Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spoilers for “Miss Me x100” PLL Episode 5x05

The hundredth episode of Pretty Little Liars is fast approaching and it’s going to be a huge one.  Here are some new spoilers for the episode.  (You can also read more spoilers about the PLL 100th episode that have already been floating around).

New Spoiler Details for “Miss Me x100”:
  • Mona still seems angry.  Mona says “When someone shows me who they are I believe them.  I don’t need to be taught a lesson more than once”.
  • It’s Jenna’s big return and it looks like someone’s been snooping in her room.  Jenna will say “I know it was you in my room today”.
  • Someone’s broken?  In the episode, Spencer says “He also said she sounded broken”.

It will also be a huge episode for all the couples on the show.  There will be a little something for all the ships: Spoby, Paily, Haleb, Emison and Ezria.

  • Spencer and Toby’s relationship is still going strong.  “She leans in close to him.  Toby puts his arm around his girl and kisses her tenderly.  The tenderness gives way to passion.

  • Paige and Emily may be going through a rough patch, but Emily still has Paige’s back.  Emily will say “Paige you’re one of the strongest people I know.  I’m not going to let you forget that”.

  • Hanna’s world gets rocked when Caleb shows up in Rosewood.  “She is face-face with Caleb.  The moment they lay eyes on each other, the world stops spinning.  Hanna: Caleb?

  • Emily and Alison have a moment.  Emily will say “You said you missed me the most”.  And Alison will respond with “You were the hardest one to leave”.

  • Aria and Ezra will be spending some time together.  Aria will say “Does that hurt?”  Ezra will reply “I can handle it”.

“Miss Me x100” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x05 will air on July 8 at 8 PM.

Who are you most excited to see back in Rosewood: Jenna or Caleb?

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