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PLL 7x18 Recap “Choose or Lose”: Haleb Wedding! And Aria is Caught on the ‘A’ Team

Aria’s friends catch Aria on the A.D. team in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x18 “Choose or Lose”. The Liars, particularly Spencer, are furious. Lt. Tanner builds a strong case against the Liars, so the Liars all spend their last moments of freedom with their loved ones. Some highlights: a Haleb wedding, Ezria makeout, Emison revisit the kissing rock and Spoby reunite.

Alison is back from visiting her older brother Jason in New York. Emily and Alison are about to have a romantic morning, but the mood is ruined when they find the Liar’s Lament board game (with Aria’s puzzle piece) in the bedroom.

Before they can react, the police show up with a search warrant. They start taking things out of the house. Alison and Emily don’t have to worry about the police finding the game. When the police enter the bedroom, the game is already gone.

The police also search Spencer’s barn, Hanna’s place and Ezria’s apartment. Aria frantically shreds the police report (the one she never filed that accused Ezra of taking advantage of her). Ezra walks in while Aria is shredding the paper. Moments later, the police arrive to execute the search warrant.

The police snatch Aria’s phone out of her hands and Ezra demands to see the list of things the police are authorized to seize. Ezra heads down to the police station to get more information.

Aria finds a phone A.D. planted in The Brew. Aria calls A.D. and demands a meeting. She’s done everything A.D. asked and she’s earned her way on A.D.’s team. “You owe me,” Aria says.

A.D. reluctantly agrees to meet Aria. A.D. will text an address for Aria to go to later. A.D. instructs Aria to wear the uniform (the black hoodie).

We see Mona hang up her phone after Aria finishes her call with A.D. Looks like Mona was listening in on their conversation.

Spencer storms into the Rosewood police station and demands to speak to Detective Marco Furey. Instead of Marco, Spencer finds Lt. Tanner back in Rosewood. She’s now in charge of the Archer Dunhill murder investigation.

Marco told Tanner everything about his relationship with Spencer. He took himself off the murder case, since his relationship with Spencer was a conflict of interest. Tanner accuses Spencer of playing Marco. Spencer says that isn’t fair, but Tanner says fairness is overrated. The truth is what counts.

Lt. Tanner asked to head the Dunhill murder investigation. She’s a closer and she’s going to prove the Liars were involved in his death. Tanner always felt that Spencer was guilty in some way, but she didn’t know how. Now Lt. Tanner is going to find out.

The police thoroughly clean out Hanna’s loft during the search. Now her childhood teddy bear, her phone and her favorite pillow are all in jail. Did the police really have to confiscate Hanna's teddy bear?! Hanna’s mom gives the Liars a complimentary suite at the Radley.

Hanna’s mom is worried about Hanna. She knows the Liars are somehow involved in Archer Dunhill’s death. Hanna admits that she needs her mom’s help, but she refuses to take it. Her mom has done so much for her over the years. Now it’s Hanna’s turn to show how much she loves her mom by refusing to let her mom get involved.

Caleb and the rest of the Liars (except Aria) are already in the hotel suite. Spencer hands out old flip phones, since the police confiscated all their smart phones.

Caleb has a plan to find the Liar’s Lament game. The game connects to the internet whenever it’s turned on. Using the IP address and cell towers, Caleb can find the location of the game.

Hanna goes over to the room service platter, but A.D. already got there first. The Liar’s Lament game phone is sitting on the bed of lettuce. “CHOOSE OR LOSE. Just one plea, the rest go free. If no one steps up, you all go down”, it says. The phone starts a 36 hour countdown. The Liars have less than two days to decide who goes to jail. Otherwise, they all end up behind bars.

Mona comes in and shocks everyone with her announcement that Aria is on the A.D. team. Mona brings up the night the Liars planned to catch A.D. at Rosewood High. Aria wasn’t there because she had Ezra’s publicity event. However, Mona knows Aria wasn’t there. So where was she? Maybe trashing Emison’s baby nursery room?

When Spencer heard the recording of Mary Drake and Peter Hasting’s phone conversation, the only one around that night was Aria. Plus, Mona saw Aria get her puzzle piece at The Brew. And if that wasn't enough, Mona has a recording of Aria telling A.D. that she's earned her way on the A.D. team.

Depsite all that, Spencer demands concrete proof. “Just remember. You asked for it,” Mona tells her.

Spencer runs into Toby at the Radley bar. Toby is back because Tanner called him in for questioning. Toby knows Spencer is going through a hard time, so he invites her up to the cabin.

Spencer asks about the Dunhill murder investigation. Toby doesn’t know much, but Lt. Tanner seems confident. Looks like she’s building a strong case against the Liars. She’ll file charges in a week. Toby asks Spencer if she had anything to do with Dunhill’s death, but Spencer doesn’t answer his question.

Aria, wearing the ‘A’ team black hoodie, waits for Uber ‘A’ in the woods. She gets a text from A.D. that says “You DO look good in a uniform”.

Unfortunately, Aria doesn’t actually get to find out who A.D. is. Instead, her friends catch her black hoodied. "Aria, we literally caught you black hoodie," Hanna says. Aria immediately admits that she was trying to meet A.D.

Furious, her friends demand to know why she’s helping A.D. Aria tells them about the police report she wrote years ago. If A.D. turned it over to the police, Ezra would end up in jail.

Alison accuses Aria of choosing Ezra over her friends. Aria, genuinely apologetic, says she didn’t know what to do. They ask her about the ‘Choose or Lose’ game, but Aria has no idea what they are talking about.

Spencer is the Liar most furious with Aria, though Spencer should understand Aria’s position better than anyone else. Aria reminds the girls that ‘A’ always forces them to make terrible choices. Spencer kidnapped Malcolm (the little boy we thought was Ezra’s son) when she joined the ‘A’ team. Spencer yells that she didn’t hurt anyone. (Not really true. She didn’t physically harm Malcolm, but definitely wasn’t harmless to kidnap him and scare Aria to death).

Spencer blames Aria for her parents deciding to divorce. (Um… actually you should probably blame your father for cheating multiple times, Spencer. And plotting to murder someone. And keeping huge secrets.)

After accusing Aria of ruining everything she’s ever had, Spencer declares that she is done and out. Lt. Tanner wants to meet the Liars right away, but Spencer tells Aria to find her own ride.

Lt. Tanner discusses the evidence she’s collected so far. They found a glass shard with traces of blood in Spencer’s shower drain. They know Lucas’s windshield glass was replaced shortly after Dunhill’s disappearance. And this glass shard from the shower drain matches a fragment of glass found under Dunhill’s fingernail. The police are also looking at the search history on the computers they confiscated from the Liars. And they have Radley hotel video camera footage of Spencer and Marco in elevator the night Dunhill disappeared.

Aria has a heated exchange with A.D. after leaving the police station. A.D. is disappointed with Aria’s sloppiness. She never should have let her friends catch her in the woods.

Aria accuses A.D. of never planning to meet her in the woods. A.D. made Aria turn against everyone she loves and successfully blew up everyone’s lives. Aria is done, but A.D. says it isn’t over until he/she says it is. Aria is about to chuck the phone out the car window, but A.D. says not to. Tomorrow is another day.

The Liars, minus Aria, gather at The Brew and watch the phone countdown. They can’t believe they’re facing jail time again. Emily says it’s a little different this time. This time, they actually did kill a guy.

Hanna asks her friends if Mona seemed different that day. Her friends aren’t really interested in Mona’s behavior though.

With 24 hours left on the countdown, the girls get another message on the game phone. They have to pick one person to take the fall, or they are they are all done. The girls blame themselves as they debate who deserves to go to jail. Hanna was the one who ran Dunhill over, so she wants to turn herself in. Spencer blames herself for using Dunhill’s credit card at the Radley bar that night. And Alison blames herself for marrying Dunhill.

Emily tells the group not to let A.D. break them apart. Whether A.D. did it or Aria did it to herself, A.D. has succeeded. Aria is gone.

Spencer immediately blames Aria for doing this to herself. Emily tells Spencer that she should know better than anyone else. After all, A.D. convinced Spencer to play the game first after they had all agreed not to. (And remember, Aria was one of the first ones defending Spencer when Hanna was pissed at her).

Ashley Marin, Hanna’s mom, is still worried about Hanna. She asks Caleb about Hanna’s involvement in Dunhill’s death. Caleb finally tells Ashley the truth about what happened that night.

Hanna is initially upset that Caleb went behind her back and told her mom the truth. Caleb says they are all in this together. They need to start telling the truth more often. Hanna can’t stay mad at Caleb, especially not after he kisses her.

Hanna apologizes to Caleb for involving him in this mess. For telling him about Dunhill and for asking him to help trash the Radley bar credit card receipts. “But you did,” Caleb says as he takes her hand. Pretty sure Caleb will always be willing to protect Hanna no matter what.

Spencer does a bit of thinking and brings Aria an old photo of all the Liars. That doesn’t mean she’s ready to forgive Aria though. Aria tells Spencer how sorry she is, but Spencer tells her “I wish I could forgive you, but I might have misjudged you”. Harsh. Aria asks what she can do, but Spencer says Aria has done enough.

At least Spencer admits that she’s not totally blameless, particularly about kidnapping Malcolm. She’s about to apologize when the police show up to return Aria’s things. They got proof (presumably from A.D.) that Aria wasn’t involved in Dunhill’s murder. The police got traffic camera footage of Aria in New Hampshire on the night Dunhill was killed. That pisses Spencer off, so she storms out. Guess she’s not ready to apologize, after all.

Ezra comes home and Aria comes clean about the police report. In a shocking twist, Ezra already knows about the file. He found the police report one night when Aria was asleep. And then he saw Aria shredding the file before the police showed up. After the police left, Ezra got rid of the shredded papers.

Aria apologizes for writing it, but Ezra doesn’t want her apology. Aria had every right to be angry. He started their relationship by lying. Ezra wouldn’t blame Aria if she turned in the file back then or even now. Maybe that’s what he deserves.

Aria says that she was scared. She did terrible things and she wants to confess to him. First, though, she kisses him. She’s not sure if he’ll still be there when she’s done explaining everything, so she wants to be with him one last time.

Ezria isn’t the only couple hooking up. Emison go to the kissing rock to have a romantic, candle-lit picnic. It could be their last chance at freedom, so they want to make the most of it.

And Spencer goes to see Toby at the cabin. It doesn’t take long for Spoby to hookup, too.

Caleb has a romantic surprise for Hanna. He takes her to a justice of peace so they can get married. He’s got the rings, though he promises her nicer rings and a better wedding when they can afford it. Hanna doesn’t want that, though. This wedding is perfect.

Caleb wants to get married right away, since they don’t know how much time they have. Plus, once they are married, they can’t testify against each other. “It’s a twofer,” Hanna says with a smile.

Hanna’s mom comes in with a beautiful floral bouquet. She’s already called a lawyer to help Hanna with the police investigation, but tonight they should just focus on the wedding. Hanna’s mom is so happy Hanna found a man who loves her and will protect her. She can’t wait for Caleb to be a part of the family.

Hanna and Caleb don’t even have to wait until the next morning to get married. Hanna’s mom pulled strings and got the justice of peace to come in after hours. Never underestimate the power of a mom. “Give me time. I might even get your teddy bear paroled,” Hanna’s mom jokes.

Hanna and Caleb exchange vows in this simple and sweet ceremony. Too bad the rest of the Liars weren't there. That would have made this Haleb wedding perfect.

The Liars (excluding Aria) meet up as the countdown draws to an end. Hanna makes the girls promise that, no matter what happens next, none of them will blame anyone. The countdown ends and the Liars have to make a choice. “Choose or lose. What is your choice?” A.D. asks.

Spencer makes a drastic choice by smashing the phone with a rock. “Why didn’t we think of that earlier?” Hanna asks.

Aria calls A.D. with a drastic move of her own. Aria is going to turn herself in for the murder of Dunhill. It will be a small price to pay if her friends go free. A.D. says Aria is too late. The ‘Choose or lose’ game is over and Aria won. “The prize chosen especially for you is an unlimited supply of freedom”. A.D. tells Aria to enjoy it. Things will get messy for Aria’s friends, though. A.D. says he/she is going to miss these calls with Aria.

Aria’s phone bursts into flames before Aria can respond. Aria finds her own phone in the police evidence box and rushes out.

Aria calls Spencer from her car. Aria knows she royally messed up, but she has an idea on how to make things right again. Before Aria can drive further, her car starts acting up. She opens her trunk and is horrified to find a dead body inside. The dead body is probably Archer Dunhill’s, since one finger is missing. A police car pulls up, lights flashing, as Aria quickly slams the trunk shut.

Caleb gets a hit on the game’s location, so he texts Ezra to meet up with him. They investigate and find the signal leads them to Mona’s apartment. Caleb has an awesome thermal camera, so they can see Mona is in her apartment.

We see Mona inside, looking at the Liar’s Lament game. A jail cell pops up on the board. Mona puts her glasses on to take a closer look. In Pretty Little Liars episode 7x15 when Hanna asked for help, Mona was worried about getting close to this darkness. She said playing with people’s lives is an addiction. Is Mona getting drawn to the dark side?

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x18 “Choose or Lose”? I thought Spencer was too harsh on Aria. Aria brought up a good point about Spencer kidnapping Malcolm. Even though Malcolm wasn’t hurt, it wasn’t harmless. Spencer was the first person to join the ‘A’ team. Spencer did whatever she had to do to save Toby, which is the same thing Aria did to save Ezra. And Spencer blamed Aria for her parents divorcing, but Spencer’s dad is the one who repeatedly cheated. Given everything all the Liars have done over the years, I think they should cut Aria some slack. The Liars were all understanding when Spencer joined the ‘A’ team. And what did you think of the Haleb wedding? Post your thoughts/comments below!

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