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Pretty Little Liars Superlatives Game, Plus Cast Reveals Set Prank Involving Rats!

The cast of Pretty Little Liars gave their PLL superlatives in a fun interview. Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Shay Mitchell (Emily), Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) looked back and said who they think should have been ‘A’, who was the best parent, most intuitive, and more. Plus, they spilled behind-the-scenes pranks like the time someone put rats in Shay Mitchell’s dressing room!

PLL cast talks pranks on set and character superlatives game
Credit: Disney/ABC Television Group, Creative Commons

Most intuitive PLL character:
Troian Bellisario picked Hanna as the most intuitive character. Hanna always knew what was going on, especially toward the end of the season seven. Even back when Spencer donned the black hoodie be on the ‘A’ team with Toby. Hanna was the one who cornered her.

Ashley Benson agreed. “Hanna is one smart bitch, let me tell you, Ashley said. “I think she became smarter than Spencer at times, towards the end of the season.”

Favorite Pretty Little Liars villain:
The whole cast quickly agreed that Mona Vanderwall, played by Janel Parrish, is the best PLL villain. She was a classic villain.

“Because you hate her, but you love her so much,” Lucy Hale explained.

Troian Bellisario pointed out that you never know if Mona’s going to be good or bad. There are moments when she’s really helped the girls.

Class clown:
The Pretty Little Liars cast thought Hanna Marin was the class clown.

Biggest prankster:
Ashley Benson is a huge prankster. One time, she pulled a prank where she pretended to get burned by a curling iron. Ashley freaked out and cried, which ended with the makeup artist Cindy in tears. According the Shay Mitchell, the prank went on ten minutes too long. Ashley Benson also frequently scares Shay Mitchell on set.

Lucy Hale remembers the time someone put rats in Shay Mitchell’s dressing room. Lucy Hale heard it through her dressing room. Ashley couldn’t take credit for that prank. She said Lisa was the one who put the rats in Shay’s room.

Ashley Benson also remembers the time Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell scared her. The two of them waited in Ashley’s closet. Ashley was supposed to come in, but a security guard walked in first. Ashley was still scared, but the security guard entering first “ruined it for us,” Ashley said. (See the video of Troian and Shay scaring Ashley on set).

Favorite relationship:
The Liars had fun with this one. They didn’t choose any of the main ships. Lucy Hale named Aria’s parents, Byron and Ella, as her favorite PLL relationship. Lucy also brought up relationship between Brendan (Lucas) and Hanna. All the girls said that relationship was sweet.

Most irresponsible parent:
The Liars all had different answers to this one. Lucy Hale thought Aria’s mom, Ella, was an irresponsible PLL mom.

Troian Bellisario thought Ashley Marin, Hanna’s mom, was the most irresponsible because she slept with a cop (Wilden). Lucy defended Ashley Marin, since she slept with Wilden to help Hanna avoid jail time for shoplifting.

Sasha Pieterse thought Alison DiLaurentis had the worst mom. Jessica buried Ali alive. Troian brought up the fact that it was done to protect her other child.

Shadiest character:
There were a few characters that made this list. Alison, Noel, Mona and Jenna. “Jenna was outright rude,” Troian Bellisario said.

Unsung hero:
Troian Bellisario thought Aria’s dad, Byron, was an unsung hero. She also thought Spencer’s mom, Veronica Hastings, helped the Liars. She gave legal advice to all the girls and kept them out of jail as long as she could.

Lucy Hale named Emily’s mom, Pam Fields, as the unsung hero. Pam Fields was always offering croissants and popovers. Pam Fields is an all-American mom.

Who would be “A”:
The girls were torn on this one. Spencer is a smart Liar, so she could outtrick her friends.

Lucy thought Hanna could be “A”. Ashley Benson didn’t think Hanna was smart enough to be “A”, but Lucy said that could be a ploy. Hanna could have just been faking it and was secretly a genius.

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