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Recap of PLL 5x14 “Through a Glass, Darkly”

The season 5 winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars “Through a Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14 deals with Mona’s death.  Mona’s mom is struggling to deal with the loss of her daughter, Mrs. Grunwald returns, Spencer takes drastic measures to stay out of jail, Paige leaves Rosewood and Aria gets attacked by “A”.

Three months have passed since Mona’s murder and now the Liars attend Mona’s funeral.  Lt. Tanner waits outside as a casket is carried out of the church.  Hanna explains that even though they don’t have Mona’s body, Mona’s mom put keepsakes in the empty coffin.  She put in stuffed animals, photo albums and her old retainer. 

Spencer’s worried about the murder charges against her, but Toby doesn’t want her to lose faith.  The letter Bethany sent to Alison might make a difference.  Spencer wishes they had told Lt. Tanner about Alison’s romantic involvement with Detective Holbrook, but Toby thinks Tanner wouldn’t believe her.  Tanner needs to figure it out on her own.

Alison, not dressed in black, shows up and approaches Mona’s mom.  Hanna wants to get Alison away, but they are unable to reach Alison in time.

Alison says she came to pay her respects and assure Mona’s mom that she had nothing to do with Mona’s murder.  Mona’s mom slaps Alison, screaming at her to tell where Mona’s body is.  Hanna rushes over and leads Mona’s mom away.

Hanna helps with some cleaning at Mona’s house.  Mona’s mom is sadly looking around Mona’s room.  She apologizes for her confrontation with Alison, but it was too much for her to handle.  Hanna assures her that people understand.

Mona’s mom thinks Mona was lost at sea.  She accepts that Mona is dead, but where is her body?  She doesn’t know what she was thinking to have an empty casket at the funeral.  Hanna thinks Mona’s mom was finding a way to say goodbye.  She thinks the funeral helped a lot of people.  Mona’s mom asks Hanna to take care of Mona’s stuffed dog.

Spencer’s dad comes home to check on Spencer.  He heard about the confrontation between Mona’s mom and Alison.  Spencer says that they all wanted to stuff Alison in the coffin.

Spencer’s dad tells her that Bethany Young’s parents have petitioned the court to have Spencer’s bail revoked.  It might happen this time because they unsealed the indictment and finally know why Spencer was arrested.

As a Rosewood police officer, Toby now has access to Spencer’s file.  Lt. Tanner hands him Spencer’s arrest warrant.  Spencer was arrested because Jessica DiLaurentis told police that she saw Spencer with a blond girl dressed in Alison’s clothing the night Bethany was killed.

The statement from Jessica DiLaurentis was hidden by Officer Darren Wilden.  Toby wonders why Jessica DiLaurentis didn’t tell anyone else what she witnessed.

Toby thinks Wilden was paid by someone to keep Jessica DiLaurentis quiet.  Bethany was a patient at Radley and Jessica DiLaurentis was on the board at Radley, so that’s probably where they met.  Lt. Tanner observes that it all seems to lead back to Radley.  She also says that Holbrook is out on temporary assignment.

In a sudden career change, Ezra is now the new owner of The Brew.  The Brew is a mess due to renovation.  Ezra is putting in tons of bookshelves.  He wonders how Mike is dealing with Mona’s death.  Mona was a complicated person, but to Mike she was just one thing.  Aria knows Mike loved Mona and she tried to screw up their relationship twice.  She doesn’t think Mike wants to talk to her about Mona.
Ezra offers to talk to Mike.  He’ll ask Mike to help him with the bookshelves at The Brew.

Emily and Paige are in bed, sad that she is still going to move to California.  Paige’s parents still don’t think Rosewood is safe.  Paige is going to miss prom and graduation.  Emily wants to take Paige to the airport.  Paige tells Emily about a song she heard on the radio.  It went “Your eyes.  It’s day’s work just to look into them”.

Hanna is feeling guilty over Mona’s death.  They pushed Mona to help them and she ended up dead.  Caleb reminds Hanna that Mona was on Alison’s radar long before that. 

Caleb isn’t having much luck with Mona’s computer.  It is completely encrypted and secured.  There are chunks of hard drive that he is completely locked out of, but it must contain something important since Mona went through all that trouble of encrypting it.

Hanna wonders if Mrs. Grunwald can help find Mona’s body.  She’s a real psychic and she seems to like them in a creepy way.  Caleb doesn’t think contacting her is a good idea.  Besides, Hanna wouldn’t be able to explain how she found the body to Mona’s mom or the police.

Aria sits on a park bench to read her Oberlin letter.  Turns out she was denied admission.  Alison comes up and asks if the letter is bad news.  Aria immediately tries to leave, but Alison tells her not to.  She assures Aria that there is no reason to fear her.  It feels like Aria went to sleep one night and forgot who Alison was.

Aria tells her that she knows Alison is “A”.  Alison stole the game from Mona.  When Mona had proof that Alison was “A”, Alison killed her.  And Alison killed Bethany because she was jealous of her.

Alison grabs Aria’s arm.  Scared, Aria blows the rape whistle that Mona distributed to all the Rosewood High girls before she died.  When everyone stares at them, Alison takes off.

The Liars are freaked about the possibility of Spencer’s bail being revoked.  Holbrook will claim that Spencer forged the letter that proved Alison and Bethany were corresponding.  In order to prove Spencer’s innocence, Aria thinks they need to prove Alison killed Mona.  Then the police will realize that Mona’s and Bethany’s murders are connected.  If Mona could find proof, then so can the Liars.  Spencer and Emily decide to question Jason about Alison’s alibi.

When Mike helps Ezra build bookshelves at The Brew, Ezra asks about Mona’s funeral.  Mike doesn’t think it was a real funeral, since there was no body.  Ezra doesn’t think Mike is acting like he lost someone, but Mike isn’t interested in talking to Ezra about his dead girlfriend.  Mike says the only sure thing in this world is that people leave and die.

Hanna meets Mrs. Grunwald and asks her to help find Mona.  She gives Mrs. Grunwald Mona’s stuffed dog.  Mrs. Grunwald senses that the dog’s name is Bungee.

Emily and Spencer visit the DiLaurentis house under the guise of finding Emily’s mom’s muffin tin.  Spencer knows Alison isn’t home, since Jason and Alison are never in the same place lately.

Spencer asks Jason why he is protecting Alison.  The cops found traces of Mona’s DNA in Alison’s trunk, but it is not enough to arrest her.  Alison’s dad and Jason are giving her an alibi for the time of Mona’s murder.  Spencer reminds Jason that she is also his sister.

Spencer tells Jason that Alison is setting her up for murder.  Spencer will end up in jail because of Alison and Mona is dead because of Alison.  Alison and her dad are asking Jason to lie, but Spencer just wants him to tell the truth.

Mrs. Grunwald is having trouble seeing clearly, since secrets carried to death are toxic.  It is like seeing through a glass, darkly.  Hanna asks if Alison killed Mona.  A gust of wind blows.  Mrs. Grunwald says each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.

Mrs. Grunwald says Mona isn’t in Rosewood.  She’s in the dark and not having an easy passing because of betrayal and loss.  Mona is surrounded by earth, insects and cold.  She doesn’t have any peace, only fear.

Back at Spencer’s house, Emily pulls out a hairbrush she stole from Alison’s room.  She wants to plant Alison’s hair in Mona’s house and have the cops do another sweep of the house for clues.  Spencer doesn’t like the idea, since planting evidence is an actual crime.  Emily points out that Spencer is being charged with actual murder.

Jason flips through family photos.  Alison comes home and Jason shows her a family photo from a vacation.  Alison remembers it as a great day.  Jason says it wasn’t.  They kept fighting that day.  Alison and their dad have a knack of remembering things differently. 

Jason asks about Thanksgiving Day.  Alison went somewhere that day, then came home and barely said a word.  Alison denies killing Mona.  She thinks that she is being framed by the Liars, who want to get rid of her.

Aria stops by Caleb’s place to bring him coffee.  Caleb is still having trouble decrypting Mona’s files.  Caleb asks why Aria really stopped by.

Aria is concerned because she got rejected from all the colleges she applied to.  She even got rejected from Oberlin, despite nailing the interview.  She wants Caleb to hack into Oberlin’s database to check if “A” had anything to do with her rejection.  Caleb decides to help her, but he’s not going to do it for her.  Instead, he’s going to teach Aria how to hack.

Spencer and Emily break into Mona’s house, ready to plant Alison’s hair.  They need to put the hair in places the police may have missed or in a place that the hair could have moved after the cops searched the house.  Spencer is about to put a strand of hair in the air vent when she discovers a camera hidden there.

Spencer and Emily want Hanna to tell Mona’s mom about the camera, but Hanna doesn’t want to.  She really needs to take a step back from Mona’s death.  Spencer can’t tell Toby about the camera, since she would have to admit that she was trying to plant evidence. 

Hanna goes to see Mona’s mom.  Mona’s mom wants to set up a fund to buy kids books for the library.  Inside each book will be a card with a picture of Mona.  She thinks it’s fitting, since Mona loved to read.  At one time, reading was all Mona had.  Mona’s mom hands Hanna the book Terminations by Henry James.  Hanna remembers seeing that book when she used to be friends with Mona.

Flashback:  Hanna is in Mona’s room, holding the book Terminations.  Mona thinks Hanna should borrow the book, but Hanna doesn’t think she’d understand it. She’s not smart like Spencer.  Mona thinks Hanna is actually smarter than Spencer.  Hanna pretends that she’s dumb as a way to hide.  Mona tells Hanna that she doesn’t have to hide from anyone.  She should let other people hide from her for a change.

Back in the present, Mona’s mom offers to let Hanna keep the book.  Hanna mentions that Mona had said she was scared and was thinking about setting up cameras in the house. 

Mike texts Aria and asks her to pick him up.  Ezra and Mike aren’t there when she arrives.  She calls Mike’s cell and turns around to find “A” holding the phone.  Aria tries to run, but she’s locked in.  “A” throws Aria to the ground and picks up a staple gun.  Aria begs Alison not to hurt her.  “A” pulls a plastic sheet around Aria and staples it, so that Aria can’t move.  “A” steals Mona’s computer from Aria and leaves.

Mrs. Grunwald runs into Alison in town.  Alison looks freaked out when she sees her.  Mrs. Grunwald says that she is sorry for Alison’s loss.  Before Alison leaves, Mrs. Grunwald grabs her arm and looks intently into her eyes.

At the police station, Jason, Toby and Lt. Tanner watch the video footage showing Mona being murdered by a person with long blond hair and dressed in all black.  Jason admits that the attacker could be Alison.  He confesses that he lied before.  Alison wasn’t with the family when Mona was murdered.

Aria tells Emily that “A” attacked her and stole Mona’s computer.  Aria isn’t going to tell Ezra what happened.  Aria is sure that Alison was the one who attacked her.  Paige is already going to the airport, but Emily can’t go with her.  There is something all the Liars have to do together.

Alison comes home and hears police sirens outside.  She asks Jason to stall the police.  Alison runs to the backyard, but all the Liars block her.  Alison claims that “A” set her up.  If she isn’t around to protect the Liars, then they will be next.  Lt. Tanner moves in to arrest Alison for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal.  Alison tells the Liars “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”.

Aria tells Mike that Alison was arrested for Mona’s murder.  Mike doesn’t have much of a reaction.  Aria thought Mike was afraid to talk to her, but now she realizes that she was afraid to talk to him.  Mona knew secrets about Aria and her friends.  If Alison is behind bars, then they don’t have any reason to be afraid anymore.

Mike knows that Aria hated Mona.  Maybe for good reason, maybe not.  He thinks Aria sounds just like everyone else, pretending that Mona was a saint when she didn’t really know her.  If people told Mona how great she was, maybe none of this would have happened.  He is sick of being told how sweet, smart and nice Mona was.  Mona wasn’t nice.  There will never be anyone like her.  Aria asks if he can tell her about the real Mona sometime.

As soon as Aria leaves the room, Mike starts sobbing.  Aria cries as she listens to Mike’s grief.

Emily gets to the airport in time to see Paige.  She bought a cheap ticket to Atlantic City in order to get past security.  Emily doesn’t think Paige has to leave now that Alison is behind bars.  Rosewood is safe now.

Paige realizes that she does have to leave.  Her parents want her to and she is tired of fighting.  She’s used up so much energy fighting and being afraid.  She’s worried that she won’t have anything left for her to live her life.  Emily knows what she means.

Emily begs Paige not to leave, but Paige doesn’t change her mind.  It’s not fair, but maybe it is what’s supposed to happen to them.

Spencer comes home to find her dad, Toby and Lt. Tanner all in the kitchen.  Lt. Tanner says that they now believe that Mona wasn’t Alison’s first victim.  The DA is dropping the murder charges against Spencer.

Emily tells her friends that she almost jumped on the plane to Atlantic City and left Rosewood behind.  Aria thinks Paige should have stayed, but Emily thinks Paige made the right choice.  She got out.

Spencer thinks they should all get out of Rosewood.  They can go anywhere after graduation.  They can go to college and live their own lives.  Aria doesn’t tell her friends that she got rejected from all the colleges she applied to.

The Liars enjoy a firework show that can be seen from the backyard.  Suddenly, a firework forms a red “A” in the sky.  The Liars want to believe that Alison set up the “A” firework before getting arrested.  A firework suddenly bursts close to them and they all run back to the porch.

The episode ends with Alison in jail, wearing an orange jumper and unable to fall asleep.

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