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Recap of “Miss Me x 100” PLL Episode 5x05

Pretty Little Liars hundredth episode, “Miss Me x 100” episode 5x05 is literally explosive. Mona declares war on Ali, alliances are made, couples reunite and familiar faces make a return to Rosewood.

Travis and Hanna are working on a school assignment together. Travis is looking through a telescope, but he can’t tell if he is looking at Mars or a satellite. He asks for the coordinates, but Hanna is busy worrying about what she’s going to wear for the presentation. She’d rather wear vomit than business-conservative. Travis reminds Hanna that they have to first find the planet so that they can study it. Hanna doesn’t answer and Travis realizes what is really bothering her.

Travis tells Hanna that there is no rule that she has to walk in to school with Ali tomorrow. Hanna says it is not written down, but it is understood. They are going to walk down the hallway at school with Ali and everyone will think that they are still Ali’s puppets.

Travis knows the girls aren’t Ali’s puppets, so who cares what people will think? Sweetly, Travis reminds Hanna that people know who she is. Hanna isn’t convinced. After all, lately Hanna herself doesn’t even know who she is.

Ezra and Aria take a late night stroll around Rosewood. Ezra asks if Aria is still having nightmares about Shana. Aria admits that she sees Shana everywhere, as if Shana is haunting her for what Aria did to her.

Ezra stops Aria and tells her that this isn’t about Shana. Aria is doing this to herself. Ezra wishes he could fix this for her. After that sweet comment, Aria strokes Ezra’s hair. Realizing what she did, Aria looks freaked out and keeps walking.

Aria realizes that it is silly, but she keeps waiting for a text from “A” with a picture of Aria standing over Shana’s dead body. Ezra tries to convince Aria that a picture like that doesn’t exist. She doesn’t have to live in fear of her cell phone anymore. Aria is having a hard time believing that. Her right eye still twitches every times she gets a text.

Aria and Ezra are surprised to see Ali standing on the street, talking to someone in a car. Aria thought that Ali was spending most of her time in her bedroom since she’s been back. Aria calls out Alison’s name and the person in the car drives off. Ali asks if Ezra and Aria are on a date. Ezra and Aria both say “no” at the same time.

Aria asks who Ali was talking to. Ali claims that her dad forgot her enrollment forms on his desk at work, so her dad’s assistant dropped her off in front of her dad’s real estate office. School stuff was the kind of thing Ali’s mom always handled.

A bus pulls up to the curb across the street while Ezra expresses his condolences to Ali for her mom’s death. The bus pulls away and we see that Jenna is back in town. Jenna is facing their direction and Ali, Ezra and Aria all stare back at her.

Toby comes over to Spencer’s place and they have tea. Toby offers to talk to Spencer’s dad for her. Spencer doesn’t think Toby will find him. Her dad has been avoiding her like the plague. Toby wonders if Ali knows that Spencer suspects her father killed Ali’s mom. Spencer doesn’t want to arm Ali with that information until she knows for sure that her dad did it.

Toby asks if action is character, then who is Alison now? Toby already knows Ali’s story, but it’s hard to picture her as a victim.

Spencer thinks Ali is being genuine when she says that what she’s been through has changed her. Spencer wants to believe her, but she doesn’t. How can she believe a story that she hasn’t been told? If the truth is in the details, then we still don’t know what happened to her.

Toby tells Spencer that the two of them believe in second chances, but it is okay to close the door on someone if they are toxic. Before Spencer can respond, Jenna calls Toby’s cell phone. Spencer is surprised that Toby and Jenna are talking again. Toby says that he hasn’t talked to her since she moved to New York. Toby answers the phone and Jenna tells him that Shana was murdered.

All the girls meet up to discuss Jenna’s return. Ali stands by the window and looks out, while the rest of the girls sit down. Emily’s sorry that Spencer had to lie to Toby, but he can’t find out what happened in New York.

Aria tells Spencer to just tell him the truth. Spencer doesn’t need to lie to protect her. Aria notices Spencer and Ali exchanging glances. Aria says that it is Spencer’s decision to make, not Ali’s.

Emily tells Ali that she doesn’t have to stand watch at the window. They know Jenna isn't coming over because Toby took Jenna home.

Spencer tells the girls that Toby thought Jenna sounded broken. Emily asks if Jenna is still full-on blind. Aria wonders if Jenna came back to be close to her family. Emily thinks if Jenna was sad, she could have stayed in New York to cry.

Hanna thinks they need to face the facts. They blinded Jenna and they killed her girlfriend, so Jenna is back in Rosewood to punish them. Spencer agrees with Hanna’s theory.

Ali had no idea Jenna was living in New York, which means that Shana was lying when she claimed that Jenna didn’t know she was after the liars.

Emily thinks that Jenna came home to finish what Shana started. Hanna says that she still doesn’t have time for a hobby, referring to the conversation the girls had in New York when they discussed what life would be like without “A”. Aria, who was at the hospital with Ezra when that conversation took place, has no idea what Hanna is talking about. Spencer explains that they were supposed to have a carefree senior year with “A” gone.

Emily is frustrated that they are still plotting their defense strategy in the dark, even though “A” is dead.

Ali knows that her friends have put up with so much to help her. Ali made a lot of enemies, but she doesn’t think it will be “us-against-them” at school tomorrow. Just like Ali is trying to earn back the trust of her friends, she is also going to try to make amends to everyone she hurt. Aria asks if that includes Jenna. Ali doesn’t answer.

The next morning in her room, Ali applies her makeup and gives herself a pep talk. She’s been through a lot worse and she can do this.

Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna stand outside the school and wait for Ali to show up. They wonder if Ali is really going to come. Aria thinks they should have picked her up this morning. Emily says that Ali’s dad really wanted to take her to school. Spencer points out that Ali has arrived.

As Ali walks towards them, all the other students stare at her. Someone says “once a bitch, always a bitch”. Hanna asks if everyone loves or hates Ali. Aria can’t tell. Ali stops to talk to the twins Cindy and Mindy. Emily tells her friends that Ali used to call the twins 'gayrons', short for gay morons.

Paige is standing to the side, staring at Ali. Sydney comes up and asks if that is the queen of mean. Paige says that she can’t watch this. She takes off. Mona and Lucas stand together. Mona looks particularly unhappy.

Ali reaches her friends and makes a point of thanking them for waiting for her. They all walk down the hall as everyone stares at them. Ali is supposed to go to the guidance counselor, but she can’t remember where it is. Emily, who has chemistry lab nearby, offers to walk with her. The others wish her a good day, let her know she can call them, and plan to meet up at lunch. Ali thanks them for everything.

Aria can’t believe Ali’s back in school, but Hanna thinks it feels normal.

Spencer gets called to the principal’s office. When she gets there, she sees her mom. Her mom says that they need to go home and pack. She’s leaving Spencer’s dad and she’s taking Spencer with her.

Lucas comes up to Hanna. He wants to do something that no one else is doing, talk about something other than Ali. Hanna's all for that. Lucas’s girlfriend is coming to town from Philadelphia. He’s throwing a party so she can meet all his friends. Hanna didn’t know that he had a girlfriend. She wants to know what she’s like. Lucas tells Hanna to come see for herself. The party starts at 7 pm. Hanna asks if she can bring Travis and agrees to be there. After Hanna leaves, Lucas calls someone.

Spencer asks her mom if Melissa is coming with them. Ignoring the question, her mom continues stuffing a suitcase and tells her to pack a jacket. Spencer demands answers, but her mom just wants to focus on getting out of there. Spencer says she will help her mom pack, but first she needs to understand what they are running from.

Spencer’s mom says her dad did take her to a spa, but she never checked in. She was working with a private investigator. The night Jessica DiLaurentis was killed, Spencer’s dad and Melissa said they went to a diner in Ridgefield. Turns out that was a lie.

Spencer’s mom cries as she says that there was an understanding that they would never involve Spencer and Melissa in all of this. Spencer’s mom promises to take care of her. Spencer says that they will take care of each other. Spencer and her mom hug.

Emily leaves a message asking Spencer to call back. They are worried about her. They haven’t seen Ali either, who is stuck in guidance counselor hell.

Aria announces her plan to visit Jenna after school. She offers to swing by Spencer’s house, too. Hanna and Emily can’t believe Aria is thinking about visiting Jenna. Aria believes what Toby said about Jenna being broken because of Shana. Aria wants to do something to help. Emily can’t think of anything Aria can do and Hanna reminds Aria that the night before Jenna was staring blind daggers at her at the bus station.

Annoyed, Aria tells both of them to back off. Aria hopes Hanna finds a hobby and Emily has a carefree senior year, but she has to find a way to live with what she did. Aria says that she can be sorry for Jenna’s loss.

Sydney tells Emily that Glee Club is sponsoring a Frozen sing-along. Emily isn’t much of a Frozen fan, but Sydney convinces her that free pizza on a school night trumps 20 questions with her mom. Emily agrees to come if she only has to hum. Coincidently, this event is also at 7 pm.

Sydney leaves and Paige opens her swim locker. Emily is surprised to see her. She heard Paige went home. Paige says she wasn’t feeling well, but it passed. Emily knows Paige really left because of Ali.

Paige knows Ali is Emily’s friend, but being in the same room as Ali makes her sick. Emily points out that avoiding Ali means that Ali still has power over her. Paige says Ali does have power over her because she can’t stand to be in the same room with her.

Emily hates seeing Paige so upset. Paige says she is fine, but Emily knows that’s a lie. Emily reminds Paige that she is one of the bravest people she knows and she isn’t going to let her forget that.

Aria, trying to make amends for what happened to Shana, goes to Jenna’s house after school. She pushes door open and calls out for Jenna. No one answers, so Aria goes further and ends up in Jenna’s room. Aria hears crying and sees Jenna sitting on the floor. Jenna asks who is there. Aria panics and leaves without saying anything.

Emily arranges a meeting between Ali and Paige. Ali says Emily can stay in the room and Paige says it’s up to Emily. Emily sits down and Ali thanks her for getting them together. Ali says she and Paige are both lucky to have Emily as a friend.

Paige says that’s the only thing they have in common. Ali says she is ashamed of the way she treated Paige. She put Paige down to feel better about herself.

Crying, Paige says that Ali was a terrible person and she hated her for it. She didn’t care if Ali was dead and she was happy that Ali was gone. Ali says sorry and Paige asks if she is sorry for what she did to her or if she’s sorry for herself. Ali says she’s sorry for everything.

Hanna can’t believe that Spencer can even think about homework right now. And she is surprised that Spencer trusted Hanna to give her the school assignments. Spencer says Hanna was the first person she thought of because she remembers how hard it was for Hanna when her dad left.

Hanna can’t believe Spencer’s dad would risk everything to kill Ms. DiLaurentis. Spencer says the police were asking questions and he was trying to protect her from Ms. DiLaurentis, who was setting Spencer up to take the fall for murder.

Hanna’s mom comes in to let Hanna know that Travis is downstairs. Hanna’s mom saw Spencer’s mom at the hotel yesterday and asks if everything is okay at home. Spencer lies and says they are having plumbing issues. Hanna tells Spencer that she could have told the truth about her parents splitting up. Her mom wouldn’t judge Spencer’s family. Spencer’s family has never been warm and fuzzy, but she always thought her parents were going to stay together. Hanna hugs Spencer and promises that they are there for her.

Ali, planning to spend time with Emily, asks if she wants to order food. Emily already has plans for the night. Ali asks if she can tag along. Emily invited Paige, so it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Ali asks if she can hang out a little longer in Emily’s room. Her dad is working lat and she doesn’t want to go home to an empty house. Emily says it is fine. When Emily is about to leave, Ali says that she realizes she owes Emily an apology. She always made Emily think her feelings were one-sided, but that wasn’t true. The kisses weren’t just for practice. Emily doesn’t know what Ali wants her to say. Ali says Emily doesn’t have to say anything. Emily asks why Ali is telling her this now. Ali says that she just thought Emily should know. Emily leaves to meet up with Paige.

Hanna is waiting for her coffee when she gets a text from Travis that says “Hurry up I miss you already”. Hanna turns around and is shocked to see Caleb in line. Caleb snaps at some other people, telling them to keep it down. A fight almost starts, but Hanna diffuses the situation by saying Caleb is just irritable because he hasn’t had his coffee yet.

Hanna asks when Caleb got back to Rosewood and why hasn’t he called her. Caleb sees Travis’s name on one of Hanna’s coffees. He tells Hanna to get her coffees. When Hanna turns back around, Caleb is gone.

Hanna leaves message for Caleb. She’s so shocked by Caleb’s return that she gets wasted at Lucas’s party. Hanna drops her phone and Lucas picks it up for her.

Lucas refills Hanna’s drink. Travis watches Hanna, confused by Hanna’s behavior. Hanna asks Lucas where his girlfriend is. Since she isn’t around, Hanna asks if she is even real. Lucas says that she is real and he implies that he’s been sleeping with her. Hanna, drunk, loudly says that Lucas is doing his girlfriend.

Travis comes over and supports Hanna when she stumbles. She wants to know where he’s been all night, but he says she’s been on her phone the whole time. He realizes that she’s had too much to drink and he takes her home.

Emily is standing with Sydney, buying popcorn outside the sing-along. Emily hands Paige a bucket of popcorn and Paige tells them that Bridget Wu saw Jenna Marshall tonight. Emily says Bridget was probably drunk.

Paige tells them that Shana is dead. Sydney asks who these people are. Paige says that Jenna and Shana were dating. Sydney catches on to the fact that Emily doesn’t seem to like Jenna. Emily says that Ali and Jenna hated each other. She and her friends were drafted into the war before they realized it. Then it was too late. Sydney asks what it was too late for. The sing-along is about to start, so Emily doesn’t answer Sydney’s question.

Ali leaves Emily’s house and a car follows her.

Aria comes home to a dark, empty house. When she turns the light on, she is startled to see Jenna standing in the doorway. Jenna knows Aria was in her room today. Aria offers Jenna tea, but Jenna just wants answers.

Aria says that she heard about Shana, so she came to see if Jenna was okay. Jenna wants to know why Aria cares. It’s not like they are friends. Aria says Ali’s return has brought up feeling for everyone. They feel terrible for their part in the accident that left Jenna blind.

Jenna thinks Aria is just trying to placate her guilt and turns to leave. Aria knows that she’s the last person on earth that Jenna wants to talk to right now. However, Aria knows what it feels like to lose someone. For two years she thought Ali was dead.

Jenna points out that Aria has her friends. Jenna doesn’t have anybody left, but she guesses that is nobody’s fault but her own. Aria asks if Jenna’s sure she doesn’t want to come in for tea. Aria didn’t really know Shana well, but if Jenna wants to she can come in and talk about her. Jenna decides that talking might help. Jenna thanks Aria and goes inside.

Ali runs into the church to escape from the car that’s following her. She texts to her friends “SOS: I’m at the church”. Ali hears a noise, but it’s just wind blowing the shutters. Ali goes to close the shutters. When she turns around, Mona is in front of her. Ali isn’t scared of Mona, but Mona sees through that lie. Mona says that Ali isn’t as good of a liar as she used to be.

Mona knows they were all in New York the night Shana was murdered and she can prove it. Ali asks what Mona wants. Mona wants the same thing she’s always wanted. For Ali to disappear. She doesn’t care where Ali goes or how she gets there. She just wants Ali gone.

Ali tries to convince Mona that she isn’t a threat to her. Mona says that Ali may have convinced Hanna and the others that she changed. And maybe Ali really is trying to be a decent person, but that won’t last long. Ali says that people really do change. Mona isn’t convinced. She says, “when someone shows me who they are I believe them. I don’t need to be taught a lesson more than once”.

Ali isn’t buying Mona’s claim of being a victim to Ali’s bullying. What would Mona call what she did to Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily? And Mona almost killed Hanna. Looking shaken for the first time, Mona says that no one feels worse about that than her, but she’s better now. Even the doctors said so.

Ali doesn’t think Mona can prove anything about New York. Ali makes it clear that she is here to stay. Mona says that no one wants Ali here, but Ali says Mona is wrong. Everyone wants to be her friend and that’s what Mona is scared of. All Ali had to do was say sorry to Cindy and Mindy before they were begging her to sit with them at lunch. Ali says Mona is scared because it won’t take long for her to win over Mona’s army of losers. Ali made Mona “Loser Mona” once and she can do it again.

Furious, Mona slaps Ali. Ali responds by slapping Mona back. Ali says that they don’t have to do this. She tells Mona to leave her alone.

Spencer texts her mom that she’s with her friends and will be at the hotel soon, while her friends leave a message for Hanna saying they are all at Ali’s house.

Ali doesn’t think it is a coincidence that all her friends were busy tonight. Ali thinks Mona wasn’t driving the car, so she must have had someone helping her. Emily thinks it sounds like an ambush.

Emily gives Ali a cup of tea, but Ali is shaking so hard that she can’t hold onto it. Aria asks Ali what she did after Mona slapped her. Ali lies and says that she just stared at Mona.

Spencer thinks Mona was just trying to scare Ali. If she really had proof that they were in New York, she would have used it already. Ali says Mona succeeded in scaring her.

Hanna’s mom helps Hanna, who is drunk, into her bed. She and Travis are both baffled by Hanna’s behavior. Hanna’s mom plans to have a serious talk about consequences when Hanna sobers up. Hanna asks her mom to make the room stop spinning because she’s going to throw up.

Hanna thanks her mom for not being mad at her. Her mom makes it clear that she is mad, but Hanna won’t remember anything she says tonight, so they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Hanna’s mom rubs Hanna’s back and asks why she would do this to herself. Hanna tells her mom that Caleb is back.

Emily calls her mom to let her know she’s staying over at Ali’s for the night because Ali really misses her mom. Emily tells Ali that she remembers every word Ali said to her after pulling her out of the barn, but Emily wasn’t sure what was made up and what was real. Emily reminds Ali that she said she missed her the most. Ali says that Emily was the hardest one to leave behind.

Aria brings Ezra a key lime pie from Paula’s. She tells him that he should lock his door, even if there isn’t an “A” anymore. Aria feels awful that Jenna is all alone now and blaming herself. Aria wanted to tell Jenna that she is the one who should be blamed. Ezra says they should both blame Shana. Shana was the one holding the gun. Instinctively, Ezra wipes a bit of pie off Aria’s lips.

Aria originally thought Jenna was manipulating Shana like Ali claimed, but now she thinks Jenna actually did love Shana.

Ezra tells Aria to stop beating herself up. When Aria says she doesn’t know how to move past this, Ezra pulls up his shirt to show the scar left behind from the surgery he had after Shana shot him. Ezra says that they are both lucky to be alive. Like Shana said, she wasn’t playing a game.

Aria, looking at Ezra’s scar, says that she’s so sorry. Ezra doesn’t ever want to hear her say sorry again. They kiss, then move to the bed. Aria asks if she’s hurting him, but Ezra says he can handle it.

Ali and Emily lie in bed together and Emily asks if Ali is still awake. Ali turns to face Emily and they kiss.

Hanna is at school with dark sunglasses on, clearly not feeling well from the night before. Still hungover, she tells Aria not to talk so loud. The girls wonder how Mona knew they were in New York. How did Mona send a text to Ali’s burner phone the night they all got back in town?

Spencer tells the girls that she learned how to build a satellite on the internet. The point of this random fact? That you can find out anything on the internet. A quick internet search tells Spencer that with a Bluetooth sniper rifle, a hacker can receive the contents of a phone in seconds. That could be how Mona knows so much. They’ve been blue snarfed.

Ali goes over to the crowd of people around Mona. When Ali gets closer, Cindy and Mindy step in front of Mona to protect her from Ali. Ali asks what is going on. Lucas tells Ali that some people really did hope Ali had changed.

When Spencer says that they aren’t afraid of Mona, Mona asks why they would be afraid of her. What lies has Ali told them? Ali attacked her last night. Mona gets closer to the liars and they see she has a scratch on her face from when Ali slapped her.

Turns out Mona recorded the slap on her phone. She started recording when Ali threatened to make her disappear. Mona plays the video and everyone hears Ali threaten to make Mona “Loser Mona” again, which is followed by the slap. The liars are shocked and Ali escapes to the bathroom.

The girls follow Ali to confront her. Ali tells them that this is the last time she underestimates Mona. Emily asks how Ali can spin this. Ali tells them that Mona slapped her first. She didn’t tell them because she felt terrible about it.

Hanna is disturbed by the “Loser Mona” comment. Are they back to that again? Ali insists that she was set up by Mona. They know what Mona’s capable of. She repeatedly tricks them into to believing things are real, when they really aren’t. Spencer ended up in Radley because of Mona’s elaborate stunts.

Emily admits that Mona may have deserved the slap, but Ali went out of her way to lie to her friends again. The girls leave Ali alone in the bathroom.

Sydney and Jenna go to the park, where they see Jenna’s old car. Sydney leads Jenna to Mona, who is waiting for them. Sydney tells Mona that the liars don’t want things to go back to the way they were before. Jenna tells Mona that the liars remember how Ali treated them like they were her dolls. Mona is glad to hear that. She thinks maybe they really can get rid of Ali. A car pulls up, but we don’t see who is driving it.

Spencer and Toby sit in the car and talk. Toby asks what a world without “A” looks like. Spencer realized that the Hastings don’t need “A” to make mess of things. They can do that all on our own.

Spencer asks if Toby is mad at her for waiting so long to tell him. Toby responds by holding Spencer close. Toby wants Spencer to know that she is never alone, not even for a second. They start making out in the car.

Hanna finds Caleb sitting on a swing, drinking a beer. She sits on the swing next to his and asks why he hasn’t returned any of her calls. Caleb thinks Travis is a nice guy. He didn’t come back to screw that up. When Hanna asks why he came back, he just looks at her. Caleb asks Hanna if she changed her hair because of Ali. Hanna says probably.

Emily watches TV and ignores Ali, who is trying to apologize. Ali says she knows she screwed up. Emily asks why Ali wouldn’t just tell them the truth. It’d be so much better than lying. Ali claims that she didn’t tell them everything because she was afraid of losing Emily. Ali strokes Emily’s cheek and leans in for a kiss, but Emily pulls away and says that isn't going to fix this.

The movie on TV is interrupted by breaking news on the Jane Doe investigation. They know have an I.D. of the girl buried in Alison Dilaurentis’s grave.

Hanna asks if Miranda found her family in Ravenswood. Caleb doesn’t know. Hanna takes a sip of Caleb’s beer. Caleb says the night Hanna left is the last time he saw Miranda. Hanna gets a text and she tells Caleb that they have to go.

Hanna and Caleb come in to find everyone, including Ezra, crowded around the television. Ali and Caleb, who have never met before, exchange a look.

Ali grabs Emily’s hand as they wait for the police statement. Hanna asks Spencer if Ali and Emily are together. Spencer asks if she’s been drinking again. Hanna says maybe one sip of beer. Ezra and Aria hold hands.

The Rosewood police chief starts his news conference with confirmation that the victim buried alive on the DiLaurentis property was Bethany Young. Bethany Young was a seventeen-year-old patient at the Radley Institution. She ran away from the hospital around the time that Alison DiLaurentis was allegedly kidnapped. Spencer immediately picks up on the use of the word “allegedly”.

An explosion rips through the room, shattering the window. They all go outside and see the destruction. Cars are flipped over and on fire. Spencer is the first one to point out that Toby’s house is on fire. Caleb asks if anyone is inside the house.

Toby runs toward the burning house, even though Spencer begs him not to. Everyone’s phones ring at the same time, but no one checks the message.

Someone in a black hoodie, presumably “A”, finishes a text and puts the phone in his/her pocket. “A” is having movers load boxes into a room. There is an open pizza box in the background. The movers finish and welcome “A” home. “A” listens to a police scanner, which is reporting the explosion at Toby’s house. Ambulances and paramedics are in route to the house. “A” takes out a blond doll from one of the boxes and puts it in front of a doll house, still shrink wrapped from the move.

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