Sunday, July 3, 2016

Shay Mitchell in Nick Jonas Music Video "Under You"

PLL actress Shay Mitchell (Emily) stars in a new Nick Jonas music video for his song “Under You”.

Check out the music video, which features a steamy shower kiss between Shay Mitchell and Nick Jonas.

Shay shared a funny story with Self about the shower scene in the music video. “It was great, we had such a fun time. But I had done stunts on PLL the night before so my legs were black and blue. My makeup artist that day was amazing at covering it up, but that shower scene was hard because my lashes were coming off, they’re trying to cover up my bruises, and I’m trying to make out while looking sexy. It looks great, but shooting it is a whole different story.”

This isn’t Shay Mitchell’s first music video. She also starred in Sean Paul’s music video “Hold My Hand”. Actually, Sean Paul is the one who came up with Shay Mitchell’s nickname Buttah.

Shay’s PLL co-stars have also been busy starring in music videos. Recently, Lucy Hale starred in Foy Vance’s “She Burns” music video.

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