Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Recap of “Grave New World” PLL Episode 4x13

In the last Pretty Little Liars Halloween special "Grave New World", we got some huge shockers.  The girls do some investigating in Ravenswood.  Caleb ends up staying in Ravenswood to look after Miranda (Rosewood won't be the same without him). Ezra shows up and gives them a ride home when they find out that they have a flat tire.  When the girls return to Rosewood, they chase a blond in a red coat who turns out to be Alison.  The pretty little liars have questions, but they don't get many answers.  Alison tells the girls that she is scared and doesn’t feel safe.  She cryptically refers to the time she visited Hanna in the hospital.  We’re left with even more questions, since Alison takes off when Ezra interrupts to give Aria her phone. 

Which leads us to shocker #2.  Ezra knows a lot more than he’s been letting on.  But is he really “A”?  The girls seem to think that "A" is a guy.  As a huge Aria/Ezra fan, I’m hoping that Ezra has been looking out for Aria and trying to catch “A” himself.  I don't want to believe that Ezra was just pretending to love Aria.  Although, he has acted a little suspicious in the past.  Back when the girls were on the Halloween murder train, Ezra just happened to appear on the train after the police showed up.  He claimed he’d been following the train to surprise Aria.  And now, Grunwald says that one of the girls has been touched by the person Ali is afraid of. 

So has Ezra been playing Aria?  And if so, for how long?  Whose dead body did the police find if it wasn’t Alison?  And exactly how much does Mona know?  Can’t wait to get some answers with the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere. 

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