Friday, December 12, 2014

PLL Season 5 Winter Premiere Promo: Alison Gets Slapped

There’s a lot of drama ahead when Pretty Little Liars returns for the second half of season 5. 

Alison gets slapped again, this time by Mona’s mom at Mona’s funeral.  (Alison was also slapped by Mona in “Miss Me x 100” episode 5x05 after Alison threatened to make Mona “Loser Mona” again).  Spencer, convinced that Alison killed Mona, can’t believe that Alison would have the nerve to show up to her victim’s funeral.

Mrs. Grunwald returns to shed some light on the Alison and Mona feud.  She believes Alison and Mona hated each other because they both feared each other.  Alison and Grunwald also meet face-to-face in Rosewood.

Spencer goes to Alison’s brother Jason and tells him that she is going to end up in jail because of Alison.  Someone is dead because of Alison.

Aria accuses Alison of killing Mona because she had proof that Alison was “A”.  Alison tells her to stop saying that. 

Alison tells someone “They’re next unless ‘A’ kills them first”.

“A” chases Aria and is about to hurt her.

The PLL winter premiere will be Tuesday, January 6.  Can’t wait for the return of Jason DiLaurentis and Grunwald!

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