Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shay Mitchell’s 5 Minute Summer Workout Routine

Need some summer workout inspiration? Check out PLL actress Shay Mitchell’s new workout video that teaches a quick way to stay fit. In the video, Shay demonstrates her five minute summer workout routine. Shay says it works out the abs, arms, inner thighs, and more. She also recommends a 5 minute warm-up before trying her workout routine. The only equipment you need is a pair of weights.
Shay demonstrated this workout video while she was vacationing in Maui, Hawaii. She did the workout at the top of a volcano.

Before Shay started the workout, she applied Hawaiian Tropic Sport sunscreen. It is her favorite go-to sunscreen because it is light weight and doesn't leave her feeling sticky.

Shay Mitchell’s summer workout routine video:

Shay Mitchell also has a boxing workout video. And if you’re interested in new workout clothes, check out Shay Mitchell’s athleisure clothing line at Kohl's.

Anyone going to try Shay Mitchell’s workout routine this summer?

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