Monday, June 26, 2017

Ian Harding On Uber 'A' Reveal Reactions & Ending of PLL

Actor Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, talked about how fans will react to the A.D. reveal in the Pretty Little Liars series finale. He also talked about PLL ending and his close bond to his PLL cast mates. The Liars are like his sisters.

PLL cast are like siblings (brother and sisters), according to Ian Harding
Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Regarding the A.D. reveal, Ian Harding thinks the PLL fans will be satisfied to a point. He’s happy that A.D. is not a completely random person. It’s definitely someone we’ve seen before, though he won’t say how many times we’ve seen this person.

Ian also talked about his seven year experience working on Pretty Little Liars. It was such a wonderful experience and at times it was really horrible. It was all those things at once.

Looking back, what he’ll remember most is the cast and what they were doing at that time. Ian doesn’t remember any dialogue from his scenes with on-screen love Lucy Hale. He remembers talking to Lucy about life and what she was going through. He watched her grow up. Those are the things he’ll miss the most.

The Pretty Little Liars cast feels like family to Ian Harding. The Liars feel like sisters, particularly Shay Mitchell. Ian always tries to make fun of and physically accost Shay. And Shay does the same to Ian. Ian assures fans that Shay isn’t sweet and innocent. “She’s a monster,” Ian joked.

In Ian Harding’s memoir Odd Birds, he wrote that Ashley Benson tries to hit him every day in the nuts. Ian joked that he now has PTSD and freaks out whenever a blonde woman walks by.

Ian acted like an annoying brother on the PLL set. The girls were on set all the time, so they’d be exhausted from filming. Sometimes Ian only had to film one day a week.  So he’d come in full of energy asking why everyone was so tired. Ian joked that telling Ashley to ‘buck up’ ended up with her hitting him in the nuts.

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