends for telling Uber “A” that she murdered Charlotte. While Alison shuts her friends out, Uber “A” takes the opportunity to attack her. We find out Jenna Marshall was actually friends with Charlotte DiLaurentis. And Sara Harvey meets an unfortunate end in a bathtub.

The Liars meet at The Brew. Aria is keeping the proposal a secret from her friends. We don’t yet know what Aria’s response was, but she’s not wearing a ring on her finger.

Hanna’s worried that Dr. Elliot Rollins is still alive. Ghosts don’t show up in photos and Detective Marco Furey said there is a traffic camera photo of Rollins in Baltimore. Spencer keeps a level head. Photos can be manufactured. And Uber “A” could have arranged for a Rollins look-alike to drive the rental car.

They know Elliot/Archer had a partner in crime. So maybe Mary Drake or Jenna Marshall is helping cover up the death. They know Uber “A” never does anything without getting something in return, though.

Alison, wearing the infamous red jacket, comes into The Brew. The Liars are shocked and Alison’s pissed off. Alison immediately storms off after making it clear that she knows they turned the jacket over to A.D.

Spencer chases after Alison to explain the situation. The Liars didn’t have any other choice. A.D. was going to kill Hanna. Alison isn’t interested in Spencer’s explanation. “You thought Hanna’s life was worth more than mine” Alison accuses Spencer.

Spencer reminds her that Hanna ran over the guy who was hurting Alison. The Liars did everything they could to save Alison, just like they did to save Hanna.

Their conversation is interrupted when Alison gets a call from Mary Drake. Detective Marco Furey is at the DiLaurentis house with an update. Spencer insists on going home with Alison. Alison’s still pissed at Spencer, but Spencer won’t back down. Spencer is still suspicious of Mary Drake and she doesn’t want Alison to be alone with her. Uber “A” snuck the red jacket back into Alison’s closet. It would have been easy for Mary Drake to do that, since she’s still living with Alison.

Back at the DiLaurentis house, Detective Marco Furey updates them about Archer Dunhill. Archer Dunhill was 32 years old. He was born in Wales. Archer is wanted in the UK for petty theft and fraud.

The Rosewood police are still investigating the traffic camera footage of Rollins in Baltimore. The police believe the rental car and the train ticket were just to divert attention. Marco believes Archer Dunhill actually in Rosewood. Marco is giving Alison 24 hour police protection in case Rollins comes back.

Spencer and Marco talk outside briefly. Spencer wants to clear the air, since things have been awkward after their steamy elevator makeout session. Spencer doesn’t want to get involved with Marco. Things could get complicated, especially since he is investigating her friend’s husband.

Aria listens to a voicemail from Ezra. Ezra asks if Aria got home okay. They were both upset when Aria left after the proposal. Ezra asks Aria to call him back.

Hanna calls Lucas from The Brew. Lucas isn’t happy with Hanna’s business plan. She left too many things blank. Hanna’s complaints about “the boring number stuff” are cut short when she gets a text from Aria. Aria needs Hanna’s advice about something.

As Hanna is leaving The Brew, Elliot’s burner phone rings. Hanna picks up and a guy with a British accents says “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead”.

Hanna freaks out, convinced Dr. Elliot Rollins somehow crawled his way out of the grave. Hanna rushes over to Aria’s house. Hanna wants to go straight to the police. Aria tries to convince Hanna that Elliot is dead, but Hanna brings up a good point. The Liars thought Alison was dead, but she survived. What if the same thing happened with Rollins? Now Hanna’s convinced Rollins is coming after her, since she’s the one who hit him. Hanna runs off before Aria can stop her.

Spencer heads to the Lost Woods Resort to look for Elliot’s credit card information. Instead, she finds Mary Drake. Mary Drake is on edge and almost hits Spencer with a tire iron. Mary is afraid Rollins might show up to kill her. Mary says Rollins had a temper. What he did to Alison is nothing compared to what he’ll do to her for crossing him. Spencer starts to believe Mary’s story. Maybe Mary Drake isn’t Uber “A” after all?

Aria eventually finds Hanna outside the Rosewood police station. They sit on the steps and wish they could be boring, functional people. Aria confides in Hanna, telling her that Ezra proposed. Hanna notices that Aria isn’t wearing an engagement ring. Aria told Ezra that she’d think about it. Aria doesn’t know how she can promise Ezra forever when she might end up in jail for covering up Elliot’s death. Ezra wants marriage and a wife, not conjugal visits.

Aria asks if Hanna told Jordan what happened. Hanna responds by throwing her fake engagement ring into the bushes. Aria freaks out over the diamond, but Hanna tells her that it was a fake ring. She gave the engagement ring back to Jordan after she broke up with him. She didn’t want to tell people the truth, particularly her mom and Spencer.

Hanna and Jordan weren’t meant to be, but Ezria is a whole different story. Hanna tells Aria not to let her relationship with Ezra end like this. Looks like Hanna is an Ezria shipper!

Ezra drinks at The Radley bar while waiting for a call from Aria. Caleb’s back in Rosewood and he stops to chat with Ezra. Caleb isn’t sure what to do next. He may head back to D.C. or New York. He doesn’t know where he and Spencer stand right now. Caleb has a feeling the Liars are keeping a secret from them.

Jenna Marshall orders a couple drinks to be sent up to her hotel room. Emily delivers the drinks while Jenna practices her flute. Emily sneaks a peek at Jenna’s computer. She sees a file labeled “Charlotte DiLaurentis”.

Sara Harvey suddenly comes in and closes the computer. Jenna realizes Emily is in the room and is immediately hostile. Emily confronts Jenna. She accuses Jenna of threatening threatening the Liars.

Sara Harvey denies threatening the Liars. They are looking for the same thing the Liars are. Sara tries to convince Emily that she really did care for her.

Jenna stops Sara before she can say anything else. Jenna tells Emily to mind her own damn business. Emily threatens to give Jenna’s name to the police. They’d be interested in how Jenna knew Elliot’s real identity before anyone else did. In a shocking twist, Jenna says Charlotte was her friend.

In a flashback, we see Jenna, Charlotte and Archer at Welby. Jenna was actually the one who brought Charlotte and Archer together. Jenna was also trying to find Charlotte’s birth mother.

Charlotte says Alison is coming to meet Archer, who is impersonating Dr. Elliot Rollins. Jenna isn’t happy to hear that Alison is on her way over. Charlotte says Alison is her only chance at getting out of Welby. Archer will work to win Alison over, so they can convince the court to release Charlotte.

Charlotte is clearly in love with Archer. Charlotte says Archer knows everything about her and everything she has done. Archer loves her as much as she loves him.

Back in the present, Jenna explains that she was the one who got Archer into Welby as Dr. Elliot Rollins. So how did Jenna become friends with Charlotte? Jenna reached out when she heard that Charlotte was admitted to Welby. Charlotte welcomed Jenna with open arms. Mona had told Charlotte everything about Jenna. Charlotte treated Jenna like a celebrity.

Jenna threatens to tell the cops about the Liars. The Liars answered Elliot’s phone, so they must have been the last ones to see him before he disappeared.

Sara Harvey drags Emily into the hallway. Sara repeats that she is trying to keep Emily safe. Emily says she’s not afraid of Jenna, but Sara says that’s not the person Emily should fear. Sara is about to name the person Emily should watch out for, but Jenna interrupts before Sara can say more.

Caleb and Spencer finally have a long overdue heart-to-heart. Tearfully, Spencer tells Caleb that she doesn’t regret trying. Spencer didn’t fall in love again after breaking up with Toby. She dated, but nothing ever measured up. It was like her heart had just stopped. She felt like that until she fell for Caleb. Thanks to Caleb, Spencer got to be in love again.

Alison goes through Mary Drake’s bags. When Mary comes home, Alison accuses her of stealing her mom’s necklace. Mary says the necklace was hers, but Alison’s mom stole it when they were kids.

Alison demands that Mary Drake explain the gaps in her story. Mary claims that she never met Charlotte, but Charlotte was going by the name CeCe Drake.

Mary Drake collapses on the couch in shock. She had no idea Charlotte knew who her birth mother was. Mary shows Alison her C-section scar. An impatient doctor cut her open and took away the baby. She didn’t even get to hold him. Crying, Mary says that Jessica took away her baby, just like she took away everything else.

Aria goes to Ezra’s place. Before Aria can talk, Ezra offers to take the proposal back. He just wants to be with Aria. They don’t have to get married. Aria explains that she wants to get married to him, but something happened. Something that might make Ezra wish that he never asked her to marry him. Ezra assures Aria that she can tell him anything. So Aria bites the bullet and tells Ezra that they killed the fake Elliot Rollins.

Alison and Emily hang out. Alison is shocked that Jenna was friends with Charlotte. Alison thought of Charlotte as a sister. She tried to be a confidant and friend to Charlotte. Turns out Charlotte was using Alison as a stepping stone to get out of Welby. Emily tries to comfort Alison, but Alison is still angry at her. Emily apologizes for turning Alison over to Uber “A”.

Hanna and Spencer sit on the swings and share a beer at the park. Hanna finally tells Spencer about Jordan. Spencer thinks Hanna should tell Caleb. Hanna tells Spencer that she’s taught her so much over the years. Hanna was able to escape from A.D. because of what she learned from Spencer.

Hanna gets another call from Elliot’s burner phone. “First you turn her in, then you leave her all alone. Stupid bitches” the British voice says. They immediately call Alison to warn her that A.D. is heading her way. Hanna is still convinced that Rollins crawled out of the grave.

Alison asks the cop stationed outside her house to come in. Unfortunately for Alison, the “cop” is wearing a latex mask. Somehow, Alison didn't notice. She asks him to stay with her until the police backup arrives. The fake cop suddenly disappears.

Alison looks for him in a dark bedroom and she finds a creepy message. “HONEY I’M HOME” is scrawled in red on the bedroom wall.

The fake cop suddenly attacks Alison from behind. As he’s choking her, she manages to rip off part of his latex mask. He slams her head into the mirror. He runs off as soon as he hears police sirens.

Spencer and Hanna rush over to check on Alison. The police are already there. They’ve ruled out Mary Drake as a suspect. They’ve already checked her alibi.

Alison apologizes to Emily. She now realizes that Uber “A” gave her the red jacket knowing that she’d push her friends away. She ended up vulnerable and alone, just like Uber “A” intended.

Aria finishes explaining everything to Ezra. Luckily, Ezra still wants to marry Aria. He gets down on one knee and proposes again. This time, Aria answers with “Completely, absolutely, yes”.

Hanna and Spencer make another huge mistake. They decide that they need proof, so they go back to where they buried Rollins. They dig up the body and see that Rollins is still rotting away in the ground. So now they know for sure that the fake Rollins is dead. Unfortunately, Uber “A” is watching them.

Something has spooked Sara Harvey. She’s frantically packing a bag. She opens the door and is shocked to see someone. Later, a maid comes to clean Sara’s room. The maid screams when she goes into the bathroom. Sara Harvey is dead in the bathtub. Looks like she may have died from a blow to the head, given the amount of blood there.

Uber “A” watches video footage of Spencer and Hanna burying Elliot’s body again. Uber “A” has a box of “Charlotte’s Books” in his/her lair.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x06 “Wanted: Dead or Alive”? I loved that Ezra proposed again. Were you surprised to learn Jenna and Charlotte were friends? What do you think about Sara Harvey’s death? I haven’t been a Sara Harvey supporter, but in this episode it seemed like she was being sincere. Maybe she wasn’t really an enemy of the Liars? Comment below with your thoughts on the episode!

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