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Recap for “She’s Come Undone” PLL Episode 4x21

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Aria completely loses it and Spencer struggles with past memories.

Hanna, Emily and Spencer are at Aria’s house, getting the details about Ezra from Aria.  Aria read a few pages of Ezra’s manuscript before she lost it.  She cries when she tells the girls that Ezra knew who they all were before they’d met him.  He knew Ali, too.  Hanna thinks that would mean Ezra is Board Shorts.  Aria is sure that Ezra didn’t kill Ali.  His whole book is an investigation into who tried to hurt Ali.  His theory is that one of the girls hurt Ali.  Spencer wants to know which one of them he suspects.  Emily brings up the theory that Ezra is “A” and is using the novel as a way to keep suspicion away from him.  Hanna points out that Ali is alive.  Aria doesn’t believe that Ezra is “A”.  He’s a writer who found an opportunity to make a name for himself and used Aria and the girls.  Hanna brings up Ezra’s surveillance cameras.  Emily brings up the excellent point that Ezra must know about “A”, especially with all the cameras.  How could he sit back and not help Aria?  Aria says that it’s simple.  He never really loved her.

Aria stays in bed, remembering the day she first met Ezra in a bar.  Aria is so distraught from thinking about how Ezra used her that she throws up in a waste basket.

Spencer finds her parents in the kitchen, waiting to talk to her.  Her parents already have suitcases packed, ready to ship her off to rehab on her doctor’s recommendation.  Spencer begs them not to make her go to rehab.  She says its not like it was before and she’s not going to lose control.  She’s applying to colleges and can’t have Radley and rehab on her record.  She asks them for the chance to get off the pills on her own.  Her parents agree, with the condition that she takes her withdrawal medication under their supervision and that she come home from school immediately.  They warn her that she won’t get a second chance if she screws up.

At school, Hanna sees Travis dressed up in a suit.  She tries to apologize for what happened between them.  She never should have kissed him.  He insists that its fine, but he can’t talk.  Turns out he’s on his way to court.  His dad is in trouble for his deals with Wilden.  Hanna feels guilt that she made Travis choose her family over his.  He doesn’t want her to feel bad.  He tells her that if he had to do it all over again, he’d make the same choice.

Emily needs to talk to Spencer, who’s nauseous and tired.  Emily says that Shana called her from Georgia.  She needs Emily to drop off Ali’s cash at a P.O. box before 6 P.M.  Spencer doesn’t think Emily should go, but Emily wants to help Ali.  Aria walks by, so upset that she doesn’t even notice them.  They follow her and Aria tells them that she’s going to confront Ezra.  The girls try to stop her.  She deserves answers, but the conversation shouldn’t take place at school.  Aria ignores them and interrupts English class, but Ezra isn’t there.  The substitute teacher says that Mr. Fitz took time off to deal with a family emergency.  Aria leaves the classroom.  In the hallway, she tells her friends that Ezra is a liar and a coward.  Emily offers to take her home.

Spencer shows up at Toby’s, bearing gifts.  She brought cronuts, which she describes as half croissant, half donut, and all trans-fat.  Toby thinks they sound disgusting.  Spencer apologizes for ruining their dinner plans the night before.  Toby’s makes it clear that dinner isn’t what he is upset about.  How can he help her if he doesn’t know she’s in trouble?  Spencer tells him not to worry about her.  She’s got it all under control.  Toby wants her to promise to call him if she ever gets the urge to take pills again.  Spencer tries to convince him that she is completely done with that.  She thanks him for the necklace he bought her.

Emily and Paige haven’t spent much time together, so they do a little catching up.  Paige doesn’t have swim practice after school, so she wants to make plans with Emily.  Emily says that she has errands and she also wants to check in with Aria.  Paige mentions that she heard Aria flipped out in Mr. Fitz’s class.  Emily agrees to call Paige later and they’ll have dinner together.  Emily opens her bag to take out her phone and Paige sees all the cash in Emily’s bag.  When Paige asks her about it, Emily says it’s her grandmother’s cash that she is going to deposit at a bank.  Paige doesn’t seem to buy Emily’s story.

Aria pounds on Ezra’s apartment door and yells for him to open it.  When no one responds, she takes out a key and goes in.  She looks around, but Ezra isn’t there.  Aria sees a slip of paper on the floor that says Nate Kiss.  She opens drawers and finds rolled up papers.  She takes them out and sees that they are notes with Ali’s pictures.  She does some more investigating and finds file boxes.  She takes one out and goes through the papers and photographs.  There are numerous surveillance photos of Aria.  She takes out another box and finds a recorder.  She plays a bit of the tape and hears Ali’s voice, saying that she is safe for the moment.  It is the Grimwald tape.

Hanna, worried about Travis, goes to Officer Holbrook for help.  Officer Holbrook says that Travis’s dad is complicit in the crime.  He gave money to Wilden for throwing business his way.  Hanna explains that it happened a few times, but Wilden wouldn’t stop.  Officer Holbrook realizes that he shouldn’t be talking to Hanna about this, since he is testifying in court.  After all, he is the one who connected the money in Wilden’s safe deposit box to Travis’s dad.  Hanna thinks that Officer Holbrook would agree with the fact that Wilden was a corrupt cop and a bully.  Officer Holbrook says that his job is about facts, not about his opinion.

Still at Ezra’s apartment, Aria continues to investigate.  She pulls out a notebook filled with Ezra’s notes.  He documented all the secrets and stories Aria confided in him, including the time Aria told him that her dad had an affair with a student.  Ezra writes that Jenna being blinded by the girls is a possible motive for revenge.  By who?  A boyfriend?  Toby?  He also writes that Caleb is working with Jenna.  Interestingly, Ezra thinks Jason is a suspect, due to his drinking and lack of alibi.  Ezra even knew about the voyeuristic pictures Jason had of Aria.  He writes that Mona is not “A” and that there is a new “A”.  And, most crushing to Aria, Ezra writes that Aria doesn’t suspect a thing. 

After reading that sentence, Aria completely loses it.  She takes her anger out on the room. She trashes Ezra’s apartment, including his Hollis College diploma and a picture of Ezra and Aria together.  When she’s done trashing the place, she starts to cry.

At school, “A” has left a present in Spencer’s locker.  It’s a bottle of pills, with the message “Don’t say I never gave you anything.  -A”.  Emily points out that the pills are better than a needle in the arm.  Emily offers to toss the pills, but Spencer puts them in her bag.  She says she’ll throw toss them someplace farther away.  Emily is still planning to do the money drop because she doesn’t want to let Ali down again.  Hanna asks the girls if they’ve seen Aria.  Aria isn’t at home and she isn’t answering her phone. 

Spencer knows that Aria must be at Ezra’s, so the girls head over there.  They find Aria sitting on the floor of Ezra’s trashed place.  Aria tells her friends that Ezra wrote down every secret she told him about Ali, herself, and the others.  Hanna says if she was Aria she would have burned the place down.  Hanna and Emily pull Aria up and start to lead her out of the room, but Spencer tells them to wait.  Shouldn’t they look at the stuff from the Ravenswood lair?  Hanna says that now is not the time and Emily asks Spencer to grab Aria’s bag. 

Alone in Ezra’s apartment, Spencer sits on the couch in pain.  She notices the photograph of Ali in Spencer’s backyard the night she disappeared.  Spencer picks up a few of the papers and photographs on the floor and stuffs them in her bag.

Hanna waits outside the courtroom to see how the sentence went for Travis’s dad.  Travis says that it was better than they hoped.  Officer Holbrook told the court that Travis’s dad is a decent guy with no priors and that Wilden had a bad history.  Travis’s dad won’t get any jail time, but he will have probation and community service.

Back at home, Spencer sorts through the things she took from Ezra’s place.  she finds a private investigator’s business card.  On the back, Ezra has written “P.I. who followed Spencer?”.  Spencer calls the number on the card, but has to lie down in pain.  She ends up taking some of the pills that “A” gave her.

At the post office, Emily puts the cash in an envelope and waits in line.  While she is waiting, Paige comes up and calls her out on her lies.  She wants to know what “A” is making Emily do.  Emily refuses to say who the money is for and Paige starts to get loud.  Emily says that they can’t talk in there, so they go outside.  Paige demands to know what Emily has been hiding from her.  Paige grabs the envelope from her and sees that it is addressed to A. D. Incorporated.  Paige doesn’t want “A” to keep controlling Emily, so she threatens to give the envelope to the police.  When Paige starts to leave with the envelope, Emily confesses that Ali is alive.

Hanna stays with Aria while Aria tears pages out from Ezra’s notebook and burns them.  Hanna asks if Aria feels better, but Aria feels worse.  The more she thinks about it, the stupider she feels.  How could she have missed all of the signs?  Hanna says that no one ever thought Ezra would be capable of doing what he did.  He fooled everyone.  Aria says that Hanna wasn’t the one sleeping with him.  he wouldn’t know personal things about the girls if she hadn’t trusted him.  Hanna wonders if that was how Ezra knew Ali was alive.  Aria isn’t sure how Ezra got the Grimwald tapes in the first place.  Hanna goes out to get some food for them.  She doesn’t want Aria to burn any more pages until she gets back.

Paige can’t believe that Emily knew that Ali is alive and never said anything.  Paige wants to know who is in Ali’s grave and if Ali’s family knows that Ali is alive.  Emily explains that the only other people who know are Shana, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and “A”.  Paige realizes that Emily is putting herself in danger by helping Ali, since “A” knows Ali is alive.  Paige doesn’t understand why Emily would want to help someone who used and abused her.  Emily believes that Ali regrets how she acted in the past.  Paige points out that Ali is good at manipulating people.  Emily claims that Ali isn’t like that anymore.  Paige thinks that faking her death for two years proves that she is still manipulative.  She is a sick person and her family needs to handle the situation.  Paige wants to tell Ali’s family the truth, but Emily thinks that is the equivalent of handing Ali to “A”.  Emily makes it clear that she’ll never forgive Paige if anything happens to Ali.  Paige is concerned that Emily is making herself a target, so she gives Emily an ultimatum.  Paige agrees to keep Ali a secret if Emily completely cuts off communication with Ali.  Paige thinks that is the only way to make sure Emily is safe.  Emily finally agrees, but insists that she still has to give Ali the cash.  Paige tells Emily that she is doing this because she loves her.

Hanna runs into Officer Holbrook at the Brew while she is picking up some food.  Officer Holbrook thinks that it is nice that she cares about her friends so much.  It’s a great quality and she shouldn’t lose it.  Hanna throws his words back at him when she brings up what he did for Travis’s dad.  Doing the right thing to do and putting yourself on the line is a great quality he shouldn’t lose.  Hanna gives him a light kiss on the mouth.  Officer Holbrook is surprised and pulls away.  Hanna apologizes.  She doesn’t know why she kissed him.  She quickly leaves.

Spencer continues to look through Ezra’s notes.  Ezra wrote that Cece told him that she stopped by Ali’s house the day that Ali went missing.  CeCe witnessed a fight with Spencer.  Ms. DiLaurentis also witnessed the fight and she paid CeCe to stay quiet about it.  Spencer remembers part of the fight.  She remembers telling Ali not to walk away from her.  Spencer grabs a nearby shovel.  Ali tells Spencer that she is way out of her league.  Spencer asks if she is sure and she holds the shovel up higher.

Spencer goes downstairs to question her dad.  She’s been thinking about the night Ali went missing, but she only remembers pieces of what happened because she had been taking pills that night.  she remembers fighting with Ali and the next thing she remembers is telling the other girls that Ali was missing and she thought she heard a scream.  Spencer’s dad tells her to stop dredging up the past and focus on getting better. 

Spencer shows her dad the private investigator card and asks if he really hired an investigator to follow Melissa.  She suspects that he actually had her followed.  Her dad asks if she got that card from his desk.  Spencer wants to know if her dad thinks that she is the one who hurt Ali.  Her dad is saved from answering the question when Toby knocks on the door.  Her dad asks Toby to take a walk with Spencer until dinner is ready.

Aria flips through Ezra’s notebook and finds a folded piece of paper.  It is a letter from Galassi Agency.  It says that Random House loved his latest installment.  All they have to do know is discuss the ending.  It is signed by Anna Gibbs, literary agent. 

Aria calls the agency.  She pretends to be Victoria Blackwell, a person in Rosewood who wants to throw a surprise party for Ezra’s book’s release date.  She asks when the release date is.  The receptionist says that Ezra is in the office right now discussing it with Anna.

Toby comes back to Spencer’s house and asks if Spencer is there.  Spencer asked Toby to get coffee at The Brew and when he got back she was gone.

Spencer goes to Ms. DiLaurentis’s house and asks if she thinks Spencer hurt Ali.  Did Ms. DiLaurentis and her father have an agreement to keep it quiet?  Ms. DiLaurentis doesn’t seem to know what Spencer is talking about.  Spencer begs her not to lie.  Ms. DiLaurentis tries to call Spencer’s parents and Spencer grabs her arm.  She asks if Ms. DiLaurentis saw her with a shovel and why she didn’t tell the cops.  Ms. DiLaurentis says that Spencer is hurting her and she wants her to leave.  Spencer leaves, crying.

Hanna pulls her car up to find Aria heading to Rosewood High’s principal’s house.  Aria tells Hanna that Ezra is moving forward with the book and is in New York.  She can’t believe he claimed that he would destroy the book to save their relationship.  Everything he said was a lie. 

Hanna reminds Aria that this will send Ezra to jail.  Aria can’t believe that Hanna is taking Ezra’s side.  Hanna assures Aria that she isn’t taking his side and she isn’t saying that she shouldn’t tell.  She just wants to make sure Aria is clear on what will happen when she does tell.  It will hurt Aria, too.  The whole story will be in the media and papers.  Aria doesn’t care, so Hanna reminds her that this will also hurt her family.  Is she sure she really wants to do this?

The principal opens his door, but no one is there.  Aria and Hanna have walked away.  Hanna assures Aria that she did the right thing, but Aria isn’t so certain.  Aria tells Hanna that she wants to be alone.  Hanna tells Aria that she’s been through this herself and knows what Aria is going through.  Aria yells that it isn’t too much to ask to be by herself.  She doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

At Emily’s house, Paige asks if Emily is still up for cooking or if she wants to go out for dinner instead.  Emily doesn’t seem up for either, claiming that she isn’t hungry and she should check on Aria.  Paige kisses Emily goodbye, but Emily doesn’t respond much.  Paige asks if they are okay and Emily says that she doesn’t like ultimatums.

Toby and Spencer’s parents are waiting when she finally comes home.  Toby tells her that she needs help.  She goes upstairs without answering.  She sits on the bedroom floor and cries.

Aria is in her room packing a bag.  Emily comes in and asks where Aria is going.  Aria has no idea.  Emily wants to go with her, but Aria tells her to get out of her way.

Paige writes a note that says “I know for a fact that Alison DiLaurentis is alive.  Start looking for her.”  She writes down the address that Emily sent the cash too.  Paige drops the note through the open window of a police car.

“A”, dressed in black, sits near the fireplace reading the manuscript pages of Ezra’s novel that Aria dropped from the ski lift.

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Preview Video for "She's Come Undone" PLL Episode 4x21

Aria finally knows the truth about Ezra and she’s about to completely lose it.  Can’t wait to watch Aria’s meltdown tomorrow night.  In the meantime, here’s the preview of “She’s Come Undone”.

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Recap of "Free Fall" PLL Episode 4x20

This week on Pretty Little Liars, the truth about Ezra is finally revealed and Spencer continues to unravel.

Spencer wakes up in Ezra’s classroom.  She fell asleep at his desk with Ali’s journal as her pillow.  Ezra walks in to start class and is startled to find Spencer there.  He asks if she slept there last night.  Spencer quickly hides Ali’s journal in her bag.  Ezra asks her if she is all right.  He tells her that she is going down a dangerous path.  Spencer insists that she is fine and leaves as other students start to come in.

Spencer changes into sandals and a hoodie sweatshirt in the bathroom.  Emily and Hanna come in and are shocked to see how Spencer is dressed.  Spencer tells them that it was all she had in her gym locker and it was an emergency.  Emily asks if that’s is why Spencer called her at four in the morning.  Spencer thinks that she accidentally sleep-dialed Emily.  Spencer is adamant that they tell Aria about Ezra ASAP.  The longer they wait, the more dangerous the situation becomes.  Emily doesn’t think that they can do that.  Aria loves Ezra, gave up a lot to be with him, and will have a hard time believing that he is capable of being “A”.

Ezra stops Aria in the hallway and asks if she talked to Spencer.  He tells her that Spencer’s work has been sloppy and rambling. She comes into class with circles under her eyes.  Aria thinks that it is just Spencer being Spencer.  She’s a stress case.  Ezra tells Aria that it is more than that.  Spencer has a problem with amphetamines.  Aria thinks that is crazy, but Ezra explains that some students use the pills to improve academically.  Spencer is a ticking time bomb and he doesn’t want Aria to be hit by shrapnel when Spencer explodes.  Aria is still doubtful, but Ezra insists that he is sure.  He pulls out a folder and hands it to Aria.  He says that he is willing to break the rules if it means helping Spencer.  He’s not trying to be the bad guy.

Spencer, wearing Hanna’s clothes, meets Toby outside the school.  He asks her to go for a ride on his motorcycle, but she has a quiz after lunch. He brought lunch for them to share, but Spencer doesn’t seem enthusiastic.  He asks if she is mad at him for taking the Radley settlement money.  Spencer denies being mad, but she admits that she is a little disappointed.  Toby doesn’t think his mom would be disappointed.  His mom would want him to live his life to the fullest and share it with the people he loves.  Spencer and Toby hug.

Hanna, who gets extra hungry when she is nervous and sad, steals Emily’s string cheese.  She’s stressed out from avoiding Aria all day.  Emily had to finish her homework in a toilet stall to avoid being seen by Aria.  Hanna wonders if Aria will hate all of them when they tell her about Ezra.

Aria joins Hanna and Emily.  She’s texted them at least five times.  They need to find Spencer and talk to her.  She tells them that Spencer is strung out and she has a serious problem.  The girls are skeptical, but Aria tells them that this is not the first time that this has happened.  It also happened two years ago and Spencer’s parents asked the school for help.  Aria hands the girls Spencer’s school file.

Aria, Emily and Hanna go to Spencer’s house to have an intervention.  The girls act weird when Spencer offers them drinks, so Spencer assumes that they already told Aria about Ezra.  Emily says that they came to talk about something else.  Aria says that they are worried about her.  Hanna asks Spencer if she is a speed freak.  Spencer doesn’t respond when the girls ask if she has been taking pills to stay awake.  They know it’s been a problem for her. 

Aria gives Spencer the records that Ezra gave her.  Spencer freaks out and blurts out that Ezra is “A”.  He tried to kill Ali and has been torturing them every since.  He is undermining her because he is “A”.  Aria says that Ezra found Spencer passed out at school, barefoot and in her pajamas.  She didn’t even know where she was.  Is that true?  Spencer admits that she sleepwalked and ended up at school.  She took a few pills.  Not a big deal.  Spencer totally loses it and loses her grip on reality.  She asks when Aria will wake up to the fact that Ezra is “A”.  This is the deer in headlight behavior that almost got her shot at the back of a night club.  The girls have no clue what Spencer is talking about, since she is confusing reality with the fantasy she had in the last episode “Shadow Play”.  Spencer insists that she is not crazy.  She grabs her purse and the contents spill out onto the counter.  Dr. Wren Kingston’s blank prescription pad falls out of her purse.  Spencer denies ever seeing it before.

At the Apple Rose Grill, Mona and Mike are having a cute date night.  Mike thinks Mona must have been a cute baby.  Mona denies that and admits that she was wearing corrective lenses by the time she was teething.  She can’t believe she shared that with him and realizes that she must really like him.  Mike was hoping that Mona would say she loves him.  Mona looks genuinely touched by how much Mike cares about her.  Ezra comes into the restaurant as Mike is asking Mona what she wants to order.  Mona gets distracted when she sees Ezra walk in.  She tells Mike that she needs to discuss a reading assignment with Ezra.

Mona asks Ezra what he is doing there.  She tells him that she can’t help anymore because things are getting too complicated.  Ezra points out that it has always been complicated and it is too late to back out now, especially when he needs her help.  He tells her to enjoy dinner and he leaves with takeout food.

Hanna and Emily hang out at Hanna’s house.  Aria texted them that she is going to stay in for the night, but Hanna is sure that Aria went to see Ezra because she is addicted, too.  Love is a drug and Aria is operating in an altered state.  Hanna seems convinced that Ezra is “A”, but Emily isn’t so sure.  “A” could have planted the journal in Ezra’s desk to make him look guilty.

Spencer shows up at Hanna’s house and asks to come in.  She gives them the rest of her pills and tries to convince them that she doesn’t need them anymore.  She knows her credibility was decimated, but Ezra is still “A” and she can prove it with Ali’s journal.  They discuss the changes that “A” put in the journal to cover up Ali’s meeting place.  “A” changed “Ambrose pavilion” to “Ambrose piercing”.  Spencer has figured out where Ambrose Pavilion is.  “A” knows that Ali is still alive and out of money.  If the girls can convince Ezra that Ali is going to Ambrose Pavilion to get the money, then Ezra will show up.

Spencer’s mom is getting ready to leave for the country club when Spencer comes downstairs.  Her mom asks if Spencer is still going to join them at the club for dinner.  Spencer says that she can’t because she is having dinner with Toby.  After her mom leaves, Spencer calls Toby and cancels on him, claiming she has to have dinner with her mom at the country club.

Aria is at Ezra’s place describing what happened at Spencer’s intervention.  Spencer totally flew off the handle.  Aria almost tells him that Spencer accused him of being “A”, but she stops herself.  Ezra pushes to find out what she was about to say, but Aria just says that Spencer is out of control.  Ezra thinks that Aria needs to tell Spencer’s parents what is going on.  If she doesn’t, then he will be forced to.  And it will become a much bigger deal once a teacher is involved. 

Aria thinks that they should just let Spencer figure things out on her own.  Ezra insists that Spencer is a danger.  She didn’t even remember driving to school.  She could have killed someone.  Remember Radley?  Spencer thought Toby was dead.  All it took was seeing a helmet and a tattoo for Spencer to completely unravel.  Aria asks Ezra how he knew about the tattoo.  That wasn’t in the reports.  Ezra says that Aria must have told him.  Aria agrees, but she clearly realizes that Ezra is lying.

At The Brew, Ezra is sitting outside and Emily is working.  She asks Ezra if he wants a refill.  As she walks away, she drops some plates.  As she cleans it up, she picks up the phone and talks to Hanna and Spencer, who are watching from across the street.  They instruct Emily to mention the money that Ali needs and that they are going to take it to Ambrose Pavilion at closing time.  Ezra, who is clearly listening, jots down a note on his papers. 

Spencer is about to leave to meet up with Hanna and Emily, but she is in bad shape.  She calls the doctor’s office and impersonates her mother, asking for a prescription refill.  She then says she will call back.  Immediately after, she gets a call from Andrew.

Aria goes to Ezra’s cabin to do some investigating.  She tries various passwords to deactivate the alarm.  The code that works is B26.  She searches the room and sees the latch on the floor.  She goes down to the basement, but all the computers are long gone.  All she sees is a chair.

Spencer’s mom gets a call from Dr. Gregg’s office.  He wants to have a discussion before filling Spencer’s prescription.  Spencer’s mom is confused because they haven’t seen the doctor in years.  The office tells her that they have received several calls from her.

Emily and Hanna go to the Norris Town Zoo.  Hanna stops when she sees where they are heading.  It’s the Ambrose Reptile Pavilion.  Hanna is scared of snakes, but Emily tells her that there is nothing to be scared of.

Inside the reptile exhibit, Hanna and Emily wait for Spencer.  Spencer should have been there already.  The girls finally see a blond girl enter the room.  They think it is Spencer, so they leave the money. 

Aria goes back up and sees a Carnivores Delight book on the table.  She opens it and finds manuscript pages.  The first line says “The first thing Alison ever told me about herself was a lie”. 

Aria hears Ezra drive up to the cabin.  Ezra gets a security notice on his phone alerting him that someone entered the cabin.  Aria grabs the manuscript pages and runs. Ezra comes in and sees Aria’s keys.  He also notices the Carnivores Delight book as been moved and the window is wide open.

Aria runs to her car, but she can’t find her keys.  She runs toward the William Tell Lodge.  Ezra chases her.  He calls her name repeatedly and asks why she is hiding from him.  He calls her cell phone to pinpoint her location.  Aria turns her phone on silent mode, but the damage is done.  Ezra appears right behind her, but he doesn’t see her from his angle.  As he asks her to come out, she presses her hands over her mouth.  Aria is completely frightened of Ezra.  After he walks away, she runs toward the ski lift, which is about to close in five minutes.  She climbs on the lift and Ezra is suddenly there.  He says that he didn’t mean for things to end this way.  He hops on the lift and a terrified Aria is trapped with him as the lift starts moving.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Spencer wonder why Spencer isn’t doing anything.  Will Ezra show up?  The girls plan to double back when Spencer gives the signal.  Spencer comes up to them, pulling her blond wig on and the girls realize that the other blond girl was not Spencer after all.  The lights start flickering and the speakers in the exhibit start repeating snake facts.  Emily runs back to grab the coffee bag filled with Ali’s cash.  A zoo worker grabs her arm and informs her that the zoo is closed.  As they leave, Hanna sees a blond wig that the mystery girl left behind.

On the ski lift, Aria hysterically screams for someone to help her.  She yells at Ezra not to touch her.  He knew Ali, yet he pretended not to.  Ezra admits that he lied and he is so sorry.  He was afraid that Aria would never forgive him if he told her the truth.  He met Ali when he was in college.  She lied about her age.  Aria insists that she doesn’t want to hear any of this.  She doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  She thinks that he wanted Ali dead and that he got her pregnant.  Ezra says that he never hurt Ali.  He was writing a true crime book about her.  When he read that she went missing, he wanted to get to the bottom of the story.

Aria asks if Ezra knew who she was when they met, and Ezra answers with a heartbreaking “yes”.  That’s why he started teaching at Rosewood.  He took advantage of the opportunity to be a good reporter and do anything to get the story, but he promises that he didn’t know he was going to fall in love with her.  He lied about a lot, but he never lied about his feelings for her.  He stopped writing when their relationship got serious, but he started it up again after they broke up.  Aria is horrified when she thinks about all the times she defended him to her family and friends and the whole time he was using her.  Ezra knows that he was an idiot and a jerk.  He wants to burn the manuscript pages.  Aria insists that she is going to read every single page.  She wants to know what was worth destroying everything they had together.  Aria pulls back when Ezra reaches for the pages and Aria accidently drops them.

Mona walks into Aria’s house and Mike tells her she missed half the movie.  Mona claims that she lost track of time.  Mike offers to get drinks from the kitchen.  Mona sits on the couch and waits.  Aria comes in, looking traumatized.  Mona, who looks surprisingly sympathetic, asks Aria if she is okay.  Aria doesn’t answer and heads straight to her bed.  She notices the book that Ezra gave her, the one that he signed with “When you need to leave Rosewood.  Ezra”.  Aria throws the book across the room.

Spencer comes home to find Toby waiting inside.  Spencer’s mom had called him, worried about Spencer.  Toby wishes that Spencer could have talked to him about what was going on.  Spencer’s mom comes in and Toby leaves to give them privacy to talk.  Before leaving, he leaves a jewelry box with her. 

Spencer’s mom confronts her about the pills.  Spencer tries to deny it, but her mom knows the truth.  Her mom can’t deal with this.  They can’t cover for Spencer again, especially with Radley on her resume.  Spencer opens the jewelry box that Toby gave her.  It is a necklace with an “S” engraved on a square.  Spencer breaks down in tears.

A person dressed in all black collects Ezra’s manuscript pages from where Aria dropped them.

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Preview Video for "Free Fall" PLL Episode 4x20

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day.  Don’t think Aria will have good Valentine’s Day memories.  On the next episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria finally finds out the truth about Ezra.  I’ve got a box of tissue ready. 

Check out the preview of the episode “Free Fall”, airing on Tuesday night.


Anyone still supporting Ezra?

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Recap of “Shadow Play” PLL Episode 4x19

The Pretty Little Liars keep it classy in black and white.  This week, it’s all about film noir.

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are still on the Ezra-is-“A” kick.  They sneak into Ezra’s classroom at night to look for clues.  Emily keeps trying to reach Aria, who isn’t picking up her phone.  The girls start rifling through Ezra’s things.  Spencer looks through desk drawers and pulls out a manila envelope.  They open it and find Ali’s journal.  Emily wonders if Ezra was the one that scared them at the cabin.  Spencer points out that there are two of them.  Hanna thinks Shana might be Ezra’s helper. 

The girls are leaving when they hear a noise.  They hide and watch Mona go into Ezra’s classroom.  The girls wonder if Mona is looking for Ali’s journal.  Mona leaves with a stack of papers.  The girls wonder if Mona is not stealing papers from Ezra, but actually delivering something.

The girls go back to Spencer’s place because her parents are out of town.  Hanna wonders why Spencer keeps sniffling.  Spencer says that it’s just allergies.  The girls wonder about the phone numbers and emails found with Ali’s cash. 
Hanna and Spencer want to find out everything they can about Shana.  Did Shana ever say something about Georgia or something that might connect with where Ali is hiding?  Since she had a fling with Paige, they want Emily to talk to Paige about Shana.  Emily wonders why Hanna suddenly wants answers, since last week she was all about leaving things alone.  Hanna says that now she’s angry rather than scared.  Emily thinks they should spend their time figuring out what Mona is up to with Ezra?  She also points out that they found Ali’s journal easily.  What if it wasn’t “A” that put it there?

Ezra and Aria are driving back into town.  Aria is quiet.  She tells Ezra that she’s thinking about homework that she didn’t finish.  He asks if it’s creative writing.  She tells him that he’ll like this one.  It started as one thing and turned into something different.  It started with the hero, but she became fascinated with the villain.  Ezra asks if the villain loses in the end.  Aria isn’t sure.  Sometimes the villains win.  Ezra agrees that sometimes they do.

Now alone, Spencer flips through Ali’s journal while a black and white movie plays in the background.  Spencer gets up to take another pill.  It’s one too many pills because suddenly Spencer’s world becomes a black and white fantasy.

Toby comes in and asks about Alison.  How can he help her if she won’t level with him?  Spencer asks him to trust her.  He says that he can see right through her.  Spencer insists that there’s nothing wrong with her.  They both look at the pills on the table.  Spencer says that the pills are just to help her focus.  Toby doesn’t buy it.

Spencer goes to the brew to get some coffee.  Ezra comes over and pays for the drink.  It’s his way of saying sorry.  He didn’t like the conversation they had the other day.  It didn’t help either one of them.  Spencer admits that she sometimes has trouble taking constructive criticism.  She takes it as a threat.  Ezra says that he does, too.  He offers to buy her dinner at the Hart and Huntsman sometime.

In the school bathroom, Spencer tells Hanna and Emily about her run-in with Ezra.  The girls wonder if Aria is secretly still with Ezra.  Spencer gives Hanna the task of keeping tabs on Ezra.  Aria comes in and the girls question her about her weekend spent out of town with her dad.  Aria keeps up the lie, pretending that she was with her dad, not Ezra.  When she asks what she missed, none of the girls tell her about the Ezra-is-"A" theory. 

Spencer dials a number and is told it’s the Fitzgerald Art Foundation.  Spencer pops some more pills.  Toby comes in and tells her that pills are not going to help her figure things out.  He asks her when the painting of Ali mysteriously appeared on her wall.  Spencer has no idea how it got there.  Toby says that all the pills aren’t good for her.  Spencer asks him to suppose Ali is alive somewhere.  Toby asks if she’s trying to tell him something.

Ezra is standing on his balcony when Mona joins him.  They go back into his apartment.  Hanna watches them from the street.

Spencer flips through Ali’s journal, pausing on an entry titled “The Mermaid”.

Emily meets up with Paige and asks about Shana.  Paige says it was a long time ago and that she thought of Emily when she was with Paige.

Hanna follows Mona when she leaves Ezra’s apartment.  Hanna loses sight of Mona, only to find Mona suddenly behind her.

Mona calls Spencer and tells her that there is a blonde package waiting for her in apartment 3B.  Better hurry up while she’s still breathing.  Spencer rushes over and finds Hanna, Mona and Ezra all waiting for her.  Ezra says that when you put a tail on someone, don’t trust it to an amateur.  He tells Mona to fix Spencer a drink.  Spencer asks if Aria is back together with him.  Ezra’s response?  “True love, honey.  You just can’t kill it”.  Spencer demands that he leave Aria alone.  Ezra points out that Spencer can split them up by telling Aria who she thinks he is.  He knows Spencer hasn’t said anything yet because she’s not sure about anything.  She’s cracking up.  Hanna and Spencer walk out.  Ezra tells Mona to let them leave. 

Hanna and Spencer drive away.  Spencer says that she traced a number on Ali’s list.  The one that was for the Fitzgerald Art Foundation.  She wants Hanna to find out if Ali called the number.

Aria teaches Paige how to use a camera.  Paige is going on a trip and wants to take pictures.  Paige says that Emily is going with her on the trip.  Aria tells Paige that she used to be a tomboy.  Things changed after she fell in love for the first time and lost all interest in tree climbing.  Guess you just grow out of it.

Ezra has a chat with Toby.  Ezra says that people are no damn good.  Everyone is out for themselves.  Ezra has information that might help Toby.  He tells Toby that Ali is alive and Spencer knows how to find her.

Spencer is about to take another pill when Ali shows up.  Spencer asks why Ali didn’t tell her about Ezra.  Why didn’t she warn Aria?  Is he the one she’s afraid of?  Spencer gets frustrated that Ali won’t give them any answers.  Spencer threatens her and Ali wonders if she should be afraid of Spencer.  Ali tells Spencer that she has all the pieces.  Why can’t she put them together?  Ali thinks Spencer might need more pills to figure it out.  What happens if Spencer runs out of pills? Spencer rushes over to take some more pills and accidentally drops them in the sink disposal.  She reaches for them and Toby yanks her hand out. When they turn around, Ali is gone.

Spencer gets taken to an interrogation room and Toby starts questioning her.  Is Ali alive or dead?  Spencer says that she’s dead.  Toby pushes her and Spencer says that she is confused.  Toby knows that Spencer is smart enough to get away with murder or help Ali get away.  Or maybe Ali tricked Spencer into helping her get away?

Aria and Ezra enjoy some champagne.  Aria tells Ezra that she wants her friends to know about their relationship.  Ezra asks if she is sure she can trust her friends.  Aria tells him that she trusts her friends with her life.  Ezra asks if her friends trust her.  Does Aria know everything about her friends and know all of their secrets?  Aria thinks that she knows the important ones.  Ezra bets that he knows one of her secrets.  He whispers that Ali is alive.

Paige confesses to Emily that she is lonely and scared of being alone.  Emily says that she won’t let that happen.  She and Paige kiss.

Hanna is hard at work finding more information about the phone number Spencer asked her to investigate.  She pretends that Ezra is her boss and she wants to find out if Ali called the answering service.

Toby learned from Ali that secrets are weapons.  He knows Spencer learned that, too.  Spencer thinks that “A” is a monster that Ali has been feeding with every lie.  Toby asks if Spencer knows who “A” is.  Spencer isn’t sure anymore.  After all, first “A” was Mona and then it wasn’t.  Toby says that Ali is alive and Spencer knows the next step to take in order to find Ali.  Spencer is so tired of thinking. She just wants to sleep.  Toby and Spencer kiss.

Aria is sitting at the coffee shop when Spencer comes in.  Aria wants to tell Spencer something, but she wants Spencer to promise not to give her the “Spencer look”.  The look Spencer gives people when she’s really disappointed in them.  Spencer promises to try.  Aria confesses that she’s been seeing Ezra again.  Spencer said it herself.  Aria liked Jake, but she loves Ezra.  The Ezra relationship is sexy, dangerous, awful and wonderful.  It was perfect.  Spencer picks up on the fact that Aria used past tense.  Aria says that the story is changing.  Spencer is about to tell Aria about her Ezra suspicions when Hanna interrupts them.  She found Ali.
Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily go to a club.  According to Hanna, someone used the payphone at the club to call the contact number that was with Ali’s money.  They go into the dressing room and look around.  Ali comes in and asks if anyone saw them come in.  She then demands that they get the hell out.  She told them not to come looking for her.  Are they trying to get her killed?  She says that Spencer has already tried once. 
Aria tells Ali that they want her back.  Ali isn’t convinced.  She asks if the girls are sick of Spencer ordering them around.  They should think for themselves instead of letting Spencer make all the decisions.  Spencer wonders how long Ali will last without them.  She knows Ali is setting the girls up for something.  Ali will use the girls as a decoy and the girls will end up taking all the heat.  Ali doesn’t tell them everything. 
Ali implies that Spencer does the same thing.  She asks Aria if Spencer has told her yet.  Before Spencer can respond, a shot is fired through the window.  The girls run outside.  Ali wants the girls to all split up.  Spencer questions that plan, wondering if Ali is just trying to save herself only and let the other girls get caught.  Ali tries to hit Spencer, but Hanna grabs her hand and stops her. 
The girls hear Ezra’s voice.  They tell Aria not to answer him.  Ezra says that it is safe and he’ll take care of her.  He doesn’t know what they told her, but it’s not true.  He promises to keep her safe and says that he loves her.  Spencer tells Aria that she can’t trust him.  Ali says that Spencer has no guts.  Aria tells Ali that she liked her better when she was dead. 
Aria gets closer to Ezra, who is in the shadows.  When she gets close enough, the man lights a match and we see that it is not Ezra.  It’s Toby.  Toby hit Ezra hard and they need to leave before he wakes up.  Aria wants to go to Ezra, but they pull her to the car and drive off.  Ali is gone.
In the car, Aria asks why Toby hit Ezra.  Spencer doesn’t answer.  Emily points out that Ali was right.  None of them have any guts.  Toby asks Spencer if she’s figured things out yet.  Spencer says she’s tired.  The girls say that they are all tired.  Aria and Toby think that Spencer is afraid of finding out the whole truth.  Toby tells Spencer to look at the pages in Ali’s journal.
Spencer snaps out of the film noir fantasy she’s been having and finds herself back in the kitchen with the black and white movie playing in the background.  No time has passed.  Spencer picks up the journal and her phone, then puts things together.
Back in Ezra’s classroom, Spencer explains that Ali’s journal was a Trojan horse.  Changes were made to the journal.  Spencer was able to realize this because she had made copies of the original entries on her phone.  For example, the original entry says “Amber’s pavilion”, but it now says “Amber’s piercing”.  “Cute guy” becomes “cute girl”.  Spencer, Hanna, and Emily put the journal back in the desk.  They now realize that Ezra knows that they are on to them. 

They decide that it’s time to find Aria.  They go to her house.  Emily wants to call Aria one more time before they wake up the whole house by barging in.  Meanwhile, Hanna peeks through the window and calls the girls over.  They watch Aria and Ezra kiss inside the house.

Back in black and white, we see Ali’s dressing room again.  There is a message from Mercury Telemessage.  It says “Break a leg.  Stop.  Kisses.  A.”

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty Little Liars in Black and White

The Pretty Little Liars are back next week and they’ll be in black and white.  How are they pulling this off?  Spencer’s been popping too many pills.  She’s spiraling out of control and when she wakes up, she’s in a new reality.

Here’s a video of Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Keegan Allen talking about the episode.

Get ready for the black and white episode by watching this video.  The costume designer and the actors talk about how the wardrobe is different with this episode. 

Here’s the preview of the episode, titled “Shadow Play”:

Ready to see the next episode of Pretty Little Liars, 1940’s-style?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hanna and Caleb Reunite on Ravenswood

Did you catch the winter finale of Ravenswood?  Ashley Benson made an appearance on the show. 

If you’re still broken up about the Hanna and Caleb split, maybe this video will cheer you up.  Hanna and Caleb share a sweet kiss in Ravenswood.

Do you miss Caleb or are you rooting for an Officer Holbrook and Hanna hookup?

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Thoughts on "Hot for Teacher" PLL Episode 4x18

Favorite Quote: “I’ve got a finger you can use.  It’s not the nice kind.”  (Aria talking about Shana).

How much did you love the message that Spencer wanted to leave for Aria?  It showed how much she cares about Aria.  No matter how this whole thing plays out, Aria’s going to be devastated.  She’s gonna need her friends to be there for her.

So who is helping Ezra?  Someone is taking pictures and sending them to him.  Maybe Mona?  And who attacked Shana?  Shana may have seen who her attacker was.  She knows the whole situation is dangerous, but she’s stuck around the whole time.  So it’s weird that she suddenly flees after being knocked out.  Someone almost killing Jenna didn’t scare her off, unless she was the one who attacked Jenna.

As much as I don’t want Ezra to be “A”, things aren’t looking good for him.  He’s definitely involved in everything that’s been happening.  It’s still unclear what his motives are.  Is he in charge or is the mystery blond lady he yelled at the one who is pulling the strings?  And how much of his feelings for Aria are genuine?  It seemed like he might confess to Aria at the end of the episode when he was talking about honesty, but he didn’t.

Thoughts on the episode?

Recap of “Hot for Teacher” PLL Episode 4x18

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Ali is back.  Ali’s on a pay phone talking to Shana.  She says that there is no other choice, I know I told you to avoid her, but you have to get in touch.  She can’t know yet.  Can you get it?  Shana agrees to get this mysterious object.  She hangs up when she sees the pretty little liars come into the café. 

The girls are split on the whole Shana situation.  Emily thinks that they should trust Shana because Ali trusts her.  Hanna and Aria don’t think they should trust Shana.

The girls sit down with their coffee.  Aria asks Emily if her dad is going to be okay.  Emily says that he should be fine.  Hanna points out that Shana gave Emily’s dad a heart attack.  Emily doesn’t believe that it was Shauna.  She reminds the group that “A” is a guy.  Hanna still thinks Shana could be helping “A”.  After all, there was that time Shana was shipping boxes to Melissa.  Spencer is acting weird and jittery.  Hanna takes away Spencer’s cup, thinking Spencer’s had too much coffee.  Spencer claims it’s just herbal tea.  She asks if it could have been someone helping Ezra, but Emily says that there was no one else helping out at school that night.  Spencer pushes Aria to talk to Ezra, but Aria doesn’t want to.  She tells Spencer that she’s not back together with Ezra and she doesn’t see what they could learn from talking to him, anyway.  After all, Emily said Ezra wasn’t there that night.  Hanna doesn’t want anyone to get involved in the search for “A” after “A” played post office between her teeth.  Emily and Aria want to help Ali.  Hanna doesn’t want to do anything until Ali reaches out to them.  Hanna makes everyone agree to leave things alone so that “A” doesn’t come after them again.

Spencer pulls an Adderall fueled all-nighter, searching the web for all things related to Ezra.  Before she knows it, it’s already morning.  Spencer needs some more pills, so she sends a text to Andrew, asking to meet him before class because she needs help studying.  He responds that he’s all out.  Spencer calls Dr. Grayson, impersonating her mother.

At school, Ezra tells Aria about the cabin break-in.  He says that nothing was stolen, so it was probably a vagrant looking for a place to stay or maybe some kids looking to party.  He needs to go up to the cabin for the weekend and wants Aria to come with him.  Aria can’t go because her dad will be in Syracuse and she can’t leave Mike alone.  Ezra pushes her to come and Aria finally agrees, saying that she’ll figure something out with Mike.

Hanna finally gets her stuff back that the police took during the Wilden murder investigation.  Hanna is ecstatic to get her shoes back.  Hanna is done with reading mystery books.  She was going to sell the books back to the store, but she offers to give them to Officer Holbrook.  He says that he’s busy.  The search for CeCe Drake leaves him with a lot of paperwork. He says that you learn a lot by looking at a person’s habits and routine.  Little things are the most important.

Emily goes up to Shana and asks if Ali was the one Shana was talking to the other night.  Shauna says that Ali reached out and Emily screwed it up.  Emily asks Shana to tell Ali that she’s sorry.

At school, Hanna tells Aria that she’s certain Spencer is still investigating.  She lets it slip that she talked to Gabe.  Aria is surprised that Hanna is referring to Officer Holbrook by his first name.  Hanna says they are not friends, but sort of book club buddies without the monthly meetings. 

Hanna brings the conversation back to the topic of Spencer’s investigation.  She knows Spencer is lying.  She wants Aria to help her talk to Spencer this weekend, before Spencer pisses “A” off.  Aria, who already made secret plans with Ezra, lies and says that she’s visiting her dad for the weekend.  Hanna asks her to blow it off and see him another weekend.  Aria says that she wants to get away from Rosewood for the weekend because she needs a break from the Mike and Mona slow jams and lip balm.  After Hanna walks off, Aria sees Jesse talking to a crying girl down the hall.

Spencer, all out of Adderall pills, is on the hunt for a new supplier.  She watches as a student, Brenda, takes a pill.  Spencer pulls her aside.  She comes up with a lie, saying that her dad is out of town and he has her prescription.  Brenda agrees to give her five pills, but it’ll cost Spencer fifty dollars.  Repeat customers get a discount, so Spencer should come to see her next week if she needs more.

Ezra runs into Spencer in the hall and wants to have a word with her.  He finished reading her essay and it is much lower quality work than what she normal turns in.  She lifted an entire paragraph from Wikipedia.  He asks what is going on with her.  She says that she’s been swamped.  Ezra asks if she thought that he wouldn’t figure out what she’s been up to.  He wants to see her after school.  Spencer says that she’ll take the grade.  Ezra tells her that sloppy work leads to consequences and he’d hate to see her suffer.

Aria goes to Jesse’s office, but at the last minute she turns away before knocking.  Jesse happens to come out of his office at that moment.  Aria admits that she’s angry, but not at her brother.  She’s angry at herself.  She asks to talk to him.  In his office, Aria says that she understands that Mike has different experiences with Mona than she does.  Jesse is confused because he thought Aria was going to talk about her anger at herself.  Aria admits that she doesn’t know who she can talk to anymore.  She’s been lying to her boyfriend and lying to her friends about her boyfriend.  Jesse notes that it sounds lonely.  Does she want to start talking about her boyfriend?  Aria tells him that she has a long history with her boyfriend, so her friends might not be supportive if they knew she was back together with him.  Jesse asks why they would disapprove.  At that question, Aria bolts out of the room, making an excuse about having to pick up Mike.  Ezra notices Aria leaving Jesse’s office.

Hanna, on a mission to find out what Spencer is up to, has recruited Emily to help her.  Hanna calls Spencer, telling her that they are outside her house and want to talk.  Spencer lies and says that she is at the library.  Hanna and Emily are continuing their stakeout outside Spencer’s house when they see Shana coming out of the DiLaurentis house.  They wonder if Ms. DiLaurentis knows that Ali is still alive.    Emily demands that they follow Shana, but Hanna refuses.  She doesn’t care about Shana, she cares about Emily.  She doesn’t want any of them to get hurt, so she drives away.

At school, Ezra pulls Spencer’s records and sees that she is on medication for ADHD.  It says that there is a doctor’s note on file.  While Ezra is looking at the file, Jesse comes in, mistaking the room for the teacher’s lounge.  Ezra explains that he is having an academic issue with a senior.  Jesse told him that he should get the student talking.  Jesse says that Ezra would be surprised how much students talk, especially when they feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to.  Ezra leaves, taking the file with him.

Shana shows up at Emily’s door, needing her help.  Unnoticed by the girls, someone is taking pictures of them from a parked car.  Shana comes inside and they talk in Emily’s bedroom.  Emily has a lot of questions for Shana.  Did Shana date Paige to get to her?  Shana claims that she didn’t know about Paige and Emily until she got to Rosewood.  She tried to come between them to find out more about Emily.  She found out that Emily is loyal, fiercely protective and not a fool.  Shana was at Wren’s apartment because she answered an ad to ship and pack boxes in a hurry.  When Wren found out she was from Rosewood, he asked her to be discreet.  She was at the DiLaurentis house to get something for Ali.  She never got a chance to get the item because Ms. DiLaurentis was so excited to see her.  Ali doesn’t trust anyone but Emily.  Shana needs Emily to retrieve the item, which is behind a poster (a French thing with twins) in Ali’s room.

Spencer has been researching Ezra nonstop.  She searches the web for “Ezra Fitzgerald Ravenswood”.  Spencer finds a listing for a Ravenswood apartment.  She calls Aria, whose phone goes to voicemail.  Spencer starts to leave a heartbreaking message.  She says that something has been going on and she really needs to talk to Aria about it.  If she’s right, then that would break Aria’s heart and if she’s wrong, then Aria will hate her forever and that would break her heart.  The tape asks if she wants to rerecord her message and Spencer does not leave the message after all.  Spencer prints out the info on the Ravenswood apartment and leaves.

Meanwhile, Aria is at the cabin with Ezra.  Aria’s already awake when Ezra gets up.  She didn’t sleep well and doesn’t want coffee.  She’s already got her suitcase packed and blindsides Ezra when she asks him to take her home.  Aria admits that she is tired of lying to her family and friends.  If Ezra can’t take her home, then she’ll just take the bus.  Ezra stops her, telling her that being torn between him and her friends isn’t such a bad thing.  Maybe the feeling of growing away from her friends is just because she’s growing closer to him.  He agrees that she shouldn’t have to hide things from her closest friends.  He wants Aria to think of him as the person she’s closest to and the person that she wants to share everything with.  He knows that he also has to do the same thing.  He didn’t mean to put pressure on her and maybe it was a bad idea for him to bring her.  He tells her to think about it while he showers.  If she still wants to leave, then he’ll drive her.  Aria tells him to wait.  She does want this and she really does want to make their relationship work.

Hanna runs into Spencer and tells her that she knows Spencer was lying when she claimed she was at the library.  Spencer tries to brush her off, but Hanna blocks her path and keeps calling her out on her lies.  Spencer loses it and yells at Hanna to back off, then storms off.  Officer Holbrook, standing nearby, comes over and asks if they always fight like that.

Emma gets into Ali’s room by telling Ms. DiLaurentis that she lost a diamond earring there.  She needs it back because she borrowed it without asking her mom.  Ms. DiLaurentis doesn’t think it’s in the room, since she dusts it weekly and didn’t see an earring.  She offers to check the bathroom.  While she’s gone, Emily takes the poster off the wall and cuts open the paper backing.  She takes out an envelope that contains five thousand dollars in cash.  She gets the poster back on the wall before Ms. DiLaurentis comes back in.  She quickly pulls the earring out of her pocket and says that she found it.

Ezra is busy cooking when Aria comes back in after taking some photographs outside.  When Ezra says that he doesn’t have chickpeas, Aria offers to drive to get some.  It will take Aria a couple hours to get back, but she doesn’t mind going.  She wants to take more photographs, anyway.  After she leaves, we see that there are chickpeas in the cabinet.  Ezra grabs the can and takes it to the basement.  We see his lair set up down there.  There are three computers on the desk.  He has a new message attachment.  He opens it and looks at the pictures of Officer Holbrook and Hanna talking, Shana at Emily’s house, and Emily with the envelope containing Ali’s cash.

At work, Emily calls Shana.  Shana’s at a meet, so she’ll stop by to get the cash afterwards.  She tells Emily to hide it somewhere.  Emily hides Alison’s stash in a coffee bean bag.  After Shana’s swim meet, she gets in her car.  She looks in the rearview mirror and screams.

Hanna, still trying to find out what’s up with Spencer, calls Veronica Hastings and asks if Spencer is home.  She asks if she can stop by and get some nail polish that Spencer borrowed.

Hanna goes into Spencer’s room and looks at her computer.  She sees all the web pages Spencer looked at related to Ezra Fitz.  She sees a new message regarding the Ravenswood apartment.  It says sorry that he can’t help.  Tenant information is confidential.

Spencer goes to Ezra’s apartment.  She gets in by pushing all the intercom buttons until someone answers.  She pretends she is delivering flowers in order to be buzzed in.  As she goes in, Hanna grabs her.  She asks if Spencer is on drugs, since she must be on crack if she thinks that Ezra is “A”.  Spencer explains that Ezra matches the guy described in Ali’s journal.  He was at the same bar, eating boysenberry pie and drinking Board Shorts Ale.  Hanna reminds Spencer that Ali’s journal is jumbled.  What if she is connecting the wrong dots? 

Ezra, dressed in all black, sits in his car looking at his surveillance videos.  He has a video in the cabin, which allows him to watch Aria sleeping inside.  He can also see Spencer and Hanna outside his apartment door.  Spencer finds the key and opens the door.  Hanna says that even if Spencer is right about the Ravenswood apartment, Ezra wouldn’t be keeping anything tying him to it in his apartment.  Out of the corner of her eye, Spencer sees a camera in the hallway.  She pretends to rethink her Ezra theory and leaves without going inside the apartment.

Aria wakes up and sees that Ezra is not in bed.  She calls for him, but he doesn’t answer.  She goes to the door and looks outside.  When she turns around, Ezra is there (no longer dressed in all black).  He says that he was up because he forgot to lock the back door.  Aria asks if he was up late reading.  She’s concerned that he couldn’t sleep.  Is he worried about their relationship?  Ezra says that Aria was right about the relationship not working unless they tell the truth.  He says that he’s just really glad that she stayed.

Spencer tells Hanna and Emily about the surveillance camera that she saw at Ezra’s place.  Hanna feels like her head is full of hot ice.  Emily and Hanna can’t believe that Ezra is “A”.  He was so nice to them in the past.  Spencer thinks he was only nice to them so that they would let their guard down.  Spencer doesn’t want them to tell Aria about the Ezra is “A” theory until they know for sure.  Emily shows the girls Alison’s stash of cash.  She says Shana never showed up at the Brew.  There is contact information with the money. If the girls can’t get the money to Ali, then Ali can’t stay on the move and she will be vulnerable.  The girls think that Ezra has Shana, so that she can lead him to Ali and he can finish what he started.

Ali calls Shana again from a pay phone.  Shana, unconscious in her car, wakes when her cell phone rings.  Ali asks her if she has the money.  Shana is not sure where she is.  She turns on the car’s headlights and sees that she is at the border of Rosewood.  There is a sign that says “You are leaving the city of Rosewood.”  Someone has painted the sign so that it reads “Don’t come back”.  Shana tells Ali that she doesn’t have the money and she has to go.  Ali asks what she is supposed to do.  Shana hangs up and speeds out of Rosewood.

Ali counts the little cash that she has left in her wallet.  She pulls out a picture of herself, Aria and Emily.  Ali gets on a bus.  She looks out the window and cries.

Back in Ezra’s lair, a black and white movie is playing on the monitors.  There are pictures of Aria’s face on the wall.  He opens an envelope and takes out a stack of Dr. Wren Kingston’s prescription pads.