Friday, August 1, 2014

Lucas Still in Love with Hanna?

Remember how cute Lucas and Hanna were in season one of "Pretty Little Liars"?  Ever wonder if Lucas is still crushing on Hanna?  Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas on PLL, gave up details on a deleted scene from “Thrown From the Ride” (PLL episode 4x04) that gives hope to Hanna/Lucas and Paily shippers.   
Lucas has a revenge streak, Brendan Robinson told Young Adult Mag.  It’s been years, but he hasn’t let the Alison thing go.  In a deleted scene from 4x04, Paige approaches Lucas to discuss Mona's Army.  “She says ‘We have to stop this, you’re still in love with Hanna and I’m still in love with Emily.’  I kind of look at her and tell her, ‘We can’t stop this even if we wanted to, it’s already too late.” 

Brendan took that scene as a clue that Lucas thinks Mona’s Army is for the good of Hanna and the other liars because he doesn’t feel like they should trust Ali.  Lucas, Mona and Paige feel that Ali’s claim to have changed is a bunch of BS.   That storyline will continue and play a big role in the summer finale, when we will learn more about what is going on between Ali and Mona’s Army. 

Brendan hopes that we will see more of Hanna and Lucas’s friendship, which seemed to bring out the softer side of Hanna in season one of “Pretty Little Liars”. 

Anyone else hoping for some more Hanna and Lucas interaction this season?

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