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Recap of “Thrown From the Ride” PLL Episode 5x04

In “Thrown from the Ride” Pretty Little Liars episode 5x04, Hanna’s identity crisis leads her to slip back into old habits, Spencer finds a dead possum, Mona starts putting a plan in action, Paige is conflicted and the liars keep their distance from Ali.

Aria and Hanna are at school looking at used books.  Aria keeps staring at Hanna’s hair.  Hanna is sporting a new look.  Her blond hair now has black highlights. 

Hanna thinks that Aria hates it, but Aria tells her that she likes the new look.  She is just confused by the sudden impulse.  Aria points out that Hanna isn’t really an impulsive person.  Hanna makes a Pinterest board before she changes her nail polish.

Hanna picks up a copy of The Scarlet Letter and notices Shana Fring’s name written in it.  She tries to put it down before Aria notices, but Aria grabs the book and flips through it. 

Aria focuses on the underlined sections of the book.  Aria thinks that Shana’s notes must be about Ali, Jenna, and the rest of the liars.  About being “A”.  Hanna dismisses her worries, pointing out that it is probably just for a school assignment.  Hanna tells Aria that she should be trying to forget about Shana.

Mona approaches them and picks up the discarded The Scarlet Letter book.  She asks who’s throwing it out because she loves The Scarlet Letter.  Mona suggests that Aria and Hanna get the book for Ali, since Ali will be coming back to Rosewood High and will need it to catch up.

Hanna says that Ali will get her own copy.  Mona pushes them to take the book, since Shana won’t need it anymore.  Mona says that Shana transferred back to Georgia.  Hanna says that she barely remembers Shana.

Mona says that she can’t blame Hanna for that.  People come and go so quickly in Rosewood.  Shana checks out and Ali checks in.

Before leaving, Mona compliments Hanna’s new hairstyle.  Hanna doesn’t look happy with Mona’s comment.

At home, Ali’s dad offers Ali some waffles.  Ali is busy sorting through clothes to give to Goodwill.  Her dad suggests that she hold off on that for a while.  He doesn’t want her to regret giving away her mom’s stuff.

Ali tells him that she is donating her own clothes.  She needs a clean slate.  Ali’s dad feels like she is rushing things.  Maybe later she might want familiar things.

Ali tells her dad that she’s grown up.  She’s not the same person she was two years ago.  When Ali mentions that she’ll need new school supplies, her dad is surprised that Ali is talking about going back to Rosewood High.

Ali says that she can’t stay in her room forever.  It isn’t helping her.  Besides, she needs to go back to school if she wants to graduate before she’s thirty.

Ali’s dad wants to give Ali a fresh start, but he doesn’t see how that’s possible in Rosewood.  The house he moved into when he moved out of the DiLaurentis house isn’t far away, so he suggests that they start over there. 

Ali immediately rejects that idea.  She needs to be with her friends.  Her dad says that she will still be able to see them.  Her friends can stay with them during the summer.  Ali still isn’t convinced.  She tells her dad that she can’t have her friends taken away from her.

Spencer’s mom is frustrated that the police have basically turned the backyard into a demolition site.  The police have destroyed everything.  And Spencer’s mom couldn’t sleep because of the police activity in the yard. 

Spencer tells her mom that Melissa tried to tell her something the other day, but her dad stopped her.  She says that Melissa and her dad are hiding something, but Spencer’s mom isn’t interested in listening to Spencer. 

Spencer’s mom is sure that the only thing Melissa has been hiding is that she’s back together with Wren.  Spencer insists that Melissa is keeping other secrets.

Spencer’s dad comes downstairs and asks what is the matter.  Spencer’s mom lies, saying that they were just talking about how upsetting it is that Jessica DiLaurentis was murdered.  Spencer’s mom asks how much longer the backyard is going to be a crime scene.  Spencer’s dad assures her that the police will be done by the end of the day.  He tells the two of them to relax.

After Spencer’s dad leaves, Spencer’s mom asks if they can hire Toby to replant the yard over the weekend.  Spencer says that Toby is working out of town.  Spencer still wants to talk about Melissa and her dad, but her mom flatly refuses to talk.  Her mom just wants to focus on what they can control.

Mona and Lucas meet up at school.  Mona tells Lucas that he’s being naïve.  She can’t call the whole thing off. 

Lucas admits that he is having second thoughts.  Ali was held in a basement, kidnapped and blindfolded.  He doesn’t even want to think about what else happened to her.  Hasn’t the universe punished Ali enough?

Mona tells Lucas that they are not punishing Ali.  This is a preventative measure. 

Lucas says that is just semantics.  He never thought he’d say this, but he feels bad for her.  It is hard to see Ali as the devil when she’s just escaped from hell. 

Mona says that the abduction story is not true.  Lucas asks who would lie about something like that.  Mona says that Ali lied and she can prove it.

Emily and Sydney come into the locker room.  Emily has been helping Sydney improve her swimming.  They decide to meet up the next day for more training.  Sydney asks if Emily is sure, since it will be a Saturday.  Emily says it is fine.  She doesn’t want to be home because she is avoiding her mom.  Her mom has been giving her the third degree ever since Ali came home.  Her mom keeps asking questions and staring at her, waiting for her to talk.

Sydney tells Emily that it is natural for her mom to have questions.  Sydney admits that she has questions too, even though she’d never ask them.

Ali calls Emily, but Emily doesn’t pick up the phone.  As Emily leaves the locker room, she runs into Paige.

Hanna, Aria and Spencer are eating lunch outside because they are avoiding the cafeteria.  They are sick of people staring at them.  Even outside, they are still being stared at.  Aria feels like a freak show.  Hanna feels like a lobster at a restaurant, the ones in the tanks that people choose from.

Emily joins the girls for lunch.  Aria notices Mona watching them.

Aria is seriously freaked out by Mona.  Mona knows that they were in New York and she threatened Ali.  What if she knows about Shana?

Spencer tells Aria to take a psychological selfie because she is letting her paranoia get the better of her.  Aria isn’t convinced.

Spencer is sure everything is about Ali, not Shana.  All the girls say they have been grilled nonstop about Ali.  Hanna says that a girl in P.E. asked if Ali was fed raw meat.  Hanna didn’t respond.  She just bonked the girl over the head with a dodge ball.

Spencer’s phone rings and for a second all the girls think it is a text from “A”.  Turns out it is a text from Ali about her mom’s death.  According to Ali, the police haven’t found any obvious signs of a struggle.  They have to wait for the coroner’s toxicology report to determine the cause of death.

Hanna thinks it is obvious that the cause of death is murder.  She asks how they know if Ms. DiLaurentis was buried alive.

Despite the fact that the body was found in Spencer’s backyard, Emily assures Spencer that they all know Spencer’s family had nothing to do with the murder. 

Hanna agrees.  The Hastings wouldn’t have made a bonehead move like murder someone and bury the body under the flowerbed.

Ali types a text message to Emily.  She types “Can you call me back please? –A”  Ali’s finger hovers over the “send” button, but Ali finishes typing “-Alison” before sending it.

Ali’s dad comes in and asks if Ali is hungry.  Ali says she isn’t.  Her dad says he got a call from Officer Holbrook.  They need Ali to come in for a medical examination.  He postponed it before because Ali’s mom died, but he can’t keep putting it off forever. 

He knows it will be difficult, but he promises he will be right there on the other side of the door.  Ali begs him not to make her go.

Ali’s dad hasn’t tried to push Ali to talk, but he is worried that she was hurt.  If she was hurt, then she needs to tell someone about.

Ali assures her dad that nothing like that happened.  Ali says that she is hungry and would love a sandwich.  As her dad leaves, he says that he wants her to buy whatever she wants, including new clothes.  After he leaves the room, Ali cries.

Andrew Campbell approaches Spencer, who is at her locker.  He asks how she is holding up.  Spencer asks if he is checking to make sure she isn’t popping pills like breath mints.  Andrew tells her to let him know if she needs anything.  Spencer asks what he is doing tomorrow.

At school, Aria is listening to music and using the school computer.  She is reading a message Ezra sent to the faculty and students of Rosewood High, thanking them for all the well wishes and support.

Aria gets a chat request from Theatrical Girl.  The message says “If it was me, I could never forget.  It would haunt me for the rest of my life”.

Aria is freaked out, thinking the message is about Shana’s death.  Aria asks who it is.

Turns out, it is Becky from AP History.  And she’s not talking about Aria killing Shana.  She’s talking about how terrible it must have been for Alison while she was kidnapped.

Aria searches for information on Shana Fring on the internet.  She finds a video of Shana’s funeral online.  Aria cries as she stares at Shana in an open coffin.  Haunted by guilt, for a second Aria imagines that Shana sits up in the coffin and turns to stare directly at Aria. 

Hanna is at the Brew when she gets a text from Travis.  He wants to know if everything was okay at school.

Lucas comes in and Hanna is surprised that Lucas is back.  Lucas explains that homeschooling wasn’t for him.  It is a game changer when your mom can ground you and flunk you.

Lucas says that he heard about Ali.  Hanna wants to know what he heard.  Lucas says he heard that Ali escaped and is back in Rosewood.  He asks if Ali will be coming back to school.

Hanna doesn’t know if Ali will come back to school.  Hanna’s phone rings, so she leaves to take the call. 

It is Ali on the phone and she is annoyed that none of her friends have been answering her calls.  She asks Hanna to come to the medical exam with her tomorrow.  Hanna asks when she should pick her up.

Emily is waiting for Sydney on Saturday when Paige comes in.  Paige says that Emily has been doing a great job with Sydney.  She thinks Emily is really generous to work with Sydney on the weekend. 

Emily admits that it is nice hanging out with someone who doesn’t see her as the friend of the dead girl walking.  Paige asks how Ali is doing.  Emily doesn’t know.  It is hard to know what to ask or what to say to Ali. 

Sydney comes in, ready to start training.  Sydney and Emily invite Paige to come with them.  Paige is surprised, but she accepts.

Spencer and Andrew are working hard to replant the backyard.  Andrew needs a minute to catch his breath and wipe off the manure.  Spencer admits that her mom is being intense about the yard.  Andrew jokes that the guys who built the pyramids got more breaks than they do.  He asks if they can take a break.  He’s fine with a bottle of water, a snack, or making out with Spencer. 

Spencer lets Andrew know that she’s still with the carpenter.  And Spencer wants to lay down the mulch before they take a break.  If the plants are exposed, her mom will get more gray hairs.  

Andrew wonders why Spencer’s mom is more concerned about what is going into the ground instead of what came out of the ground.  Spencer says that her mom is worried about it.  Her mom’s obsession with the azaleas is displaced fear. 

Her mom wants to get a $10,000 alarm system. And her mom has been sleeping in a chair downstairs instead of in bed.  She doesn’t know if her mom is scared of what is outside the house or what is inside the house.  Andrew is confused, but Spencer and Andrew are distracted by a dead possum.

Andrew warns Spencer not to get to close to the possum.  It may be playing dead.  Andrew grabs the container of Rodenticide next to the dead possum.  Spencer is confused because they never had a rat problem.  They’ve never even had a rat. 

Examining the container, Andrew notices that the poison was bought last week.  He suggests that the rodents are a new problem.

After training, Emily, Sydney and Paige grab some buffalo wings.  Paige got ranch with the buffalo chicken, which Emily thinks is disgusting.  Emily and Paige are joking around and laughing.  Paige gets quiet when she notices Mona watching her from a few tables over.

Hanna accompanies Ali in the medical exam.  The doctor wants to schedule x-rays, since the scar tissue may have trapped particles from whatever caused the wound on Ali’s head.

Emily, Spencer and Aria hang out together.  Emily tells the girls that Paige was laughing and joking, but shut down out of nowhere.  Aria suggests that Paige was scared of being rejected again.  Emily doesn’t think that is the reason for Paige’s sudden silence.

Aria points out that Emily has been MIA about Ali.  Spencer says that Aria has been, too.  Aria says that Spencer hasn’t been making frequent trips to Ali’s house, either.

Emily wants to know if Aria thinks she is scared to get close to Ali again.  Aria asks if Emily still has feelings for Ali.  Emily honestly doesn’t know.  Emily says that they all wanted a life without “A” and to have Ali back.  She thought it would feel like it did before, but it doesn’t.

Aria wants to know if Emily became obsessed with Nate after killing him.  Emily says that she became obsessed with the package Nate’s mom sent her.  She would think about what it must have felt like for his mom to write the name of the person who took son away from her.

Emily studied the printing, imagining places her hands may have shaken.

Still in the medical exam, the doctor asks Ali about her injury on her thigh.  The doctor says it isn’t mentioned on the police report.  Ali says that she cut herself on rock when she jumped out of her abductor’s car. 

The doctor is doubtful that the injury took place a month ago.  And the doctor thinks the scar came from a slice, rather than a puncture.  Maybe from a knife?

Ali insists that she cut herself on a rock.  It all happened so fast that she didn’t even know she was hurt until she looked down and saw the blood.  She tells the doctor that she was blindfolded.

Hanna asks if the exam is done.  The doctor says they still need to do bloodwork and set up an appointment with a trauma counselor. 

Spencer comes home to find her mom sitting on the couch.  She tells her that Andrew went home to change, but he’ll be back soon.  She is making him dinner as thank you. 

Spencer asks why her mom doesn’t trust her enough to talk to her.  Her mom says that this isn’t about trust.  Spencer doesn’t want to be alone in this.  Her mom doesn’t want to be alone, either.

Her mom says that ever since they found Jessica DiLaurentis’s body, she’s had a sick feeling in her stomach that won’t go away.  A couple days after Ali went missing, Jessica DiLaurentis came over.  She was convinced that Spencer had something to do with Ali’s death.

Spencer brings up the fact that Jessica DiLaurentis didn’t go to the cops.  Her mom explains that Spencer’s dad threatened to tell Mr. DiLaurentis about their affair.  It would destroy Jessica DiLaurentis’s marriage.

After finding out that Ali was alive and since the Jessica DiLaurentis was going through a divorce, there was nothing stopping her from going to the cops now.  Someone killed the girl in Ali’s grave and Jessica DiLaurentis would have told the cops that the murderer was Spencer. 

Spencer’s mom doesn’t know if her father had something to do with Ms. DiLaurentis’s death.   

After the medical exam, Hanna asks if Ali is okay.  She offers to pick up Chinese food from the restaurant that Ali likes. 

Ali pulls out a tape recorder and tells Hanna to give the girls a copy.  They need to memorize everything Ali said to the doctor.  Hanna doesn’t think they need to do that, but Ali insists that they have to.  Someone will ask them questions.  And if they are suspected of lying, then they will all be answering questions about New York.

Hanna puts the recorder in her bag, but she looks unhappy about it.  Hanna asks Ali where she got the scar on her thigh.  She wants to know if someone did that to Ali or if Ali did it to herself.  Ali says that once you know something, you can’t un-know it.  Ali wishes she could.

Meanwhile, Spencer is researching about rodenticide on her computer.  She finds out that it is odorless to humans, tasteless and can be fatal if ingested. 

Spencer gets a text from Ali that says “Need to speak to you.  Call me”.

Paige is loading a shopping bag into her car when Mona comes up to her.  Paige asks what Mona is doing.  Paige has nothing to talk to her about.  Her answer is still no.

Mona informs her that Ali’s dad wants to take Ali away from Rosewood, but Ali wants to stay.  Maybe they can change Ali’s mind.

Paige would be lying if she said that she didn’t want that to happen, but she is not going to make it happen.

Mona won’t twist Paige’s arm, but she makes it clear that Paige cannot be a social Switzerland.  If Paige isn’t with her, then she is against her.

Paige says that she isn’t with anyone.  Mona knows that Paige still wants to be with Emily.  And Mona makes it clear that Emily is with Alison.

Paige says she is curious.  Does Mona ever wonder when she became the very thing she is afraid of?

Aria sits on her bed, watching the video from Shana’s funeral over and over again.

Ali surfs the web and sees all the comments people have written about her.  She sees a photo of the smashed memorial site, a message that says “Welcome to HELL Alison” and a picture of the missing person flyer with horns drawn on her head.

Spencer comes in and takes the computer away when she sees what Ali is looking at.

Ali thinks that maybe she should leave.  It was stupid to think she could get a new life just by coming back from the dead. 

Ali tells Spencer that the toxicology screen came back.  Someone messed with her mom’s pills.  Her mom had low blood pressure.  They found Losartan, which is for treating the opposite problem.  It stopped her heart. 

Spencer is visibly shaken up.  Ali asks what is wrong, but she can guess.  Ali knows that Spencer suspected that her dad killed Ali’s mom. 

Ali knows it is hard to think your parent is capable of something like that.  Ali keeps trying to find a good enough reason for her mom to have watched someone kill her and let them walk away.

Spencer says that she has had monsters under her bed for so long.  Now that they are no longer there, she feels like she has to create them.  Ali tells her that the monsters are still out there, they just might not be under the bed.

Aria shows up unexpectedly at Ezra’s apartment.  She confesses that she can’t stop thinking about Shana’s family.  She closes her eyes and all she can see is how empty and destroyed Shana’s grandmother looked at the funeral. 

Ezra asks how she would know.  Aria tells him that she has watched the funeral video online many times.  Ezra tells Aria that she has to find a way to forgive herself.

Paige shows up at Emily’s house.  She thinks that if Ali comes back to Rosewood, it would be a good idea for Emily to keep her distance from Ali.

Emily, assuming that Paige is acting out of jealousy, says that it wasn’t a good idea for them to hang out after all.

Paige makes it clear that this has nothing to do with the two of them.  People are preparing for Ali’s return and they aren’t preparing with flowers and a welcome home banner.  Ali hurt a lot of people, including Paige.  Paige isn’t interesting in continuing that, but she also isn’t going to out the people who feel like they need to protect themselves from Ali.

Emily asks Paige to wait, but Paige takes off.  Emily hears a rustling noise in the bushes nearby.

Hanna heads to the mall to find new clothes.  She stares at herself in the mirror, looking unhappy. 

Aria calls the church that held Shana’s funeral service.  She says that she is a friend who wasn’t able to send flower.  She’d like to donate to the cost of service, but she wants it to be anonymous.

Ezra comes in and asks Aria what she is doing.  Aria hangs up quickly.

Ezra says that Aria is not finding a way to forgive herself.  She is hoping Shana’s family forgives her.  And even if they did ever forgive her, it won’t be because of a donation.

Ezra knows this isn’t easy.  Once Aria found out about the book he was writing, all he could think about was how to make it up to her.  He would have done anything to make her forgive him, but he realized that it might not ever happen.  He had to be okay with that.

Ezra pulls out a checker board.  He plans to play checkers with Aria.  Once they get sick of it, they’ll move on to chess.

In the dressing room, Hanna can’t find any clothes that she likes.  Hanna notices someone is standing outside her dressing room.  It’s not the sales clerk because the shoes are different.  Hanna’s phone rings and whoever is outside the dressing room leaves.

Over the phone, Spencer tells Hanna that she got her message about the recording from Ali’s medical exam.  Spencer is confused because she was just over at Ali’s house and Ali didn’t mention the recording.  Spencer wants to know if this was Hanna’s idea or Ali’s. 

Hanna says this isn’t just about Ali, it is also about Aria.  Spencer thinks it is nuts to add onto the lies that they already told. 

Fed up, Hanna tells Spencer to just memorize the tape.  She doesn’t want to argue with Spencer over the phone.  She tells Spencer to yell at Ali because she is sick of being the messenger.

Hanna looks at her reflection in the mirror, and then rips the tag off the top she is wearing.  Slipping back into her shoplifting habit, Hanna puts her clothes on over the store’s top and leaves.

After dinner with Andrew, Spencer cleans up the dishes.  Andrew offers to talk about whatever is bothering Spencer, but Spencer says it is nothing.  She just has a friend who is an idiot.  Spencer accidently cuts her hand with a knife.

Spencer looks through the cabinet for something to put on her cut.  In the cabinet, she sees a losartan pill bottle.

At Ezra’s apartment, Aria and Ezra are playing cards.  Aria wants to keep playing, but Ezra is tired and needs to call it a night. 

Aria, not wanting to be alone, asks if she can spend the night on his couch.  Her dad and Mike are out of town for Mike’s lacrosse game and she doesn’t want to go home to an empty house.

Ezra says that she can.  He hands her the shirt that she likes to sleep in.  Suddenly having second thoughts, Aria says that she is going to go home.  She thanks for the games before leaving.

At Ali’s house, Ali shows Emily the new backpack her dad got her.  Ali is happy that her dad is coming around to the idea of staying in Rosewood. 

Emily tells Ali that maybe her dad was right about moving.  It may be a good idea for Ali to start over somewhere else.  It isn’t safe in Rosewood.

Ali doesn’t understand why Emily wants her to leave.  After all, it was Emily who convinced Ali to go to police station and come back home.

Emily assures Ali that she wants her here, but it doesn’t feel that way to Ali.  Ali thinks going back to Rosewood High will be fine if they stick together.

Ali asks if Hanna gave Emily the recording from the medical exam.  Emily says that she will memorize the recording, but this is the last time.  Emily leaves and Ali looks confused by Emily’s reaction.

Aria goes to Spencer’s house, freaking out over the fact that she almost slept over at Ezra’s place.  She notices that Spencer isn’t listening to her and asks what is wrong.

Spencer tells Aria that Ms. DiLaurentis tried to set her up for Ali’s murder.  Spencer is worried that her dad tried to stop Ms. DiLaurentis from setting her up for the murder of the blond girl in Ali’s grave.

Spencer’s dad comes home and Spencer tells him that Aria is spending the night.  Spencer’s dad says that her mom will be gone for a couple of days.  She’s at a spa to calm her nerves.  Spencer can’t believe what she is hearing.

Aria, feeling the tension in the room, leaves the room to get ready for bed.

Spencer’s dad doesn’t want Spencer to bother her mom.  Her mom needs to relax.  The police came by to finish up what they were doing and Spencer’s mom snapped.  Spencer’s dad was able to keep them from pressing charges.  He is confident that this will all blow over and Spencer’s mom will be home soon.

Ali can’t stop looking at the website filled with messages from people who hated her.

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