Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lucy Hale Loved Kissing Music Video Co-Star

Lucy Hale gave up some personal details when she played People Magazine’s Chatter game.  She answered 5 questions and did 1 shameless plug in 60 seconds.  (You can also read Janel Parrish’s Chatter game answers).

If Lucy was heading to summer camp, what would she bring with her? 
Her dog, Jack, a MaltiPoo.  She absolutely loves him and he’s precious.

Lucy Hale with her dog Jack MaltiPoo
Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

What are the chances that Aria will survive until the very last episode of PLL?
Hopefully the chances are looking good, since she’d like to have a job for two more years.  However, Lucy does want Aria to be part of the bad team.

Favorite country music to listen to when she’s feeling blue?
Anything by Shania Twain.  "Man! I feel Like a Woman" and the whole "Come on Over" album. 

What was the best part of shoot her “You Sound Good to Me” music video?
Kissing the really hot guy in the video.

What has been Lucy’s favorite red carpet look?
Her CMA look last year, which put her on the People Style Watch.

Lucy’s shameless plug?
Lucy is promoting Nestle’s Girl Scout candy bars and their "Let’s Get Her to Camp" campaign, which sends hundreds of girls to camp.

Who else agrees with Lucy Hale and wants Aria to be part of the “A” team?

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