Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 New PLL Halloween Sneak Peek Videos

Here are three new sneak peek videos for the Pretty Little Liars “We Love You to DeAth” Halloween special .

The first sneak peek is a look back at all of Emily’s girlfriends.  They revisit Emily’s relationship with Maya, Samara, Alison and Paige.

In the second sneak peek, Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) thanks the girls for coming over to her house.  Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) reads a fan question.  “What ‘A’ message do you think is the most creative and your favorite?  Mine’s when ‘A’s on the back of the car spelling I see you”. 

Lucy’s favorite is the time “A” put a message in Hanna’s tooth during her visit to the dentist.  Lucy also mentions the time “A” put finger bones in Spencer’s wedding dress at the charity show.

In the third sneak peek, Sasha Pieterse (Alison on PLL) reads a question from a fan.  “To all: what is your funniest memory on set?” 

Shay Mitchell’s favorite moments are off set, like when Ashley Benson does a prank.  Troian brings up the first Halloween, when they all went insane in their costumes.  Lucy ripped off her wig and Ashley ripped off her eyelashes.  Troian says the costumes are really cool, but by the time filming is done the girls are ready to burn their costumes.

The PLL Halloween special “We Love You to DeAth” airs October 21 at 8 PM.  

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