Sunday, June 19, 2016

PLL Season 7 Preview Video

The Pretty Little Liars cast tells us what we can expect in season 7, particularly in the summer premiere episode “Tick-Tock Bitches” in this video.

PLL left off with Hanna missing in action and it’s unclear if she’s dead or alive. Spencer and Caleb feel responsible for Hanna’s disappearance. They can’t believe they were bested by this new villain. Their main priority is making sure Hanna isn’t hurt.

In the PLL season 7 premiere “Tick-Tock Bitches” the Liars have 24 hours to find Hanna.

Caleb and Mona don’t like each other, but it looks like they are united in their love for Hanna. We see the two of them spying on someone who looks like Mary Drake. She has two guys unloading bleach and polyethlyne sheets. “That’s everything you need to cover up a murder” Mona says.

There will be a timer at the bottom of the screen in “Tick-Tock Bitches”, which will increase the anxiety for the PLL fans.

Emily confides in Sabrina. Emily is worried that someone she cares about did something bad.

Season 7 will be about love triangles. Aria and Ezra have to figure out if they still love each other, but what happened to Liam? Spoby does some sleuthing together. And in the season 6 finale of PLL, Caleb and Hanna kissed. Wonder how long it will take for Spencer to find out about that kiss?

Troian Bellisario says the characters and the storylines we’ve seen for the last seven years will be wrapped up and resolved in season 7.

Are you ready for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars?!

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