Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ashley Benson Scared of Ian Harding During Ezra’s Yelling Scene (PLL 6x13)

Remember that scene in Pretty Little Liars episode 6x13 “The Gloves Are On” when Ezra loses it and screams at the girls to leave his loft?  Ashley Benson (Hanna) was genuinely scared when Ian Harding (Ezra) was screaming, but her BFF Shay Mitchell (Emily) had a different reaction.  She thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

“That scene actually scared me because I never have seen him like that! He scared me so bad because he was so loud and intimidating.” Ashley Benson told MTV UK.  Ashley hilariously added “I love him, but [usually] I always laugh at him - this time I was actually scared of him”.  Ashley credits Ian’s acting skills for terrifying her.  “Every time he did it, it was actually terrifying. He was so good in that scene. He made me jump out of my skin!”

Shay Mitchell had a totally different reaction than Ashley did.  They actually had to keep filming the scene over and over because Shay kept laughing.  “We laughed so many different times and it took us so long to get that scene because we’ve just never seen him angry like that.  So when you do see him angry you’re like, ‘woah’. The first time we were just really taken aback. It was so funny, I’m not over it.”

Ian Harding really did a great job in that scene.  We’ve seen Ezra angry before, but this was the first time Ezra completely lost it like that.  What was your reaction when you saw Ezra screaming at the Liars?

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