Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Val Hurt by Judge Len’s Condescension on DWTS

DWTS judge Len Goodman was not impressed by Janel and Val’s Pretty Little Liars dance Monday night, so he made a comment about “cleaning windows” in their dance. 

After the show, Val said he didn’t mind getting a score of 7 from Len.  However, he did mind Len being condescending to Janel.  “I care about him giving Alfonso’s Rumba a compliment at the expense of mocking my partner and our performance”, Val said.  “You don’t have to give somebody a compliment while bringing somebody else down”.

Val admitted their dance didn’t have as much Viennese Waltz content, since they focused on telling the story of Pretty Little Liars.  However, they worked really hard to do this Pretty Little Liars dance for all the PLL fans.

What did you think of Val’s comments?  It’s nice to know he’s got Janel’s back.

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