Saturday, October 25, 2014

PLL Spoilers: Burning Questions Answered by Ouija Board

Pretty Little Liars has so many twists and turns that the burning questions just keep growing.  You can head over to play the PLL Ouija game, where you ask burning PLL questions.  You can also explore the board, which may unlock PLL photos.

Here’s what the Ouija board had to say about our favorite Liars:

  • Are Jenna and Sydney twins?  “No”
  • Ezra will be getting a new job, but he won’t be returning to Rosewood.
  • Does Aria love Ezra?  “I hope so”
  • Will Aria’s parents get back together?  “Hope so”
  • Did CeCe kill Mona?  “Keep watching”
  • Does Mona leave behind anything?  “Yes”
  • Will Mike be okay?  “Hard to say”
  • Will Mona be in flashbacks? “Yes”
  • Will we ever see Mona’s mom again?  “It’s a sad story”
  • Did Ali kill Mona?  “Keep watching”
  • Did Hanna kill Mona?  “Keep watching”
  • Do the PLLs trust Ali? “I doubt it”
  • Can the PLLs trust Lucas?  “He’s a good guy”
  • Will Emily get into college? “Yes”
  • Will Spencer get into college?  “Not so simple” (Do we believe CeCe really gave Spencer’s UPenn application to the admissions guy?)
  • Will Hanna get into college?  “She’s a smart kid”
  • Will Aria get into college?  “Unclear”
  • Is Toby a good cop?  “I think so”
  • Does Spencer love Toby?  “I hope so”
  • Did Spencer kill Bethany?  “No”
  • Will we ever see Melissa again?  “Ask Wren”
  • Does Emily love Paige?  “I hope so”
  • Does Hanna love Caleb?  “One one zero five” (The time Caleb and Hanna spent the night together)
  • Is Ali “A”? “Wait and see”
  • Who is “A”?  “Not even I know”
  • Where is “A” taking Mona’s body?  “Keep watching”
  • Will the PLLs have a happy Christmas?  “Ho Ho Ho”
  • Are there ghosts in Rosewood?  “Only secrets”
  • Are there still secrets in Rosewood?  “Of course”

Although this doesn’t give us answers about Mona’s death, it does resolve a few questions.  Despite how similar Sydney and Jenna looked at the eye doctor’s office, they are not twins.  And if Lucas is a good guy, does that mean we can cross him off the list of people who might be “A”?  Did this game answer any of your PLL questions?

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