Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts on "Hot for Teacher" PLL Episode 4x18

Favorite Quote: “I’ve got a finger you can use.  It’s not the nice kind.”  (Aria talking about Shana).

How much did you love the message that Spencer wanted to leave for Aria?  It showed how much she cares about Aria.  No matter how this whole thing plays out, Aria’s going to be devastated.  She’s gonna need her friends to be there for her.

So who is helping Ezra?  Someone is taking pictures and sending them to him.  Maybe Mona?  And who attacked Shana?  Shana may have seen who her attacker was.  She knows the whole situation is dangerous, but she’s stuck around the whole time.  So it’s weird that she suddenly flees after being knocked out.  Someone almost killing Jenna didn’t scare her off, unless she was the one who attacked Jenna.

As much as I don’t want Ezra to be “A”, things aren’t looking good for him.  He’s definitely involved in everything that’s been happening.  It’s still unclear what his motives are.  Is he in charge or is the mystery blond lady he yelled at the one who is pulling the strings?  And how much of his feelings for Aria are genuine?  It seemed like he might confess to Aria at the end of the episode when he was talking about honesty, but he didn’t.

Thoughts on the episode?

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