Tuesday, January 6, 2015

PLL Season 5B Romance Check Up

Wondering what’s in store for Haleb, Spoby, Paily, Emison and Ezria in the second half of season 5 on Pretty Little Liars?  ET Online did a romance check up on our favorite Pretty Little Liars couples.  Here’s what PLL showrunner Marlene King said to expect.

Haleb:  Hanna and Caleb will be supportive of each other this season.  Marlene said “They’re pretty solid in 5B.  They are challenged, but they’re helping each other out through those challenges”.

Spoby:  Spencer and Toby are going to have some issues, which will involve Toby’s investigation into “A”.  “As Toby spends more and more time trying to uncover the identity of Big A, it’s oddly creating a wedge between he and Spencer.  They have some struggles.”

Paily:  Bad news for Paige and Emily, since it looks like Paige really is going to leave Rosewood. 

Emison:  Emily and Alison will also be having a rough road ahead of them.  Marlene said “We have left Emison extremely fractured so if there’s hope for them, it’s going to require a lot of work.”

Ezria:  Aria and Ezra are going to have to work through some changes.  Ezra has a new job as the owner of The Brew.  This career change will be “very relevant to where they’re heading”.  Also, Aria is eager to leave Rosewood behind and head off to college.

Expect season 5B to be lighter and more romantic than the first half of season 5.  Marlene said “Usually the summer season is more about the romance and sort of the ground work for the story that we then pay off on the flipside. But we essentially made the decision to change that kind of formula.  We wanted to be fresh and fun and ride the mystery train in the summer cycle, and leave more room for fun, and romance, and a little bit lighter story this winter."

Which couples are you most excited to watch in season 5B of Pretty Little Liars?  And are you shocked that Ezra will become the owner of The Brew?

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