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Recap of PLL "We Love You To Death" Halloween Special

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Pretty Little Liars “We Love You to DeAth” was a Halloween special for the fans.  Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse discussed PLL and answered fan questions in Spencer’s living room.  Old faces returned from the dead to discuss their characters. 

Here are the highlights of the PLL Halloween special:

Identity of “A” will be Revealed Soon:
We won’t have to wait until the end of season 7 to find out who the big “A” is.  Marlene King promises that we will know who “A” is before season 7 starts.  The writers assure us that they have an endgame in mind.  There is a future beyond Rosewood and life after high school for the Liars.

Some of the PLL Cast Already Know Who “A” is:
Troian and Ashley already know the identity of “A”, which made Lucy feel left out.

The Girls Would Love to Work with Lindsey Shaw (Paige) More: 
When asked who the girls want to have more scenes with, both Troian and Ashley agreed that it would be great to have some scenes with Lindsey Shaw (Paige on PLL).  Spencer and Hanna haven’t had much interaction with Paige on the show.

Lindsey Shaw as Paige on PLL
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The Girls Do Their Own Stunts:
All the actresses love doing their own stunts.  In “Singe Fright Female” PLL episode 3x11, when Spencer gets locked in the dressing room with a snake, Troian even wanted to hold the snake.

Death of PLL Characters:
Bryce Johnson (Det. Wilden on PLL) explained that he would call his character Detective Creepy Pants.  The PLL actresses all miss Bryce, who they say is funny.  Bryce said Wilden’s coffin was actually really comfortable.  They gave him a pillow to rest his head on.  He mentioned the photo Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) posted online of Bryce texting while he was in the coffin.

Detective Wilden in Coffin on PLL
Credit: Ian Harding's Instagram

Yani Gellman, who played Garrett Reynolds on PLL, talked about the scene in “This is a Dark Ride” episode 3x13, when Aria screams as she discovers that she is trapped in a crate with his dead body.  Yani said it went from terrifying to hilarious.  They had a lot of fun shooting that.

When Janel Parrish was told Mona was going to die, Marlene assured her that she hadn’t done anything wrong.  Janel said it wasn’t easy to keep her eyes open when they were filming Mona’s dead body in the trunk of the car.

PLL Guys are “Less Yummy” Now:
The PLL actresses constantly work with gorgeous actors, but they don’t really notice that anymore.  Sasha said that the guys get less yummy, since they are always around.  However, the guys are really funny.  Troian and Lucy agreed.  Lucy explained that the novelty of their looks has worn off.  The guys are attractive, but they know each other so well now and they’ve seen so many different sides to them.

Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn
Credit: Marlene King's Instagram

Grueling Fraterdays:
Sometimes PLL filming goes late Friday into early Saturday mornings, which they call Fraterdays.  They get through those nights with lots of coffee and food.  Lucy points out that those are the times they laugh a lot and have the most fun.

This Vine video Troian posted last year seems to depict the fun Lucy was talking about.  In the video, Lucy Hale, Lindsey Shaw, Ryan Guzman, and Troian Bellisario show us just how crazy late night shooting can get.

Favorite “A” Final Closer Scenes:
The girls bring up the creepy closing scene when “A” dragged Alison’s mom across the lawn to bury her.

Janel likes the funny scenes, like the time is seemed as though “A” was going to eat Tippi the bird.  Turned out “A” was just feeding Tippi.  Janel thought that scene was morbidly funny.

There are “A”s Hidden in Every Set:
There is usually an “A” hidden in every set.  For example, it might be an “A” on a mug in the background of Ezra’s apartment.  Even in the scene when the lodge caught on fire, they tried to make the flames look like the letter “A”.  They also try to have a crack in the wall or a window, so that “A” can always spy on the Liars.

What the PLL Cast is Afraid of:
Ashley thinks her house has some ghost activity.  Lucy said she lived in a haunted house a couple of years ago.  According to Sasha, Shay is scared of rodents.  Janel said she’s scared of spiders and clowns.  Keegan gets freaked out by campfire stories.

Who Should Have Your Back in a Zombie Apocalypse:
Spencer and Emily were good choices, but Lucy’s choice of “A” was probably the best one.  “A” would definitely be someone to have on your side.

They also discussed Emily’s girlfriends, their favorite “A” messages, and their funniest memories on the PLL set.

The Halloween special ended with the cast thanking PLL fans for all the support.  Lucy started crying as she expressed how grateful she is.

What did you think of the PPL “We Love You To DeAth” Halloween special?

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