Friday, November 13, 2015

ButtahBenzo (Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell) in Milan for MTV EMA’s

ButtahBenzo (PLL actresses Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson) videotaped their experience traveling to Milan for the MTV EMA’s.  Check out the video to see Ashley and Shay head to Milan for the first time. 

They wore facial masks on the plane and Ashley had her teddy bear with her on the flight. Ashley brings her bear everywhere. Shay loves pizza, so of course she had on pizza socks. (Shay Mitchell also has a cool pepperoni pizza sleeping mask). For more details on all the stuff Shay had with her on the plane, check out what Shay packs in her travel bag.

The girls learned some Italian from their driver in Milan.  They enjoyed some champagne in their hotel room, shopped at vintage stores and met PLL fans in Milan.

Ashley and Shay almost missed their flight back home because they were having some pizza at the airport.

Hope Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell post more ButtahBenzo videos!

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