Monday, April 25, 2016

Janel Parrish to Guest Star on 'Rush Hour'

Janel Parrish, Mona on PLL, will guest star on an upcoming episode of CBS’s Rush Hour. The television show Rush Hour is based on the comedy movie starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The new CBS show stars actors Justin Hires and Jon Foo.

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So here’ s what we know about Janel’s role on the episode. “She plays someone who’s in Witness Protection, and we’re trying to keep her alive because some people are out to kill her. That’s a very exciting show,” actor Justin Hires shared with TVLine.

Janel actually filmed the episode back in October. Janel had a great time filming the episode. She tweeted “Wrapped on #rushhour and it was a dream.”

Janel later came back to the set in January to film an extra scene for the episode of Rush Hour.

Here are some photos of Janel Parrish on the set of Rush Hour.

Janel Parrish with actor Justin Hires:

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Janel Parrish with Justin Hires and Aimee Garcia:

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Missed Janel Parrish in Rush Hour episode 1x08 "Wind Beneath My Wingman"? Watch it on Amazon here.

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