Saturday, December 6, 2014

PLL Spoilers: Sneak Peeks and Trailers for Christmas Episode 5x13

Credit: prettylittleliars Instagram

Here’s a compilation of all the sneak peeks and trailers released for the Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode "How the 'A' Stole Christmas" 5x13.

Mona was smart enough to leave behind a clue for the Liars.  Before her death, Mona hired a lawyer and left him instructions to personally deliver a package to Hanna.  The package is delivered thirty days after her death.

Hanna and Caleb have to deal with some mean little girls.  Ali’s little mini-me keeps calls Caleb dumb-dumb and makes fun of another girl, Claire.  Hanna warns them to stop picking on Claire, but the mean girl isn’t intimidated by Hanna’s threat.

Ezra is in the Christmas spirit and gives Aria her presents.

Alison has a new posse and she leads them into the Ice Ball, leaving the Liars wondering who the girls are.

In this video, the cast talks about the scary Christmas episode.  Ashley Benson tells us that we will see the boyfriends and Paige in Santa boxers.  Showrunner Marlene King says the Ice Ball is sponsored by the DiLaurentis family.

Here’s the official promo:

Here’s the Canadian Promo:

“How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” PLL episode 5x13 airs December 9 at 8PM.

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