Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sasha Pieterse Talks PLL Series Finale & Dream Scene

Sasha Pieterse, Alison on Pretty Little Liars, talked about the upcoming PLL series finale. She talked about some important moments that were teased in the promo for episode 7x20 “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. She also talked about the dream sequence in episode 7x19.

Sasha Pieterse talks PLL series finale 7x20 spoilers
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In PLL episode 7x19 “Farewell My Lovely”, we finally saw the flash forward scene that was teased at the end of PLL episode 6x10 “Game Over, Charles”. The show wanted to tease that the Liars were all grown up after the time jump. They didn’t know what they were going to do with that scene, though. They had to incorporate it somehow, so they decided to make it a dream sequence.

Sasha can’t reveal if we will actually see Emison’s baby, but she does promise that we will find out who the baby daddy is. We will also find out the name of the baby. She says it is a cute storyline and she’s happy with how it turned out.

Sasha hasn’t watched the season 7 finale yet, but the cast and PLL showrunner Marlene King plan to watch it live together. They’re going to need a lot of tissues to get through the viewing. Sasha says the show comes full circle and the last scene in the finale is “so PLL”.

Sasha Pieterse also discussed some of the shocking moments teased in the promo video for episode 7x20 “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. In the promo, Aria says “I can’t marry Ezra”. Sasha said Aria feels guilty about the things she did when she was dark. (Sasha also said Lucy Hale loved playing dark Aria). She thinks Aria is scared and can’t process everything that’s happened recently.

There was also a shocking scene showing Mona slapping Spencer. Sasha can’t say anything about that scene, but she does use the nickname “Murderous Mona”.

Wren holding a gun is another scene Sasha can’t spill any details about. All she could say is that it was a fun scene and there is a reason to this madness.

With so many characters returning for the finale, it was like a reunion. Sasha was disappointed Drew Van Acker, who plays her older brother Jason DiLaurentis on the show, couldn’t make it. He was busy working on a different show.

The final shocking moment in the promo was Mary either stabbing or punching Spencer. Sasha can’t reveal anything, but there are some big secrets in that scene. She promises that we won’t blame Mary.

Can’t wait to watch the Pretty Little Liars series finale!

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