Thursday, June 29, 2017

'Pretty Little Liars' Showrunner Answers Burning Questions From Series Finale 7x20

PLL showrunner Marlene King answered some questions about the Pretty Little Liars series finale “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. Marlene discussed the PLL moms’ escape from the basement, Wren being the father of Emison’s twins, Aria being unable to have kids, Wren’s death, Mona winning the ‘A’ game, considering if Spencer should have killed Alex and the possibility of a PLL spinoff.

Marlene King acknowledged that not all PLL fans were happy with the series finale,but she hopes they will give it another chance. “We did our best, and you can see how much care, attention, love and hard work was put into that episode — not just from me, but from the actors and the crew. Everybody worked their butts off, and it was a labor of love. Hopefully people will just take a breath and absorb it over time. Maybe even watch it again!” Marlene King told TVLine

Marlene King said there isn’t a definitive answer as to how the PLL moms escaped from the basement in episode 6x09 “Last Dance”. “There’s really not. Each one of them has their own theory, which are so good. I feel like some great fan fiction could be written about how they got out,” she said.

In the PLL series finale, the viewers found out Wren is the father of Emison’s twins. However, Emily and Alison didn’t find that out in the episode. Marlene says that Emily and Alison know. Off-screen, Spencer finds out Wren is the father. So at some point, Spencer must have told her friends.

Marlene explained why the writers chose to have Aria unable to conceive. “We needed a reason for her to have conflict in the episode. She needed to feel like she couldn’t marry Ezra, but not so bad that he would actually leave her at the altar. It was enough of a secret to make her doubt that he might not show up”, Marlene explained.
The Liars are in their early twenties, so why did all the girls want to have babies right away? “Maybe they just want one good thing,” Marlene answered.

We didn’t get Wren’s death scene in the PLL series finale because of scheduling issues. They were going to film Wren’s death, but actor Julian Morris could only film for one day. “We didn’t in our minds say how she killed him, but I don’t think it was something he appreciated, and I think it was a surprise. She couldn’t stand the thought of him knowing she was Alex not accepting her as Spencer. In her mind, she really wanted to be Spencer. She was warped enough to say, “Well, I’ll just turn him into a diamond so he’ll always be with me — and I’ll be Spencer!” Marlene said.

At the end of the series finale, we saw Mona win the ‘A’ game. She kidnapped Mary and Alex. Mona built her own dollhouse in France. So how long is Mona going to keep them locked up? “Not forever. We may hear more of that story in the future, fingers crossed,” Marlene said.

Is that a possible spinoff idea? I’d love to watch a Pretty Little Liars spinoff centered around Mona Vanderwaal. She’s such a complex character and actress Janel Parrish does an amazing job with the role.

Marlene King was asked about the possibility of a PLL spinoff. “It’s a real conversation that is happening, but it doesn’t have a definitive answer yet,” she answered.

The PLL writers thought about killing off Alex Drake at the end of the finale. “A lot of people thought Spencer should find Alex and kill her. We talked about a Silence of the Lambs ending where Alex gets away, then calls Spencer, and Spencer walks up behind her and shoots her. But I felt like for Mona to win the game and for the girls to live happily ever after was perfect.”

If Marlene King could have made the finale longer than two hours, she’d focus a bit more on the Liars before the one-year time jump. “I could have gone on for a couple more episodes, but it ended where it should have ended, absolutely.”

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