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PLL Recap of 6x12 “Charlotte’s Web”: Aria & Ezra Under Suspicion for Charlotte's Murder

In Pretty Little Liars episode 6x12 “Charlotte’s Web”, everyone wonders who killed Charlotte.  Suspicion is cast on both Aria and Ezra.  Alison is quick to throw her friends under the bus, but Hanna does what she can to protect Aria.  We also finally see Hanna’s fiancé Jordan and Aria’s boyfriend Liam.

The episode starts with the Liars hanging out and talking about guys.  Hanna’s fiancé, Jordan, knows everything about “A” and Hanna’s past.  Hanna told him everything when she fell in love with him.  Aria isn’t in love with Liam yet, so she hasn’t told him much about her past. 

Aria is about to leave Rosewood.  She’s heading back to Boston.  She’s already missed a few days of work.  Hanna doesn’t think Aria should leave town now.  The police are going to ask questions about the night Charlotte was murdered.

The Liars see Sara Harvey, who apparently needs someone to help sign her name whenever swipes her credit card.  After Charlotte was arrested, Sara Harvey claimed she had Stockholm syndrome, which Hanna doubts.  Sara was never kidnapped.  She chose to help Charlotte.  The Liars wonder if Sara killed Charlotte for revenge.

Hanna catches up with Aria as she is leaving.  Hanna didn’t want to say something in front of the others, but she knows Aria left the hotel room the night Charlotte was killed.  She woke up at 3 AM and saw Aria leave.  Aria insists that she just went to her car to get her phone charger.  Hanna doesn’t believe her, but Aria refuses to say anything else.

Caleb is doing damage control to help Spencer’s mom with her campaign.  A Rosewood blogger has been trying to link the Liars to Charlotte’s murder.  The blogger posted a photo of Spencer with her mom.  Spencer’s face is circled with the word ‘murderer’ next to her.  Spencer is worried that she’ll damage her mom’s campaign.

Alison sees Sara Harvey leaving the police station.  Alison meets with Officer Lorenzo and is upset that Sara is being taken off the suspect list.  Lorenzo explains that Sara’s burns limit the ability to use her hands, so she couldn’t have been the murderer.  (Did the Liars cause those burns on the night they confronted Charlotte at Radley?)

Charlotte’s death was violent and there was a struggle.  Charlotte’s neck was broken by blunt force trauma before she was thrown from the bell tower.  So the police don’t think Sara could have done those things, given the extent of her burns.

Lorenzo asks Alison if she suspects her friends killed Charlotte.  Alison doesn’t think they had anything to do with Charlotte’s death.

At home, Emily’s mom asks if Emily has visited her dad’s grave.  Since Emily hasn’t, her mom wants them to go together.  Emily clearly isn’t ready to go to the cemetery.  Making an excuse, Emily says she is too busy.  She has to spend time with Alison, who is grieving after Charlotte’s death.

Hanna’s fiancé, Jordan, makes a surprise visit.  He blew off work at the magazine and came to offer Hanna support.  He waits in Hanna’s suite with champagne and food he brought from New York.  He has good news, too.  His uncle agreed to let them have their wedding at his Hamptons estate.  He also arranged for his mom’s lawyer to go to the police station with Hanna.  He knows the police were unfair to her in the past.

Aria makes a stop at Ezra’s place before heading back to Boston.  She doesn’t want Ezra to tell anyone that they saw each other the night Charlotte was killed.

Emily is sick, but we don’t know what her mystery illness is.  We see Emily at Hollis Medical Center getting her blood drawn.  Apparently, she has to have a lot of injections too.  Emily plans to head back to California, but the nurse suggests that she stay in Rosewood to complete her treatment.  Travel puts a lot of stress on the body.

Emily has trouble paying for her parking when she leaves the medical center.  Sabrina, the Brew baker who gave Spencer pot candy in "O Brother, Where Art Thou", uses her own credit card to pay for Emily’s parking.

Alison tells Hanna and Spencer the details about Charlotte’s murder.  The flower was placed in Charlotte's hand to make the death look like a suicide.  Charlotte’s nails and hands were wiped clean.

Alison explains that Sara was crossed off the suspect list because of her injuries.  Hanna and Spencer think Sara could by lying about her injuries or she may have had help murdering Charlotte.

Alison is already suspicious that Aria had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.  She doesn’t like that Aria left town so quickly, even though Hanna explained that Aria had to go back to work.  Alison points out that Aria was angry at Charlotte.  Spencer defends Aria.  She explains that Aria was scared of Charlotte, not angry.

Alison still isn’t convinced of Aria’s innocence.  Aria’s dad told Alison that Aria left town one day earlier than planned.

Alison invites all her friends over to her house for dinner, including Caleb and Jordan.  Hanna and Spencer agree when Alison says that she is lonely.

Back in Boston, Aria is already at work.  She ignores a call from Alison.  We finally meet Aria’s boyfriend Liam.  Liam and Aria look happy, but they are keeping their relationship a secret from their co-workers.

Aria’s boss is upset that Ezra is thinking of giving back his advance.  She thought Aria could convince her former English teacher (she obviously doesn’t know Ezra and Aria were romantically involved) to finish the book.  Now she thinks Ezra didn’t take Aria seriously because she is a former student.  Aria’s boss tells Liam to take over.

Liam is fast to defend Aria.  It wasn’t her fault a murder took place when Aria went back to Rosewood.  Aria wants another shot at convincing Ezra to finish the book. 

Spencer is worried the police may suspect her for the premeditated murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis.  She went to therapy to overcome Charlotte’s torture, but she hasn’t overcome the trauma yet.

Spencer wrote a paper for a criminology class in her sophomore year at Georgetown.  It was about a bride who was murdered on her wedding night.  The murder was staged to look like a suicide.  The case was exactly like Charlotte’s.  The bride’s neck was broken before her body was thrown to make it look like she jumped.  The body was found holding a bridal bouquet and her hands were wiped clean.  Spencer is afraid someone is trying to set her up for murder, but Caleb thinks she is being paranoid.  He’s sure it is just a coincidence. 

At The Brew Emily asks Sabrina, who is now the manager, not to tell her friends or mom that she was at the Hollis Medical Center.  Sabrina understands.  She had cancer a few years ago and initially didn’t want anyone to know.  Sabrina doesn’t want to make assumptions, but she thinks Emily will need the support of her family and friends to get through whatever illness she has.  Emily insists that she is fine.  She just doesn’t want to give her mom something else to worry about.

In an awkward moment for Hanna, Caleb and Jordan meet for the first time at Alison’s dinner.  Jordan, who promised to be on his best behavior, seems to get along with Caleb.  Caleb is surprised to learn Hanna kept a table he used to have.  Maybe Hanna isn't completely over Caleb? 

Caleb and Hanna have a moment alone in Alison’s pantry.  Caleb congratulates Hanna on her engagement to Jordan.  Hanna explains that she wasn’t looking for another relationship after Caleb went to Europe.  She just planned to focus on her career.  Caleb isn't upset with Hanna, though.  He's just happy that Hanna seems happy.

Alison asks her friends if they have talked to Aria.  Aria hasn’t returned any of her calls.

Lorenzo calls Alison to give her an update.  The police determined Charlotte’s time of death to be 4 AM.  The police are now one step closer to finding her killer.

Alison wants to say grace before eating.  This isn’t a normal prayer, though.  Alison prays that Charlotte’s killer is found, as well as anyone protecting him or her.  Alison emphasizes the word “her” and stares down Hanna.  Hanna, Spencer and Emily exchange looks after Alison’s aggressive speech.

After dinner, Spencer asks Hanna if Alison’s speech was directed at them.  Hanna thinks Alison suspects Aria murdered Charlotte.  Hanna saw Aria leave the hotel room around 3 AM and she doesn’t know when Aria returned.  Since Hanna’s mom is the manager at the hotel, Spencer wants Hanna to look at the hotel’s surveillance camera footage.  Spencer wants to make sure Aria came back to the hotel room before Charlotte died.

The next day at The Brew, Emily’s mom sees a text reminder for Emily’s appointment at Hollis Medical Center.  Emily doesn’t want to tell her mom that she is sick, so she lies.  She pretends that she has an interview for graduate school.  Emily’s mom is thrilled for her.  She tells Emily that her dad would be so proud.

Aria comes back from Boston and heads straight to Ezra’s place.  She tries to convince Ezra to give her a copy of his book draft.  Ezra reluctantly gives her a flash drive, but warns her that the publishing company won’t love what he’s been working on.

Aria asks Ezra about the night Charlotte was murdered.  After she went back to the hotel, where did he go?  Ezra claims that he went home, but Aria doesn’t believe him.

Caleb prepares to sleep on the couch in Spencer’s barn.  They reminisce about running into each other in Madrid three years ago.  Spencer was in Spain for a year abroad and Caleb was backpacking across Europe when they randomly bumped into each other at the train station.

Spencer blames Caleb for dragging her to a bull fight and making her cry.  Caleb made it up to her, though, with wine and a beautiful sunset.  Did they hook up that night?  Both of them say that was their best night in Europe.

Caleb plans to hang around and help with Veronica’s campaign.  Spencer seems happy that Caleb isn’t going anywhere.  Spencer gets a text from Hanna telling her that she got the security room keys.  Spencer heads over to the hotel without telling Caleb what is going on.

In the hotel security room, Hanna, Spencer and Emily watch footage of Aria meeting Ezra in the lobby the night Charlotte was murdered.  Aria left the hotel with Ezra and came back to the hotel at 4:28 AM.

Emily wonders if they should erase the footage.  Hanna says no.  They aren’t in high school anymore.  They will just talk to Aria to find out what happened that night.

When Aria gets home, her friends are waiting to confront her.  They demand to know why Aria left the hotel.

In a flashback, we learn that Aria couldn’t sleep and she contacted Ezra.  She couldn’t forget how Alison looked at her after she admitted that she was still scared of Charlotte.  Aria thought even if she was the only one who told the truth to the judge, that would be the end of it.  She didn't think the judge would still release Charlotte.

To take Aria’s mind off of Charlotte, they walked around to find pizza.  Unfortunately, nothing was open at 4 AM in Rosewood.  As Aria was about to get in a taxi to go back to the hotel, they saw Charlotte.  Aria’s first instinct was to call the police, but Ezra reminded her that Charlotte is free now.  It is her town as much as it is theirs.  Suddenly furious, Ezra said people like Nicole (his Habitat for Humanity girlfriend) disappear and Charlotte gets to walk free.

Back in the present, Aria tells her friends that she doesn’t believe Ezra went home after that.  Ezra can’t look her in the eye when he lies.  When she asked him where he went that night, he couldn’t look at her.

Hanna immediately thinks they should call Officer Lorenzo or Alison, but Emily reminds her that they need actual proof before they tell anyone.  Spencer immediately jumps to conclusions and thinks Ezra murdered Charlotte.  When Ezra was on his book tour, he met up with Spencer.  He was thinking of writing a murder mystery next, so Spencer told him about the paper she wrote for her criminology class.

Hanna thinks Ezra killed Charlotte to protect Aria.  Spencer agrees.  Ezra has changed after what happened to Nicole in South America.  She thinks Ezra could be capable of murder.

Hanna thinks the police will suspect Aria was involved in the murder, especially after seeing the hotel surveillance camera footage.  To protect Aria, Hanna erases the surveillance footage.

Spencer shows her mom the paper she wrote for her criminology class.  Spencer’s mom isn’t worried about it ruining her campaign.  She assures Spencer that she isn’t a liability. 

Emily visits her dad’s grave and pours her heart out.  Turns out she didn’t graduate Pepperdine, even though she’s been telling everyone that she did.  She failed two classes, so the college took away her scholarship.  She didn’t want to tell her mom, who was already a mess after Emily’s dad died.  Crying, Emily says that she knows she messed up, but she’ll fix it.  Emily turns to see Sara Harvey watching her.

Aria looks at Ezra’s flash drive.  Instead of seeing a first draft of his book, she sees newspaper articles about Nicole Johnson’s disappearance in South America.  Horrified, Aria sees articles that say Nicole was found dead. There are even photos of her dead body.

Turning on her friends, Alison calls Officer Lorenzo to her house.  She tells him that she is changing her answer to the question he asked her last night.  She does think her friends had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.

Looks like Alison wasn't the only person who cared about Charlotte.  Someone leaves flowers on Charlotte’s grave before getting in a black car.  We don’t see who it is, but we know it is a man.  The chauffer says “I’m sorry for your loss, sir”.

What did you think of PLL 6x12 “Charlotte’s Web”?  Have the Liars not learned anything?  They may be five years older, but they keep making the same mistakes.  How many times will they falsely accuse people before they learn not to jump to conclusions?  Love how Hanna stepped up to protect Aria.  It’s a little disappointing to see Alison was so quick to tell the police her friends had something to do with Charlotte’s murder, especially since Alison only based that on the fact that Aria went back to work instead of sticking around Rosewood.  Do you think Ezra really had anything to do with Charlotte’s murder or are the Liars once again jumping to conclusions too fast?

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