Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keegan Allen Guest Stars on ‘Young and Hungry’

Keegan Allen, Toby on PLL, is making an appearance on ABC Family’s comedy Young and Hungry in the episode “Young & Back to Normal”. 

Keegan Allen will play Tyler, a new love interest for Gabi.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode: “Gabi meets a cute guy named Tyler, but to make sure Josh is cool with her dating someone, she sets him up with her neighbor Sarah. Guest starring Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars)”.

Check out the promo for “Young & Back to Normal”:

The star of Young and Hungry, Emily Osment, spoke to AOL Build about Keegan Allen guest starring on her show. 

Emily Osment explained how her character meets Keegan Allen’s character.  "He comes to my door because a piece of my clothing has fallen on his car which is parked outside of my apartment because he lives in his car.  He decides he wants to take me out on a date and I'm completely unaware that he's homeless so it's actually a very, very funny episode."

Emily Osment was impressed that Keegan did so well on Young and Hungry, since filming a sitcom is a lot different than filming a drama like PLL.  "He was so quick and so funny and he fit in really well right away," she said.  She wasn’t surprised to learn that he did a couple episodes of a sitcom a couple years ago.  "The timing is really hard and our schedule is really fast and sometimes it's difficult to get into the swing of things and he caught on really well."

Emily Osment would love to guest star on Pretty Little Liars sometime.

Although Keegan Allen nailed his performance on Young and Hungry, his appearance is only for one episode.  Keegan Allen’s episode of Young and Hungry airs on Wednesday August 26 at 8PM on ABC Family.

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