Friday, July 11, 2014

All About Sydney Driscoll: PLL Actress Chloe Bridges Answers Questions

In the town of Rosewood, everyone has secrets.  New girl Sydney Driscoll seems nice and normal, but can she be trusted?  Hollywood Life had an interview with actress Chloe Bridges, who plays Sydney Driscoll on “Pretty Little Liars”.

How long will Sydney be around Rosewood High? 
Sydney is in at least five episodes.  More episodes are possible, since characters tend to come back when you least expect them to.

Can Sydney be trusted?
“As my arc goes along, there have been some moments when Sydney’s been a little suspicious,” says Chloe Bridges.  Sydney will hang out with unexpected people and will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but so far she hasn’t done anything untrustworthy.  Chloe doesn’t really know if her character can be trusted.

In previous interviews, Marlene King has said that the role of Sydney Driscoll was written specifically for Chloe Bridges and we will understand why as we learn more about the character.  That is a clue that will pay off later.  However, Chloe Bridges herself does not exactly know why they chose her.  “They kind of keep their cards to their chests on set … I kind of have an inkling of it, but I probably shouldn’t say”. 

Is there a potential Sydney-Emily coupling?   
Chloe doesn’t think so.  She’d be shocked if that happened. 

Will Sydney interact with the other liars?  
Yes, and that will cause some trouble.  Sydney has a scene with Emily, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Alison coming up.  She will unintentionally cause trouble when she hangs out with people that she shouldn’t spend time with.

Do you think the pretty little liars can trust Sydney Driscoll?

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