Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ezra and Andrew Working Together in PLL Season 5 Finale?

In the Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5x25, will Ezra and Andrew team up?

Brandon Jones (Spencer’s friend Andrew Campbell on PLL) and Ian Harding were hanging out on the set of PLL in this photo Brandon tweeted, along with the caption “Selfie time with @IANMHARDING #PLL”.

Of course, this photo doesn’t mean that their characters are in the same scene together. Maybe they were both just on set that day.

It would be pretty cool to see Ezra and Andrew working together though, since they haven’t had any interactions together so far.  And we know we will be getting some Ezra and Caleb (Ezreb) in 5x24 “I’m a Good Girl, I Am”.  Can’t wait to see all these new character pairings!

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