Friday, January 29, 2016

Lucy Hale Nervous Filming New PLL Intro

When Pretty Little Liars came back for the second half of season 6, there was a new opening sequence to go along with the five year time jump.  In previous seasons, Aria (Lucy Hale) would do the “shhh”.  However, they decided to film a new intro with Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Alison taking turns doing the “shhh”.  Despite having filmed a similar intro before, Lucy Hale was actually nervous filming the new opening title sequence.

“It was nerve-wracking for me!” Lucy told ET.  Lucy felt pressure to put her finger at the center of her lips this time.  (For the original PLL opening title sequence they chose a take where Lucy’s finger was slightly off-center when she did the “shhh”, shown below).  “I was so excited that I finally got another chance to get my finger centered -- and I finally did!”


Filming the new sequence was also intimidating because everyone was staring at her.  “It made me nervous because it's just you and a green screen and I was like, ‘They're going to see my finger shaking!’  Everyone is just looking [at you, and] when you're in a [PLL] scene usually there's more people in it, but I was nervous!" Lucy explained.

Lucy went on to explain how the quick intro wasn’t just a simple “shhh”.  She had to convey a lot in those few seconds.  It was hard being cute, sexy, mysterious and engaging all at once.  “You want to look cute, but sexy, but mysterious and engaging and I don't think any of those came across so… cool!” Lucy said.

What do you think of the new Pretty Little Liars opening title sequence?  Do you like the new concept or do you miss the old intros where Aria did the “shhh”?

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