Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tyler Blackburn Talks About PLL Santa Boxers Scene

PLL Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige in Santa Boxers
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram
Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige wearing Santa boxers was a moment many PLL fans loved in the Christmas episode 5x13, but filming the scene put a bit of pressure on Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL).

Tyler told MTV “I wear a very nice blue suit, and then I have to wear an elf costume.  I also wear only my underwear — yeah, exactly. Digest that. I’m wearing just boxers, so that was interesting. I had to do a few sit-ups before that…. I was standing next to Keegan Allen, he has like a 12-pack.”

Even though he had to stand next to Keegan Allen’s 12-pack, Tyler still looked good in those Santa boxers.  What did you think of the PLL Santa boxers scene?

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